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Skinny Cotton Tales

Here is another wonderful cotton yarn from Blue Sky Alpaca. It’s called Skinny! Skinny is it’s name, but hey we’ve probably all seen skinnier. This yarn weighs in as a Double Knit so grab your 3.5 or 4mm needles and dig in.
Unlike her fatter cousin; the beautifully bodacious Blue Sky Worsted Cotton that I showcased here a few days ago, this cotton is less fluffy, more trim, with a sturdy core. It makes for knits that have more body, but are still cotton comfortable.

blue sky skinny cotton

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To get an idea of how Skinny Cotton knits-up. come into The Knit Café and feel it up in the flesh! We have a terrific sample.  It’s called Tee.

Tee – as the name suggests is a T-shirt. It is sized to fit 12 months, 18-24 months, or 2-3 years. This simple cotton shirt get’s seriously fun with polka dots. Yeah!
If you have never done colour-knitting before, please don’t let this stop you from making this adorable project. The polka dots are added on after the knitting with a very easy technique called “duplicate stitch”. You can see how easy it is in our duplicate stitch tutorial HERE.

You can find the Tee pattern HERE

or purchase the Tee Knit Kit HERE.

We just introduced the Tee Kit in our web shop today.
The Knit Kit comes with the Tee pattern, Blue Sky Skinny Organic Cotton and a selection of mini skeins to make the polka dots.

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We’ve got cotton!

bone dandelion flamingo lemon grass jasper wasabi drift thistle hyacinth   pumpkin sleet mediteranean lemonade graphite raspberry

Summer is here – officially speaking, as of a few days ago, and weather-wise, as of today!  It’s a hot one.
Knitting is one of my favourite outdoor activities.  Taken with you to the park or on a weekend away, it is great for relaxing and taking in the summer vibe.  For plant-fibre enthusiasts it is also a choice time to indulge.

This past week we fully restocked the Blue Sky Alpaca’s Organic Worsted Cotton in the above colours and more besides.  This is the yarn we use in the “Your First Baby Blanket Pattern” but it would also suit the Hexagon Crochet Blanket we teach in our beginner Crochet Blanket Class.

The next First Baby Blanket Workshop is July 29baby blanket


$30, materials not included

The next Crochet Blanket Class is July 3, 10, 17hexagon


$70, materials not included

Call to register 416 533 5648

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