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What’s on Sale?

Everything is on sale!

All yarn, needles, accessories, books, and patterns are all 20% off!

In addition there are a few extra special sale items – which I can share with you. In a word – ANZULA!

anzula cloud

Delicious hand dyed yarn from Anzula, is usually a splurge, so we’ve put some of our varieties on extra special sale to make this yarn as economical as it is beautiful.  Anzula Cloud is a light fingering weight yarn that is delicate and soft, it is a blend of merino, cashmere, and nylon.  Each skein has a generous 575 yards, regular price is $32.50, but at 30% off it is now $22.75!

anzula mermaid

Mermaid by Anzula is 60% sea cell, which is made from seaweed, the remaining 40% is silk.  The skein has 700 yards and usually costs $43, but at 30% off it is now $30.10.

anzula breeze

Wonderful Breeze by Anzula is a lace weight yarn made from silk and linen, it’s a perfect summer yarn! A 750 yard skein costs $37, but with the 30% off you can take it home for $25.90.

Sale is on now, and last till Sunday July 20th.

Craftily yours


Beach Baby

beach baby

Some of you might relate to this; I want to knit my baby the world!!! He is finally starting to sleep better, which means I have a few ME hours during the evening. Naturally I start think about him and how to make his life more beautiful and special. Knitting is one way to show some love. What more can a 10 month old ask for, then being hugged by a cozy sweater that was lovingly knit by his mommy.  Beach Baby by Christine H. Wilkins was one of the many patterns that was waiting to be knit in my Ravelry faves. This pretty sweater has everything; top down construction, fair-isle colour-work and minimal finishing. I was so excited that I knit it in less then 48 hours, only to find out it didn’t fit exactly the way I wanted it to. Sleeves seams were too wide and the body was too narrow for my liking. I ripped it back to the yoke and made a few adjustments. Here are my notes:

Yarn used: MadelineTosh Vintage in Tern and Bloomsbury, Cascade 220 Superwash colour #817.
Size made: 1-2 years.
I knit the pattern as is till  Divide for Body and Sleeves. This is where my adjustment comes in. I took 8 sts away from each sleeve and added it to the body as follows:
K 28 sts, slip the next 38 sts to a long piece of scrap yarn for sleeve, join and K 56 sts, slip next 38 sts to a long piece of scrap yarn for sleeve, join and K 28 sts. The rest of the body is knit the same as in the pattern.
I also picked up and knit 2 sts at armpits, once I began knitting sleeves.

Here is my little one in his sweater.beach baby

I can’t speak for all sizes in this pattern, but my friend Ellen just finished knitting the smallest size and the sleeves also look wider then they should be. For anyone interested in knitting 0-1 year size, taking away 6 sts from each sleeve and adding to the body should do the trick.

Here is a close up of the colour-work on Ellen’s sweater.
She used Anzula’s For Better or Worsted in Denim, and Madelinetosh Vintage in Butter and Creme de Menthe
beach baby

This is a free pattern and a fun one to knit! You can find it HERE

Happy knitting!!!

Decadent Anzula Yarn

Anzula yarn is fine.  Not like fine=that will do, more like fine=refined, smart, exquisite. The fibre blends are super lush and the colours are rich and varied.  If you remember, the folks from Anzula came for a visit back in June.  They came all the way from California to show me their yarns up close and personal.  I really appreciated being able to see all the yarn qualities and especially the array of colours, and now, 4 months later, you too can get up close and personal with some of my favourite picks from that visit.  It was so difficult to choose.  A hard job – but somebody has to do it!
Here are some of the wonderful, new treasures from Anzula that have made they’re way to the Knit Cafe.

