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Have you seen our Spring Class Schedule yet?

We have a new display at The Knit Café.

class display

It celebrates some of our new offerings for this years Spring/Summer Class Schedule.

classes on blackboard

All these classes are coming up in May which is just a hop skip and a jump away!

First Sweater Class
Thursday May 5, 12, 26, June 2, 7-9pm

Amigurumi (crochet toy dragon) Workshop
Thursday May 26, June 2, 9, 6:30-8:30pm

Log Cabin Blanket Workshop
Wednesday May 18, 6:30-9pm

Asymmetrical Summer Scarf Workshop
Thursday May 26, 1-3:30pm

May is a terrific time for classes here. We have some of our best ones crammed into that month. Although April should not be overlooked. You can have a look at all the classes in The Knit Cafe’s webshop HERE.

You can also call to register for classes: 416 533 5648

Craftily yours

Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto

robotsIf you were to walk by the Knit Café today – this is what you’d see.  We’ve had quite a few gawkers since we redecorated the window, which leads me to believe that this display’s denizens are real lookers!


Iwona and I have been busy stitching up these robot stuffies! They were pretty satisfying to make and I feel like I expanded my repertoire of crochet skills in the process. If you would like to join in the robot-making-fun we are teaching a class.

Amigurumi Class – Crocheted Toy Robot
Thursday May 21, and 28, 7-9pm
Register HERE
or call us at 416 533 5648

This class features the advanced shaping and assembling skills used in Amigurumi crochet. You can read more about the particulars HERE

love robotWhen choosing the critter to feature in our Amigurumi Class, we were inspired by our work dressing up this guy →
the Lovebot outside Scooter Girl on Roncesvalles Ave.
This knit-bomb, assembled in June 2014, has since been put out of commission, leaving room for more woolly robots to take up the slack. Come and help us make some in May, or if you are an expert crocheter you can find the pattern by Stacey Trock HERE

Craftily yours


New Spring Classes 2015!

We’re pretty excited about the Spring. Not just because we can finally stop toting around the heavy coats, but also because we can look forward to lighter and brighter crafty projects.  More hours of daylight means more opportunities to develop our knit and crochet skills! If you have similar ambitions – have a look at The Knit Cafe’s Spring Classes. All classes are now updated at theknitcafetoronto.combut we have several, brand new classes that I would love to show-and-tell right here, right now!

crochet robot

Amigurumi Class (crocheted toy robot)

How sweet is this little guy? I can’t thing of a more adorable way to improve your crochet skills then practicing 3D shaping techniques on this wee robot stuffy.

knit 101 baby

Knit 101 Baby!

This is an addition to our “learn to knit” selection of classes.  In Knit 101 Baby! you will be introduced to all the same skills covered in our original Knitting 101 class. You will learn knits and purls and back again, reading patterns and knitting in circles, but in this classes all the projects are pint sized. Make soft, cotton wash cloths,  tiny sized hats, and sweet baby leggings! Knitters who have taken the Knitting 101 class in the past but are in need of a refresher might consider this class too!

crochet shawl

Crochet Lace- Summer Shawl Class

This oh-so-pretty shawl is perfect for spring/summer weather. Crocheters who want to make the leap from basic to brilliant should consider this class. It will really help you understand lace stitching and pattern reading.  It is a more advanced class for practised crocheters who like me really, really, really want this shawl!

granny square 2

Crochet Blanket Class for Absolute Beginners

One of the most popular crochet projects around is the simple “granny square” crochet blanket. There is a reason this blanket pattern has longevity. It is a classic design; only the colour need change for updates. Since this project is so beloved we thought we would pass on the granny square techniques to brand new crocheters. Learn how to crochet while you stitch this blanket, or afghan, or baby blanket, or pillow cover. Also a great class for folks who have taken the Crochet Crash Course but would like to add to their new skills.

yoga socks

Yoga Socks or Fingerless Mitt Class

It’s your choice – you can make these toeless, heel-less socks, or some fingerless mittens.  All the while you will be learning the invaluable skill of knitting in circles on double pointed needles and practice your pattern reading too.  Before you know it, you will be be ready to tackle mittens with tops or socks with heels and toes.

crochet for kids

Crochet for Kids!

Kids will get hooked on crochet in this class! Youngins, ages 8-12 can learn how to manipulate hook and  yarn to make all manner of things- starting with these cute bows!.  Bows look great pinned to a sweater, worn as a headband or classically worn under a collar. We have a class scheduled in May/June – just in time to make one for Dad for Fathers Day!

This is but a small sampling of the classes and workshops available this upcoming season, For the full list of Spring Summer Classes have a gander HERE

Craftily yours

Burly is Back!

The fattest yarn in the shop is Burly Spun by Brown Sheep.  It’s 100% wool and knits 2-2.5 stitches per inch.  Get out your broomstick needles, 15mm, 20mm, even 25mm is ok.  You will have your project done in no time.
Come by The Knit Cafe and we can pull out sample after knit sample made from this yarn.  Some of it is knit extra tight like the Chunky Cardi which is knit with a 10mm needle.  Our Martin Scarf pattern is knit with a 15mm needle and our Mondo Neck Cozy pattern uses a 20mm. Apparently we can’t stop knitting with this wool and who can blame us – it knits-up so darn fast!

burly spun

We have a wonderful autumnal selection of colours now.   Above is Grey Heather, Jack Plum, Spring Bluebell, and Charcoal Heather.

burly spun

Prairie Fire, Bing Cherry, Sable, Oatmeal, and Oregano

burly spun

Aztec Turquoise, Cream. Deep Charcoal and Ruby Red.

chunky cardi
Chunky Cardi

martin scarf mondo cowl
Martin Scarf and Mondo Neck Cozy

You could even use the Burly Spun to make an extra big size stuffy, like an owl in our upcoming Crochet Critter Class.

