Look at my Crochet Shawl!

I think I deserve a pat on the back. I set out to undertake a more “advanced” crochet project and lived to tell the tale. Not only did I survive but look at this kick-ass shawl I made. I must say I love it!

crochet shawl

If  I can make such a thing. you can too.
I consider my crochet skills up to this point to be more of the basic variety and was nervous at beginner a project that required more of me then some singles and some doubles and what the heck a half-double crochet is ok too.

crochet shawl

crochet shawl
It was because I really fell in love with this shawl ↓ made by Jennifer Chandler that I decided now was the time to get hooking and attempt to make the sample for our upcoming Crochet Shawl Class

crochet shawl

Jennifer will be teaching this exact shawl pattern this July. You can’t have my shawl so you’ll have to make your own. If you think you will need some back up from an expert crocheter, then join the class!

Crochet Lace – Summer Shawl Class
Thursday July 9 and 23, 7-8:30pm
$50, materials not included
call us to register 416 533 5648
or register online HERE.

crochet shawl

Craftily yours


Join the Crochet Blanket Class and meet Lloyd

Meet Lloyd.
He loves blankets of all sorts but he prefers hand knit and crocheted ones.

crochet blanket with lloyd

Lloyd is the latest addition to my household. As you can see, he is a sweet little black kitten. Along with blankets Lloyd’s other interests include
stealing yarn
chasing and retrieving crinkle balls
chewing and sleeping in cardboard boxes
tormenting pigeons
and running as fast as he can around the house for no apparent reason.

crochet blanket with lloyd

He also doesn’t seem to mind looking cute for photos to showcase the sample for our upcoming Absolute Beginner Crochet Blanket Class. Thanks Lloyd!

crochet blanket

There are only a few spots left in this learn to crochet class, but if you act fast you just might snag them.

Absolute Beginner Crochet Blanket Class
Monday May 25, June 1, 7-9pm
$56, materials not included
call to register 416 533 5648
or register online HERE


We have lovely shades of Rowan Superwash Wool that have arrived just in time for this class. Hooray!

Unfortunately Lloyd is unable to attend the class,  but we hope to see you there.
Craftily yours


Crochet a Robot

Act fast! You still have a few days to register for our very first crochet robot class!
crochet robot

Amigurumi (Crochet Robot Class)
Thurs May 21 and 28, 7-9pm
$66 includes pattern by Stacey Trock, safety eyes and polyfil stuffing,
other materials not included.
Register by calling us at 416 533 5648
or register online HERE


On the same night – May 21rst – begins our Knit Sweater Class!
Knit your first sweater! Make it any size, cardigan or pullover!
This sweater is knit in rounds from the top down, all in one piece, no seaming required.

Sweater Class
Thursday May 21, 28, June 4, 11. 7:15-9:15
$110 materials not included
Register by calling us at 416 533 5648
or register online HERE

You can read all about The Knit Cafe’s upcoming classes in our webshop!
Craftily yours

Going Fishin’ – Another New Knit Café Pattern


We are really happy to introduce you to this new Knit Café Pattern.
Start it now and you’ll have it ready to wear for the Fall, although I could have used it this morning,….brrrrrr…..

The Fishin Cowl gets its namesake from the deliciously cushy stitch known as the Fisherman’s Rib. This is not your standard rib but a variation that incorporates more elasticity, drape and extra warmth that is perfect for our Canadian winters.

This is an excellent project for anyone tired of plain knit and purl and wants to experiment with something different.


This pattern contains instructions for the single wrap cowl and the double wrap cowl pictured.



The two colour striping is particularly striking in this design. Each side of the cowl has a slightly different look, but both are equally appealing.
We used Madelinetosh Vintage for this project, which is a hand dyed worsted weight yarn.
The subtlety in the colour variation adds extra dimension to the fabric. This lovely merino wool is fishintruly comfortable to wear
on the neck.

You can find the Fishin Cowl Pattern on Ravelry HERE.

The Fishin Cowl is available as a Knit Café Knit Kit with the yarn and pattern together HERE.

Craftily yours

I’m Biased – A Free Knit Café Pattern


The Knit Café has a brand new pattern to share with you!

I'm biased

 I’m Biased

I may be biased but I find this scarf really cozy! In construction it is very simple. A wonderfully plain garter stitch gets glamourized when knit on the bias with easy to stitch increases and decreases. The bias fabric has extra drape and is so comfortable to wear. Colour is another essential consideration in this neck garment. One main colour is knit double stranded with several contrasting colours in colour-blocks. The colours are divided so that a bit of each is visible when it is worn wrapped around the neck. A one-ply, fingering weight yarn like Madelinetosh Merino Light won’t allow the scarf to get too heavy despite the doubling up.  Merino Light comes in handy small skeins of 47 meters each, sweetly called “Unicorn Tails”. We made good use of them for this project utilizing two Unicorn Tails for each of the four contrasting colours. This is a great project for a new knitter or a knitter who wants an easy-breezy TV watching project.

