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the rainbow connection

It is very gratifying to look over at the shelves and see this↓

I’ve counted and there are currently 26 colours of Cascade 220 and 14 colours of Cascade 220 Superwash in stock.  26+14=40 juicy colours of yarn (insert sound of the The Count from Sesame St. laughing “Ha, Ha, Ha!”).
This is good timing as tonight the Crochet Blanket Class meets for their first lesson.  Cascade 220 is the most popular yarn to chose for this project.  The colour selection is key to winning people over.  The price is also right.  Cascade 220 is the most used yarn on Ravelry with 72611 projects and counting behind it. Excellent for big projects like blankets that eat up yarn: this yarn remains easy on the wallet as well as the eyes.

The Crochet Blanket Class is where we make this stunner of a blanket ↑. The class is full for tonight but one or two will make an appearance on our fall calendar. This is one of our most popular classes and a great way to learn your way around a crochet hook.  Yes- it is open to beginners.  If you would like to try this blanket out on your own there is a version of it here including a helpful How-To with pictures and everything!

Craftily Yours 

hip to crochet

I like Sarah London cause she is old school.  I’m not talking “vintage” or “retro”, with Martha Stewart style updates or on-trend refreshers, just good old fashion, tried and true, blue haired style.  The colours are the bright and cheerful gems of yesteryear when the granny square was king.

Just introduced is a fantastic pattern that she is featuring for free along with a sweet picture-tutorial.  The so-called “Wool Eater Blanket”  has popped up on ravelry in swoon worthy colour combos, with small versions categorized as pot holders and trivits.

In more crochet news: Olek (favorite crochet-art-superstar) is at it again.  She is embarking on a movie project!  This video is the teaser for it.  Give it a watch, and you will be rewarded with some provocative dance moves and some crochet too.

Craftily yours -Kristin

when inspiration finds you!

Happy First Annual Yarn Bombing Day! It was on was on June 11.Here is some first class bombing from Knitta Please – a collective of cozy artists. The bomb-site is Blanton  Art Museum at the University of Texas in Austin.

Meanwhile…back at home…

The story goes like this:  A flash of orange catches the eagle eye of one -Kate Austin.  The location: the VV, the Village de Valeur, or what some may call it, the plain old Value Village.  The eye-catcher: this orange-crushable blanket.  What was the poor girl to do but bring it home with her.  Oh the hearts went a fluttering for the orange crush blanket when it was shown around the Knit Cafe table.  The only question on everyones lips was how do you make it?
Talk and tinkering and the whirl of busy yarn and hook gave us the answer.  Here is the in-progress blanket in a fresh, new, colour-way and a slightly bulkier yarn. In this case the old faithful Cascade 220.  Iwona is well on her way to having the couch afghan she seeks.
Look for this project to soon have its place in amongst the other Knit Cafe patterns.  Thanks goes to Edie Kim with her ingenious tinkering and wise talk!  

Craftily yours Kristin

hexagon heaven

On Sunday May 1rst and 15th  The Knit Cafe will be hosting our Crochet Blanket Class.  This is a beginner/learn to crochet class with one of the cutest projects ever.  That’s right I said EVER!

With that is mind I thought this was a good time to share with you some of the great projects that have been created using this pattern.  the combinations of colours and textures are endless. Crocheted medallions are starting to stack up in the most satisfying of ways! Continue reading