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Dream a dream!

My first ever hand spun yarn, that I made all by my lonesome!

The last few Sundays I have been sitting in on the Drop Spindle (Introduction to Spinning) Class here at the Knit Cafe.  Let me tell you, it’s been quite something!

I feel like I learned a lot, and not just about spinning.  Let’s just say when it comes to Drop Spindles, I seem to have a better handle on the dropping, then the spinning.  Now, I’m not one of those people who are instantaneously good at everything. In fact, I’m quite comfortable being bad at many things, and slow to pick up others, but when it comes to crafty pursuits- let’s just say that’s kinda my milieu. This drop spindle stuff has been a humbling experience, and also an incredibly valuable one.

I have taught hundreds of folks how to knit.  It is a joy to so! Sometimes some of my students – they panic because they don’t catch on immediately.  I ask them “how do you expect to be perfect at something you’ve only been doing for an hour?”, but somehow they do expect this. I can’t help but notice them noticing others who have come to class with knitting somehow rampant in their DNA. They compare themselves and not too favorably.

To these people I say “I so relate to you right now”.

…and I also say, “get over yourself”, and when I say this I am mostly talking to myself.  Just look at the crazy, goofy, totally imperfect yarn I made! As we all know perfection is an overrated concept, if in fact it even exists at all. With perseverance my spinning will no doubt improve, and as it does I will look back at my first bit of hand spun and wonder how I got all those wonderful inconsistencies.

When we next offer the Drop Spindle Class – I hope you consider it.  It really is a lot of fun.  BIG THANKS to Michelle who is a wonderful teacher, brimming with encouragement!

art installation by soo sunny park

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Craftily yours