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martin scarf update

It was just a tease in the beginning. 
…but now The Martin Scarf is within your grasp.
We first featured this pattern as a Knit Cafe pattern of the month.  This extra bulky triangular shaped neck warmer with pompom finials is a super-fun and fast knit suitable for beginners.  Garter stitch (knitting every row) is employed along with an easy kind of an increase. These along with pom pom or tassel making skills are all the know-how you need to make this guy.

You can find The Martin Scarf for purchase on ravelry.  We hope to have a paper pattern in the store soon.
To make this project even more enticing I am pleased to recount that we have a new shipment of the extra bulky yarn that we used for our Martin Scarf project.  Look at these gorgeous colours of fat and wormy Burly Spun by Brown Sheep.  We have all these hues plus tried and true neutrals: 3 tones of grey, and black, cream and brown.

For a scarf-sublime you may want to substitute one of these yarns to make your project with.  On the left- Spud and Chloe Outer, which is a blend of cotton and wool, and on the right Blue Sky Bulky Alpaca Bulky, 50% alpaca, 50% wool.  Both are dreamy and soft and will make the scarf quite a decadent thing indeed.
That’s all there is for a Wednesday.
Craftily yours

Fat and Fast

Burly Spun in the house!
If the fast knitter in you needs a last minute gift use this extra bulky yarn and you will get results from an evenings toil.

To celebrate the fact that this yarn made it through the door before Christmas we will reissue our pattern of the month from last month ie. the Martin Scarf (the triangular beast pictured below) till Christmas Eve.  Come in and grab the pattern. Two skeins of yarn will do it. For the road runner of all gift-making try the Mondo Neck Cozy (also below).  One skein  of Burly spun and you are done!!

Also for last minute gifts!

Hand-printed ruckus totes for yarn and other what-nots.

Or ruckus wee bags! Suitable for a bag of knit notions and goodies or loose change, or lip gloss, or what-have-yous.  The larger ruckus project bags allow you to tow around your half finished socks in a contained kind of way.  Also found to be perfect for storing double pointed needles.

A surprise inside! The backsides and the insides of ruckus bags come all patterned up with fantastic vintage fabrics that make each bag unique.

Hand-stitched cards made with extra bits of printed fabrics are gifts in themselves or great gift companions.

Make a note in your notebooks that the Knit Cafe will be closing early on Christmas Eve at 3:00pm
Closed Christmas and Boxing Day
back to regular hours December 27th.

Happy Holidays tout le monde!

Craftily yours

It’s in the mail

This past weekend we were happy to host the gals from Dear Toronto who took over our window gallery to make this wonderful installation.  A winter wonderland with letters not bound for Santa Claus but notes addressed to our fine city.
Hand knitted envelopes hang in wait for passers by and knitters to fill them with their thoughts of and wishes for Toronto.

The envelopes are knit with Cascade 220, one of our most popular yarns and a yarn which we recently restocked.  Many sweet colours including the enchanting hue used for these envelopes (a complex purple called Galaxy) some neutrals and greys and brights too have come home to roost.  Cascade 220 Sport too!

Since it is the time for giving gifts I thought you all might benefit from this idea.  We had an old 2011 knitting calendar hanging around and we decided we could re-purpose it nicely- like so↑

To make your own envelopes (for gifts, Christmas cards or otherwise) take an envelope of favored size and shape, then unglue and unfold it.  Trace around it on a stiff piece of paper or cardborad (in this case we used an old file folder).  Cut it out and this will be your template.  You can then trace around it onto calenders or other papers to make your envelopes.  Cut these out and  fold your paper into shape.  We used a glue stick to hold it all in place, but double sided tape or other glue would work too. There you have it! Now you have fancy gifting envelopes and you recycled too!

Along with the Cascade 220 came some  Brown Sheep Burly Spun in deep charcoal and Misti Alpaca in creamy white.  Both are very popular yarns, so if you needed them to finish off something for the holidays they are now at your disposal.

Craftily yours

Bandit Scarf is a steal this November

This November we have reinstated the Knit Cafe’s Pattern of the Month.
Come into 1050 Queen St. West and pick up your copy of the Martin Scarf.  There is no charge for this pattern for the whole month of November.

This extra chunky triangular scarf with long ties and pompomed ends is made with 2 skeins of Burly Spun by Brown Sheep and 15mm circular needles.  Need I say that it is a fast knit? It is!

For those who can’t make it into the store I am afraid you are condemned to play the waiting game.  We will have this pattern for sale in our Ravelry store very very soon. Stay tuned.

Until then,
Craftily yours

the next big thing

Brown Sheep Burly Spun in Spring Blue and Monarch Butterfly.
Spud and Chloe in Giggle and Wave.

Sometimes bigger is just better.
As knitters we know that chunky yarns mean quick knits and sometimes that is just the thing.  Perhaps (for example) you need a break from your Beekeeper Quilt and just want to finish something already! and well, well, well, look what comes rolling along . Hello chunky friends, my my what pretty new colours! Knitting up at  2.5 sts  and 2-3sts respectively you will be finished with whatever you embark on before you have cause to wear it. Maybe something like this…
 chunky cardi                                                                 mondo neck cozy
state st. cowl                                                                  autumn  

Craftily Yours

Errata for Chunky Cardi Pattern
Materials: Brown Sheep Burly Spun 4(4, 5, 5) skeins

correction for size XS and S SLEEVE:

Continue knitting till sleeve measures 1″. Decrease by K2tog in last 2 sts of the rnd (the underside of the sleeve).

XS: repeat this decrease every 2″ 3 more times (28sts) and continue knitting till arm measures 12″ from arm pit.
S: repeat this decrease every 2″, 5 more times (28sts) and continue knitting till arm measures 12″ from arm pit.
Sizes M and L are correct.

We apologize for the error.