For Better or Worsted, 80% superwash merino, 10% cashmere, 10% nylon, 182m, $32.50


top – elephant
bottom left – aspen, right – denim


top – seabreeze
bottom left -madam, right – teal


top left – pesto, right – clay
bottom left – kale, right – natural


top left – shitake, right – lenore
bottom left – emerald, right – seaside


top – violet
bottom left – hyacinth, right – paradise


Mini skeins of For Better or Worsted, $3.25 each ↑
and mini skeins of Cloud, $3 each ↓
if you’re wondering what to do with mini skeins look here and here


Cloud is a light fingering weight yarn but a similar soft blend to the For Better or Worsted.  There are great big skeins too – 525 metres big, 80% superwash merino, 10% cashmere, and 10% nylon for $32.50.


Very high on the decadent scale is Mermaid  – it’s made with seaweed!
60% seacell (that’s fibre made from seaweed) 40% silk, 640 metres for $43.
This lace weight yarn will make wonderful shawls and scarves.


top – chiva
bottom left – shitake, right – herb


left – lenore, right – seaside


top – red shoe
bottom left – avocado, right – emerald

…and then there is Breeze! It comes pre-caked.
Another lace weight yarn made up of 65% silk and 35%linen. 685m is $37


top left – storm, right – madam
mid left – cocoa, mid right – elephant
bottom left – aqua, right – emerald

On the same day the Anzula came we also received a box from Berroco.  Berroco has a talent for making beautiful basics.  A great example is Ultra Alpaca (seen below).  Alpaca and wool blended into a sweet worsted weight yarn with great heathered colours.  Ultra Alpaca is only $11 for 198m.  It’s a wonderful sweater yarn!

berroco ultra alpaca

I’m pretty excited about all these new additions and all the things they might grow up to become.

Craftily yours


At the risk of making you all jealous, I am posting pictures of my meeting with  Anzula Yarn from yesterday!
Oh -It’s hard being me! but we will all benefit when the pretty Anzula comes home to roost here at the cafe.  Sooooon my pretty!

Thanks to the gals at Anzula for coming all the way to Canada from California for a visit.
Craftily yours

For Better or Worsted!

Why do knitters love puns so? An eternal question, if I ever heard one!
for better or for worsted
For Better or for Worsted is the name given to this beauteous yarn by Anzula.
for better or for worsted
A blend of superwash merino, CASHMERE, and a little nylon.  This is special yarn!
for better or for worsted
I’ve had the pleasure of knitting with this yarn.  In fact, it was my choice for the Rosebud Hat that I have worn over 2 cold seasons now.  Looks like new!
for better or for worsted
As you can see – we have lots of enticing colours in stock now. I was inspired with some of my colour choices by this project from the Purlbee!
For Better or for Worsted is a chunkier worsted with a gauge of  4.5sts/inch on a 5mm needle.  182m (200 yds) is $32.50.

Craftily your

summer-time fun!

This is so pretty.
Lace weight yarn from Anzula called “Wash my Lace”.

Make the Wispy Cardigan, or a spring shawl.
A good deal at $25 for 905 metres (990 yds).
Summer-knitting is all wrapped up!

Craftily yours

For Better or Worsted

Anzula’s For Better or Worsted!

You know I’m excited about this! Part two of our order from Anzula has arrived.  The folks that recently brought us the kitten soft yarn called Cloud has now brought us this purrfect example of a yarn.

It is what has made this hat a treat to wear everyday for the last few months.  It still looks good-as-new with no pills – thank you very much, and no forehead itchies neither. The hat is  Brooklyn Tweed’s Rosebud pattern.  I made this hat a one skein project by going down a needle size from a 5mm to a 4.5mm, just in case you try to do the same. 

The Anzula, For Better or Worsted is made with 80% Superwash Merino, 10% CASHMERE, and 10% nylon.  It costs  $32.50 for 182 metres (200 yards ).  It does not feel like kittens.  The tight spin gives it a slippery feeling, and it shines as if spun by Rumpelstiltskin himself.  It is also bouncy and springy and full of joy.  It does not feel like kittens, and yet it feels gorgeous just the same.

Like me, the Purl Bee is fond of this yarn and has many patterns for it like this and this and this too.

Can’t wait for you all to see it.

Craftily yours