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Crochet Yourself A Plant Holder

It takes a neighbourhood to make a plant holder! We got these beautiful, fish hook  plants from Willem and Jools which is a wonderful plant and container shop just down the street from us on Roncesvalles Avenue. The chains and findings that hold the plant holders came from our local Home Hardware store. We custom made these hanging plant baskets with a trusty, large size crochet hook and yarn made from recycled jersey fabric found right here at The Knit Cafe.

The best part was embellishing them with tassels and pompoms!

You can make one too. You will need some of this great yarn from Wool and the Gang called Jersey Be Good. It’s available in our webshop HERE or instore.  Gather some pretty yarns for your tassels and pompoms and visit your local hardware store for the findings, then follow the FREE PATTERN that you will find at the bottom of this post.

Here’s How We Made The Fancy Tassels

Make 4 bundles of tassel yarn and fold each in half
Wrap one around another and place as shown in picture 2.
Now you have two connected bundles of tassel yarn.

Take one of the bundles that is wrapped around the other and thread the ends through the loop of the other connected bundle. Do the same with the other connected bundle.
Now all four of the bundles are connected!
Pull them tight to make a pretty knot.

Add a tie to the top with a spare piece of tassel yarn and a darning needle. Thread the yarn from the top down through the knot and then from underneath back up again.
Let all the tassel strings hang down. Use contrasting coloured yarn to wrap around just under the base of the knot, making sure to hide the contrast colour tail as you wrap.

When wrapping is complete tie a knot and use your darning needle again to hide the tail of your wrapping yarn.  You can add more colours if you want.
and done

You can find a pompom making tutorial HERE

Get an easy to print PDF of the Plant Holder Pattern HERE

Craftily yours

4 weeks till Christmas

4 weeks till Christmas

We now have 4 weeks of knit time before Christmas, a whole month! Much can be accomplished in a month.  Pick a thicker yarn and a smaller project and you will be done in no time, and ready to do more.  Below are some examples of projects that are knit with worsted weight yarn.

Winston the Walrus by Ashley Yousling

This is an imaginative toy that comes with his own knit cap.  The simplicity in shape of this fine fellow is splendid! Knit this walrus for someone you love and I predict you’ll get heaps of love thrown right back at you. You can purchase this pattern right HERE


O Christmas Tree by Julia Blake

This is not a trendy “ugly” Christmas sweater! The tannenbaum decoration on the front is a simple cable design that is quite subtle. This will be excellent at Christmas time but still very wearable in the chilly months ahead.  Sized 6 months, 12 months, 18 months, 24 months, 4, or 6 years, it might suit someone on your Christmas list. You can purchase this pattern HERE

Christmas Tree sweater

Bike Helmet Earmuffs by Kristin Briney

If you know any bikers who are hard-core enough to brave the winter and hit the streets on their bicycles, than you know someone who could use one of these!  Hats are usually too bulky to fit under helmets and ears get painfully numb when exposed to the chilly elements.  Wonderfully, this pattern is free, you can find it HERE

bike helmet ear warmers

Soft Cotton Knit Dishcloths by The Purl Bee

The Purl Bee is famous for it’s terrific patterns and they offer many of them for free. These dishcloths are no exceptions being both terrific and free to try. Knit with soft Blue Sky Organic Cotton these classic looking dishcloths will no doubt be put to good use by whoever receives them.  The Purl Bee has created many patterns to suit this soft cotton. Check out the Chevron Baby Blanket Pattern, it may be just the thing you are looking to knit for a new addition to your family or extended family. You can find both patterns for free on The Purl Bee, the dishcloths are HERE, the blanket is HERE

chevron blanketdish cloths

Leg Warmer and Sock by Leslie  Scanion

Knit chunky leg warmers or if you have the time make them socks! These look so great with their ribbed and cabled designs.  The pattern comes with sizing that includes child sizes, lady sizes and men sizes too so it is very versatile.  It’s a good time to pick out a thick sock pattern for anyone desiring socks on your list, with a month of knitting time left perhaps you can make two pairs! You can purchase this pattern HERE

leg warmers socks

Crochet Ribbed Beanie by deliacreates

It is wonderful that fabulous looking crochet patterns like this one are becoming more and more available.  This warm looking hat would be so soft crocheted with Manos del Uruguay Maxima yarn, or if you wanted a machine washable alternative Madelinetosh Vintage would be so fetching! The pattern is free, Hooray! Find it HERE

crochet beanie

Crocheted Scarf by dottiangel

There is a nice shell-stitch texture in this crochet scarf.  The blocks of colour make it more fun to hook for the crocheter but this yarn would be lovely in a single colour too! The finished length is 234cm, so it’s a lovely, long one.  Find the pattern HERE for free

dotti crocheted scarf

Crocheted Vest from the vicarnosmama log
This sweet crocheted tee pattern only comes in one size, to fit a baby up to 1 year with the back width measurement of  is 27-28 cm.  The simple top down construction would make it easy to alter for larger sizes, or pick a larger yarn and hook size to increase the size.  I love the rainbow effect in this example! It is another free pattern, find it HERE
crochet vest
This elegant hat has pretty lace stitching.  It also has a matching cowl pattern that you can find HERE.  Both of these patterns are free. The hat has a stocking stitch brim that the designer says will not curl when blocked, it could easily be replaced with a ribbed brim to guard against curling. Find the hat pattern HERE


Easy Peasy Garter Stitch Arm Warmers by The Knit Cafe

This pattern was designed by The Knit Cafe for brand new knitters!  This could be your very first knitting project, or the very first knitting project for someone you know.  We have kits available at the cafe that contain a skein of lovely worsted weight yarn, a set of needles, the pattern for the Easy Peasy Garter Stitch Arm Warmers and an instruction booklet.  It would be a wonderful starter kit for a new knitter, or knitter wanna be. The arm warmers are all knit (no purl) rectangles that are folded and sewn together, just as easy as a first scarf project but much less yarn to buy. You can purchase just the pattern from The Knit Cafe’s Ravelry Store HERE

easy peasy garter stitch mitts

That’s it for the Worsted Weights projects! Come in and check out the new stock of worsted Pure Wool by Rowan.  This is a 100% superwash wool  that comes in 200m balls.  It is excellently priced at $11 each.  We have 30 fantastic colours to try!

