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Mending Ways

I have been on a mending mission lately. This early cold snap necessitated some quick action. Mittens with holes, and a hat and a woolen house coat too. Such a rush job that I stayed up late and darned my heart out and everyone had woollies to wear the next day. But I did not take pictures – as is the nature of life when one hurries through it – one can not document it too.

Oh but summer time! –  do you remember that?  Then, thoughtful meditations on mending and some picture taking was p0ssible too. I fixed this sweater with the traditional woven style darning method.

I used a glass to keep the fabric a bit taught as I worked. First I stitched a perfect circle around the hole

I filed it into with interwoven stitching.

I made a mistake and had to stitch up outside of my circle. So I added a little leaf and now it is an apple. Also I ran out of green and used some pink. Happy accidents!

I also fixed this sweater with some success, but the stitching looked a little messy so I decorated it with some lazy daisies.

I am really excited that this Wednesday, The Knit Café is hosting a visible mending class and I will learn another method of mending called “Scotch Darning”. It is a sturdy bit of stitchery with an interesting texture. Please join us if you are free.

Visible Mending Workshop

Wednesday November 20, 6:30-9:30pm

Craftily yours