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Last Day for our Lovely Sale and…

Saturday February 28 – the end of dark old February and the end of our Share The Love Sale. Stop by 55 Roncesvalles or shop in the webshop for Knit Café Knit Kits all 20% off. Featured yarn is 20% off too, but only till the end of the day.

Twinkle-Toqueblackberry combocloud combosoho-combo-2chunki-cardi-combo-3Tremblant-Blanket for web

…and I wanted to share this sweet project with you all.
It’s a communal blanket!

Chevron Blanket

When someone in our knit-community is expecting (which seems to be happening at a near constant rate lately) we embark on a baby blanket project.  We’ve done many versions over the years.  All off them have many knitters hands involved. Some are done in pieces and a lucky duck gets to sew it all together – oh boy! Other times we pass the same piece from person to person in a magnificent feat of organization.
The last communal blanket we  have completed it the one above. Each zigzaggy stripe was knit by a new knitter, each with their own yarn according to their choosing.  We love how it turned out!
The pattern was a free one.  It is called Chevron Baby Blanket by Espace Tricot and you can find it HERE.

Craftily yours

Tremblant Baby Blanket

Last week there was some show and tell here concerning our new knit pattern Baby Harem. It’s  part of  The Knit Cafe’s recently released series of patterns – Wee Collection Fall 2014.  Today I would like to introduce the Tremblant Blanket from the same collection.

triangle blanket

This blanket was named for it’s geometric stitch pattern which resembles mountain peaks.  Knit in creamy white it brings to mind the snow covered ski runs in Mont Tremblant, Quebec.

triangle blanket

The body of the blanket is knit all in one with knits and purls defining the triangle texture. The border is knit on after using a pick up and knit technique. triangle blanket schematic crop

Make the blanket your own in the picking and choosing of the four contrast colours that border the blanket.

tremblant blanket

The aran weight yarn makes this blanket thick and cushioned. We used Cascade128 which is a wonderfully soft merino that is machine washable too!

Check out the TREMBLANT BLANKET and the rest of our Wee Collection Fall 2014 and more Knit Cafe patterns to boot in our Ravelry store HERE.

Craftily yours

you sure can pick ’em!

Sometimes folks come into the Knit Cafe with a pattern in hand, looking for the exact-same yarn the pattern sample was knit from.  No substitutions are allowed for these folks.  Including when it comes to colour.
People are often confessing to me that they are afraid of colour.  They have no confidence when it comes to picking them.  Even less so when more then one colour needs to be picked. “What if they don’t go together ?” they ask.  What indeed!
blue sky cotton
This has come up a few times when it comes to this Chevron Blanket Pattern from the Purl Bee.
chevron blanket
As you can see, right now we do have all the colours in stock for an exact replica of this adorable blanket.  However, if you wish to go out on a limb…
blue sky cotton
How about this combo: lemonade, lemongrass, flamingo, dandelion, bone, pumpkin, rasberry.
blue sky cotton
Or this one: graphite, hyacinth, thistle, drift, wasabi, jasper, sleet
blue sky cotton
Or this one even: mediterranean, drift, pumpkin, bone, flamingo, drift, lemongrass.

Or come up with just the right mix for you.  No right, nor wrong (even if it is sticking with the original).
All of the above are colours of Blue Sky Organic Cotton, and there are even more colours to choose from.  Come and see!
Craftily yours


 One of big trends I am noticing in 2011 is stripes and chevrons. I see it everywhere- clothing, home furnishing, curtains, rugs wallpapers and the list goes on and on.
Inspired by this graphic look I decided to create couple of projects for spring.
One of the projects is French Nautical Striped Scarf made with striking lace weight Misty Alpaca. I have to be honest here; the scarf took a long time to make, but after casting off and blocking I was rewarded with a beautifully draping, soft hipster scarf. What I liked about knitting this project was being able to knit while watching movies or during our busy Stitch & Bitch group. We all need a break from intense patterns once in a while. I found this scarf to be very mindless and relaxing as it is knit in simple stocking stitch and for some excitement changing colour every few rows.Here is the pattern:

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