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Old Dog – New Tricks

They say the best way to keep the old noggen tickityboo is to keep it active.
My carreer as a knitter should then keep mine sharp as a razor.  I never stop learning things. NEVER!

Well just the other day I learned a thing that I wished I’d learned when I was but a fledgling knitter.  A thing I wish that I had passed on to the oh-so-many students I have taught to knit.

-a simple thing, a useful thing, an easy thing.

I learnt it from Pinterest – as one does. The other day someone posted thisDo

It’s originated from Ysolda Teagues as part of her Technique Thursdays series.
By the way there are many gems in this series.  Ones brains could become very buff after a few hours brushing up on these knit technique.
I especially like this post on casting on and casting off as it takes two of the basics (usually the first and the third thing one learns when one takes up knitting) and adds a commonsense twist that makes these basics all the better.
Best yet they are, if not as easy, then possibly easier then ones regular cast on and cast off.

Cast on: This will only interest those who cast on with the Long Tail Cast On method, but if you do – you do not have to make a slip knot before you begin your cast on! It’s true!

Cast off: Instead of threading the yarn through the last stitch on the needle, simply pull on your last stitch till the yarn comes all the way through. This is a subtle distinction, but I think you’ll see the difference if you go to the post.

Why make these small changes? The answer is prettiness.  Many times I have been asked about bulgy beginnings and loosey goosey endings to knitting projects and I have had to reply that that’s just the way it goes. Darning will often fix up these misshapen stitches but what if they looked perfect from the get go.
They can!

Check out Ysolda’s post here.
After you’re through – check out the link for the Long Tail Cast On for 1×1 Ribbing.  It will blow your mind!

Craftily yours

PS – you can see what we’re posting to Pinterest here