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Register now for these popular classes!

If you were eyeing a class from our upcoming schedule, here’s a heads up that some of the classes are filling up fast.

needle felt birds

Needle Felting Class Only One Spot Left !
Sunday January 29, 12:30-2:30pm

needlepoint class

Needlepoint Workshop Only Three Spots Left !
Tuesday January 31, 7-9pm

crochet crash class

Crochet Crash Course Only One Spot Left !
Thursday January 26. 6:30-9pm

crochet blanket hexagons

Crochet Blanket Class Only One Spot Left !
Wednesday February 8, 15, 6:30-9pm


Tapestry Loom Weaving Workshop Only One Spot Left !
Sunday February 26, 2-5pm, March 5, 2-4pm

Check out all the classes at The Knit Café HERE
It’s Time to Knit Everybody!

Craftily yours

Fall/Winter 2016 Class Schedule is Here!

Let’s plan for Autumn and Winter Knitting!
Here are this season’s classes.

Click on any link in this post to take you to the class description with dates and prices. All the classes are now available in the webshop where you can browse them all together and register too. Or come by 55 Roncesvalles or call to register 416 533 5648

Absolute Beginner Classes

Knit 101
knit 101

Crochet 101
crochet 101 class

Knitter’s Crash Course
knit crash

Crochet Crash Course
crochet crash class

Learn to Knit Headbands
knit 101 headband

Crochet Blanket Class for Absolute Beginners
crochet blanket with lloyd

Learn to Crochet Toys

Beginner Classes

Crochet Blanket Class
crochet blanket

Baby Blanket Workshop
baby blanket

The Magical Striped Scarf Workshop (Learn to Purl Class)
noro scarf

Hat Workshop
knit 101 hat

ZigZag Blanket Workshop
zigzag blanket

Cable Cowl Workshop
simply twisted

Project Class (for beginners to advanced students)
project class

Yoga Socks or Fingerless Mitten Class
yoga socks

Knit Halloween Costume Class
halloween costume

Intermediate Classes

Thrum Mitten Class
thrum mittens

Crochet Baby Slipper Class
baby slippers

Sweater Class
sweater class

Amigurumi (Crochet Toy Robot)
crochet robot

Introduction to Lace Stitching
lace class

Advanced Classes

First Pair of Socks Class

Custom Fit Socks (Knit Toe Up)
custom fit socks class

Knit in Colour
knitting in colour class

Sweater Design Class
sweater design

Other Crafty Classes

Tapestry Loom Weaving

Introduction to Rug Hooking
rug hooking

Drop Spindle Class (Introduction to Spinning)

Needlepoint Workshop
needlepoint class

Needle Felting Workshop
needle felt birds

Craftily yours

Classes in the Knit Cafe Garden

Two of our Knit Cafe Classes have headed to the out of doors to enjoy the lovely weather we’ve been having over the last week.

natural dye

No need to worry about messes and drips when you bring the dye pots outside. We had a great Natural Dying Class last weekend with three dye pots on the go.

natural dye

We got some magnificent results too. Just look at this yummy cochineal dye bath.

natural dye

We also dyed with Logwood (the purple) and marigold (the yellow).  Superwash merino really sucked up the dye and came out the deepest in tone but we had great variation with other fibres too.


Our class today also thought they would like to be out in the sunshine. I sure am glad we have such a lovely place to sit. It was so nice to see a group of crocheters happily stitching away on their crochet market bags in our sunny backyard retreat.

This week – don’t miss out on the Chevron Crochet Blanket Class, where students will learn how to Zig and how to Zag – crochet style!

crochet chevron blanket

Chevron Blanket For Crocheters
Thursday June 23, 6:30-9pm
Register HERE

Craftily yours

Have you seen our Spring Class Schedule yet?

We have a new display at The Knit Café.

class display

It celebrates some of our new offerings for this years Spring/Summer Class Schedule.

classes on blackboard

All these classes are coming up in May which is just a hop skip and a jump away!