I'm biasedI'm biasedI'm biasedyarn for bias

Get all the materials for I’m Biased in a Knit Café Knit Kit HERE

Materials: One skein Madelinetosh Merino Light 384m/ 420 yds for MC, eight Madelinetosh Unicorn Tails (47m/ 52 yds each), two of each CC A, B, C, D.
5mm needles, or to obtain gauge.
Finished Dimensions: Length measured tip to tip 135cm/53”, width 23cm/9”
Gauge: 16 sts per 10cm/ 4” in garter stitch

With MC and A held together CO 65 sts
S1 purlwise (leave yarn in back for first row only) K2tog, K to last st, M1, K1.

Bias stitch pattern:
Row 1: S1, K to end
Row 2: S1, K2tog, K to last st M1, K1

Repeat these 2 rows till first contrast colour runs out, aprox 28cm/11” measured along the selvedge on its diagonal. Make sure your last row is a Row 1.
Begin knitting with MC and B together in bias stitch pattern beginning with Row 2. Continue for another 28cm/11”
Repeat with MC and C, and then with MC and D.
Four colour sections knit!

Note: Both sides of the garter stitch look the same. You may find it helpful to place a marker on one side of your knit fabric to indicate the row where you make your increases and decreases.

Finishing: BO
Weave in ends, and block if desired

MC: Main Colour
CC: Contrast Colour
St(s): stitch(s)
CO: Cast On
BO: Bind Off
K: Knit
K2tog: Knit two stitches together
S1: Slip One. Insert the stitch as if to purl and transfer it from left to right needle, then bring the yarn into the back of the work between the two needles like you just finished a purl and were about to knit the next stitch. All the S1 are made this way except for the first row of the pattern as described.
M1: Make One. An Elizabeth Zimmerman backward loop make one.  See diagram

backward loop 1 abackward loop 2

I'm biased schematic

Print A PDF of the I’m Biased Pattern HEREI'm biased


A sell out of a knit pattern- Sashiko

We introduced this pattern at the Knitter’s Frolic 2015 to many oohs and ahs. In fact we sold out of all The Knit Cafe’s Knit Kits and all the patterns too for this new design we call Sashiko.  We were delighted by the response.

There are pictures here of this new neck draper but they really don’t do it justice. Please come into the shop and see it!


Our latest neck-draper pattern was the product of inspiration! A love of sashiko was where it all began.  Sashiko is a tradition Japanese embroidery technique where white thread embellishes indigo fabric in repetitive stitching. This meditative art produces a pattern quiet and sublime. To emulate the sashiko effect, we used two strands of contrasting coloured yarns held together and knit in one of the loveliest knit stitches known to mankind; the linen stitch. This wonderful slip-stitch pattern creates a dense fabric that looks more like weaving then knitting. The simple linen stitch, in all its delicate glory was another inspiration for this Knit Café pattern. Yet another inspiration – was beautiful, beautiful yarn!

shibui silk cloudmadelinetosh prairie
Two very different but complimentary yarns were chosen to create this fabric. Soft and richly coloured single ply merino from Madelinetosh is whisper fine in lace weight; it is blended with fuzzy and glossy Shibui Cloud, a blend of mohair and silk. The result is a light, fine fabric with a bit of a halo and divinely nuanced colour. One skein of Madelinetosh Prairie is uninterrupted throughout, and complimented by three different colours of Shibui Silk Cloud.  When two colours of Cloud meet a blurred line results, much like the meeting of colours in a painting by Rothko



You can knit your Sashiko into a wrap-happy scarf or an extra wide cowl with delicate buttons along one side. Instructions for both versions can be found in the pattern.

The pattern for Sashiko is available on Ravelry HERE

Or come by the shop for a copy of the pattern and pick up some Shibui Silk Cloud and Madelinetosh Prairie for your version of Sashiko

Craftily yours



Take a Class with your Mom – It’s Mother’s Day!

Mothers Day is this Sunday May 11th, what will you get Mom for her big day? Always the question!  Ask her –  and dimes-to-donuts she will tell you she just wants to spend some time with her sweet child. The gift of time together is tops!

Earmarking time to spend with family and friends is always a challenge. How about devoting some time in advance by booking a class with your Mom at the Knit Café.  There are lots of classes to choose from, whether your Mom is an expert knitter or crocheter or has never picked up a needle before. Classes like:

simply twisted

Cable Cowl Workshop






(Crochet Robot Class)crochet robot





Absolute Beginner
Crochet Blanket Class,granny square 2





Sweater Class






Yoga Socks or yoga socks
Fingerless Mitten Class





Needlepoint Workshopneedlepoint class





Crochet Blanket Classcrochet blanket hexagons







Knit Baby Blanket Workshopbaby blanket





 and more….

You can read all about the classes and find just the right one HERE
or give us a call at 416 533 5648.

We can send you a gift certificate for a class for your Mom too. Contact us at theknitcafe@hotmail.com

and say Happy Mothers Day to your Mom for us!

Craftily Yours