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you sure can pick ’em!

Sometimes folks come into the Knit Cafe with a pattern in hand, looking for the exact-same yarn the pattern sample was knit from.  No substitutions are allowed for these folks.  Including when it comes to colour.
People are often confessing to me that they are afraid of colour.  They have no confidence when it comes to picking them.  Even less so when more then one colour needs to be picked. “What if they don’t go together ?” they ask.  What indeed!
blue sky cotton
This has come up a few times when it comes to this Chevron Blanket Pattern from the Purl Bee.
chevron blanket
As you can see, right now we do have all the colours in stock for an exact replica of this adorable blanket.  However, if you wish to go out on a limb…
blue sky cotton
How about this combo: lemonade, lemongrass, flamingo, dandelion, bone, pumpkin, rasberry.
blue sky cotton
Or this one: graphite, hyacinth, thistle, drift, wasabi, jasper, sleet
blue sky cotton
Or this one even: mediterranean, drift, pumpkin, bone, flamingo, drift, lemongrass.

Or come up with just the right mix for you.  No right, nor wrong (even if it is sticking with the original).
All of the above are colours of Blue Sky Organic Cotton, and there are even more colours to choose from.  Come and see!
Craftily yours

what a difference a day makes

Thanks a lot!
We asked you to come and help us out and take home some yarn so we would have less to count on inventory day – and you came! and you took home yarn! and inventory day was a big success!  When I say “big success” I mean it went fast and there were scones.  Thanks Maurie for making scones! Thanks Ellen and Bobby for helping out.

The dust – she has settled, and I will admit at feeling a little trepidatious as I looked about at all the empty spaces around the store.  I feel better when we are brim-full of yarn.  Gaping holes make me depressed.

But today is a good day.  Holes are being filled and more pretty yarn is on it’s way!
Extra Big and Bulky yarns have been so popular this season.  We have now restocked a lovely array of Spud and Chloe Outer.  This mix of cotton and wool has excellent stitch definition and fits the bill for a chunky projects and quick knits.
Not satisfied to stop there we filled more shelves with this extra bulky alpaca wool blend from Blue Sky Alpaca.  So soft!

A brand new yarn to the Knit Cafe! I can’t wait to get my needles into this one. It looks so good! 55% superwash wool, 45% organic cotton worsted weight from Spud and Chloe in cheerful and sweet like pie colours.
Another new one!
I am a self confessed fibre snob, but even I am not immune to the charms of the Vintage Yarn from Berroco.  At the beginning of this knit-season we started carrying Vintage Chunky, which is a blend of wool and (gasp/horror!) acrylic , but with not a smiggen of squeekiness and a fine feel and an even finer price this yarn has proven to be a favorite of our customers. I  have to admit I like it too.
…and now here is Vintage DK.  The same fine qualities can be found in a finer yarn. Our fine colour choices can be seen here↑We have restocked Peruvia Quick and Ultra Alpaca from Berroco and Skinny Organic Cotton from Blue Sky Alpaca too.  I couldn’t resist ordering a few new colours of each.  Variety is the spice of life! Yes?
From right to left: Peruvia Quick in Caliente and Dragon, Skinny Cotton in Glacier and Coral, and Berroco Ultra Alpaca in Buckwheat, Candyfloss, and Couscous. Yum!

Still more treats to come
Craftily yours