Our AMIGURUMI CLASS is this Thursday!
Make a Crocheted Owl!
To Register click HERE


Craftily yours,

5 new classes starting this week!

Heads up folks!  We have some pretty special classes starting this week!

It’s crocheting adorable toys.  You can practice in class by making these sweet owls and learn techniques like 3D shaping and pattern reading so you can create more critters on your own.
Sunday March 2, 12:30-3pm, $32, materials not included

simply twisted 2
Cable Cowl Workshop
An introduction to cabling class, where you make this classy cable cowl!
Wednesday March 5, 6:30-9pm, $32, materials not included

baby blanket
Baby Blanket Workshop
Learn to recognize your knit from your purl and back again while you stitch away at this blanket.  Pattern reading is another key ingredient in this class curriculum. Bonus – you end up with a terrific blankie just in time for spring!
Thursday March 6, 6:30-9pm, $32, materials not included

baby sweaterSweater Design Class

That’s right – you can design your very own sweater.  You will use simply formulas to construct a top down raglan sleeve sweater to fit your own measurements. Cardigan or pullover – it’s your choice!
chunky cardi
Sweater Design Class
Saturday March 8, 15, 22, break, April 5, 10:30am-12:30pm, $100, materials not included.

needle felting
Needle Felting Workshop
No experience necessary! Transform fluffy fleece into 3D forms!
Sunday March 9, 12:30-3pm, $32, materials not included.


To register for classes, give us a call at 416 533 5648.

Craftily yours

How the Owl Became

This crochet owl has become something like The Knit Cafe’s mascot.
It came about like this:
owls @the knit cafe by Robbie Eddison
picture taken by Robbie Eddison

The very talented Edie Kim created the pattern way back in 2007.  We adored it, and found that is was also a fast and satisfying thing to make.  Soon everyone wanted to make one.  The owls multiplied and I decided they deserved to be featured in a Knit Cafe window display.  In was the summer time and I left to sojourn at the cottage, leaving instructions that every knitter available should make owls.  Whilst in the woods I gathered sticky pine cones to add to the display and made a few owls besides. Baskets brimming with stuffed owls greeted me when I arrived home and I put together the above show-case.  The success of this display was enormous.  Travelers gawked, and children  pressed their noses against the glass to get a better look.  The conclusion – everyone likes owls!

cirque 5

cirque 2
Skip ahead to October 2009, and the Arts Festival- Nuit Blanche.  The owls made their second appearance this time in circus regalia.  Some jumped through burning hoops, some swung on trapezes, some sailed through the air on an owl Ferris wheel.

tecolote 2

The “Tecolote” display was developed for the 2011 Nuit Blanche Exhibition. The owls got all dressed up to celebrate the Day of the Dead.


…and this past Christmas, the owls made their most recent appearance.  I should mention that owls were not reused for each display.  In fact – all were adopted after each exhibition was dismantled and fresh and new owls were created for the next installation.  That’s how much we like making these little guys!

You can learn to make them too.  Join our “owl-making class”, and get introduced to the crochet technique known as Amigurumi.  That is: improvising to make 3-dimensional forms that resemble cute creatures and stuffed toys.

Amigurumi Workshop
Sunday June 23, 12:30-3:00pm
$30, materials not included
to register call 416 533 5648

Craftily yours


Speaking of classes….
Would you like to learn how to make one of these cute little guys?

It’s the Amigurumi Class!
Amigurumi is the art of making crocheted toys.  It is a Japanese word; Japan seems to be where all cute crafting techniques originate.  For this class you must already know how to chain and do single and double crochets.  If this describes you, then sign up now! If you are a wannabe crocheter our next Absolute Beginner Crochet Classes are the Crochet Blanket Class which starts April 28, and Crochet 101 which starts May 1. See descriptions here.

Amigurumi Workshop
Wednesday March 27, 6:30-9pm
$30, materials not included
Call to register 416 533 5648

Craftily yours

who who!

Owls are everywhere, 
not just all over the Knit Cafe.They are also all over the Knit Cafe’s class schedule.
Take this little guy for example.  This is our Wee Owlie that we make in our Knitted Toy Class. There is one coming up!
Monday October 17 and Wednesday October 19, this two part class runs from 7-9pm and costs $50.  All you need to know is how to knit and how to purl.  We will teach you how to knit in rounds and follow along with the Wee Owlie Pattern and make your own  fuzzy friend.

If crochet is more your game, the you may be interested in our Amigurumi Workshop on Wednesday October 12 from 6:30-9pm.  In this class we learn the ins and outs of making cute little crocheted toy.  Students will practice these skills by creating – you guessed it- an owl!  Better act fast though as there is only one spot remaining in this class.

To register for either class you can call us at 416 533 5648 

The owls don’t stop at the Knit Cafe door. The outside knit world is crazy for owls too.This sweater has 4428 projects on Ravelry. Owl by Kate Davis is very popular!
 Owlie Mittens by Betsy Farquhar

Big Snowy Owl from the Purl Bee

craftily yours