First Sweater Class
Thursday May 5, 12, 26, June 2, 7-9pm

Amigurumi (crochet toy dragon) Workshop
Thursday May 26, June 2, 9, 6:30-8:30pm

Log Cabin Blanket Workshop
Wednesday May 18, 6:30-9pm

Asymmetrical Summer Scarf Workshop
Thursday May 26, 1-3:30pm

May is a terrific time for classes here. We have some of our best ones crammed into that month. Although April should not be overlooked. You can have a look at all the classes in The Knit Cafe’s webshop HERE.

You can also call to register for classes: 416 533 5648

Craftily yours

The Knit Cafe’s Spring and Summer Class Schedule 2016 is Here!

We are happy to announce that our list of Spring and Summer Classes is now ready for your inspection. We have a terrific line-up this season including our perennial “learn to knit” and “learn to crochet” classes, but we are also introducing some brand new classes too. Here are some of them:

amigurumi dragon

Amigurumi (crochet toy dragon class)

crochet chevron blanket

Chevron Blanket for Crocheters

lace class

Introduction to Knitted Lace Workshop

sock master crop

Sock Master Class (two socks at once, toe up)

504 two shot

Asymmetric Summer Scarf Workshop
(It’s our 504 King West Scarf Pattern)

log cabin crop

Log Cabin Blanket Workshop
(It’s a new Knit Café Pattern in the works)

In addition we are reinstating some Summer Classes from last year. If you missed them last summer you have another chance now!

Natural Dye Class                   natural dye

yoga socks.

crochet shawl.


Yoga Sock or Fingerless Mitten Class




Crochet Lace
The Spring Shawl Class




Have a gander at more of The Knit Cafe’s classes in our Webshop HERE.
There are still a few more to come.
You can register online or call us at 416 533 5648, or come by the shop at 55 Roncesvalles Ave to register.

Craftily yours

Let’s Crochet Baby!


baby slippers-mukluks

Our last Crochet Baby Slipper Class was so much fun that we are hosting another one.

crochet workshop

In the class you make these cute, cute, cute, slipper and you learn how to make your own leather bottoms too.

baby slippers

Baby Slipper Workshop

Monday February 1, 6-9pm

For registration and details look HERE

Craftily yours

Back to School!

Some kiddos have already made it back into a fresh school years. For others scholastic pursuits are quick approaching. Books with that brand new smell, pencil cases stocked with fully loaded pens and sharpened pencils are at the ready, it’s a new beginning.
At The Knit Café we are pretty excited about this new learnin’ season. We plan to teach a whole new crop of folks the insides and outs of a new craft like knitting or crocheting. We also have classes for knitters and crocheters who know their ABCs and need some mind expanding projects. So sharpen up your knitting needles (figuratively-not literally) and pick out an extra special yarn and join a class. You won’t regret it.
Here are a few of the classes coming up in the months of September and October.


The Magical Striped Scarf Workshop(learn to purl workshop)
Thursday September 17, 7-9pm

arm knit

Arm Knitting Workshop
Wednesday September 9, 6:30-9pm

knit 101 baby

Knit 101 Baby!
Wednesday September 16, 23, 30, October 7, 1-3pm

crochet crash class

Crochet Crash Course
Thursday September 17, 6:30-9pm

crochet robot

Amigurumi (crocheted toy robot class)
Thursday October 22, 29, 6:30-8:30pm


Sweater Class
Wednesday October 14, 21, November 4, 11, 7-9pm

slipper class

Knit Slipper Class
Wednesday Oct 14, 21, 1-3pm

thrum mittens

Thrum Mitten Class
Thursday October 22, 29, 7-9pm

knit 101 hat

Hat Workshop
Monday September 21, 6:30-9pm


baby slippers-mukluks

Baby Slipper Workshop
Saturday December 5, 10:30am-1:30pm

Click on any class to register online. To have a look at all the classes – cause we’ve got LOTS – have a look in the webshop HERE. You may call 416 533 5648, or come by the shop to register too.

Craftily yours Kristin