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Getting Misti

Some folks love their alpaca, and who can blame them? Not only are alpacas a very handsome species of animal, who by the way are not nearly the spitters that their cousins the llamas are, but they also produce remarkable fleece. Sinfully soft and light as a feather it is also one of the warmest fibres around. Garments made with alpaca will keep you cozy on the coldest of days.  Many of the unfortunates who are sensitive to wool have no skin irritation with alpaca.  Amazing!

The Knit Cafe carries Misti Alpaca Chunky, which is made from 100% baby alpaca, ie: even softer! Yesterday we received our Fall Order. It includes 9 colours, some solid dyes and heathered colour blends.

…and also, 4 hand painted colour-ways!

misti alpaca


misti alpaca


misti alpaca

Winter Queen

misti alpaca

Midnight Sapphire.

Aren’t they pretty things?
Come in and check out the rest of the fine colours and give them a squeeze – you won’t believe how soft they are.

Craftily yours