Craftily yours

4 weeks till Christmas

One month to go! Time for worsted weight projects.  This medium sized yarn comes in a plethora or varieties.  You probably have some in your yarn stash right now.  Get your needles in hand and make one of theses goodies a reality. Someone will thank you for it.

Hudson Bay Crib Blanket from the Purl Bee

Nothing could be simpler to knit.  Just good old garter stitch!  Change colours to match the Hudson Bay Blanket classic or create your own colour concoction if you dare to mess with tradition.  Lord knows The Bay has veered off the path a few times with special editions of their blankets.  Since using all Anzula For Better or Worsted like Purl did might just break the bank, try Cascade 220, or Berroco Ultra Alpaca, or a mix of the two.  Might I suggest for the Cream -Ultra Alpaca #6201, Navy- Cascade 220 #854, Yellow -Cascade 220 #7827, Red -Ultra Alpaca #6234, and Dark Green -Cascade 220 #9426, as shown here.  They are pretty good matches to the original.

Eternity Cowl from Brooklyn Tweed

We have this pattern for purchase in store too.  The style will suit a woman or a man and the pattern comes complete with several sizes .  An easy ribbing stitch adds a bit of texture.  I recommend Madelinetosh Vintage for a lovely lady or Berroco Ultra Alpaca for a dapper dude.

Anything Animals from Rachel Borello Carroll

You will have fun mixing and matching tops and bottoms – making a plethora of friends for some lucky kiddy.  Pretty easy and a free pattern too, so give it a try.  Use washable yarns like Cascade 220 Superwash!

Clover Tweed Dishcloth from Noelle B at Skull Charms

The very useful washcloth!  Once you’ve tried a hand knit wash cloth, you’re dishes will be spoiled for anything else. Cotton is what you want for a washcloth.  Try Blue Sky Alpaca’s Organic Cotton.

Baby Hat Crochet Pattern from Yvestown Shop

For a fast gift, what about this crochet hat?  It can be made with the bear ears or with stripes.  Spud and Chloe Sweater Yarn which is a mix of cotton and wool would be a good bet.  Comes in perfect colours for either version and it is a washable yarn too, so Mom’s will love you!

Ribbed and Ruffled Tea Cozy by Churchmouse Yarns and Teas

Tea cozies make pretty great gifts.  This one is a classic.  You can purchase it here. For a similar look to the pot cover in the picture use Noro Silk Garden.  This beautiful Japanese yarn will give you the gorgeous blended stripes.

Manda Ruth by Jane Richmond

You can find this pattern at the Knit Cafe.  It’s a cute one.  A hood on a baby sweater for keeping heads warm when hats get lost. Fits 3-24 months. For a very special sweater use Madelinetosh Vintage, hand-dyed, superwash, merino.

Graham by Jennifer Adams

A reversible cap with a bit of slouch.  It is a free pattern! Make it from Illimani Royal Alpaca.  Decadently soft and incredibly warm this yarn will make a wonderful hat.

Hot Water Bottle Cosy by Yvestown Shop

Another crochet pattern! Keep your loved ones safe from a scalding and hook them a cover for their hot water bottle.  This will be finished in a jiffy and you can have loads of fun with the colour.  Cozy Manos del Uruguay Maxima would be so soft to cuddle up with on a cold night.

Convertible Boot Toppers  by Renae Summers

These boot toppers can be worn two ways, showing off two different rib patterns.  They will keep the drafts away from cold gams and look stylish at the same time. Good old Cascade 220, or Cascade 220 Superwash will be AOK for these.  Sturdy and reliable and available in a whole rainbow of colours.  Top those boots with style! This pattern is free!

Keep on keepin on folks!
Craftily yours

the rainbow connection

It is very gratifying to look over at the shelves and see this↓

I’ve counted and there are currently 26 colours of Cascade 220 and 14 colours of Cascade 220 Superwash in stock.  26+14=40 juicy colours of yarn (insert sound of the The Count from Sesame St. laughing “Ha, Ha, Ha!”).
This is good timing as tonight the Crochet Blanket Class meets for their first lesson.  Cascade 220 is the most popular yarn to chose for this project.  The colour selection is key to winning people over.  The price is also right.  Cascade 220 is the most used yarn on Ravelry with 72611 projects and counting behind it. Excellent for big projects like blankets that eat up yarn: this yarn remains easy on the wallet as well as the eyes.

The Crochet Blanket Class is where we make this stunner of a blanket ↑. The class is full for tonight but one or two will make an appearance on our fall calendar. This is one of our most popular classes and a great way to learn your way around a crochet hook.  Yes- it is open to beginners.  If you would like to try this blanket out on your own there is a version of it here including a helpful How-To with pictures and everything!

Craftily Yours 

I heart my bike

Over the past couple of weeks I have been staring at a fruit bowl beside my bed, full of odds and ends of pretty yarns. I have been collecting them for a blanket I’m working on.
Because its summer and  I always feel like crocheting this time of the year I decided to make use of some of these colourful ends and make myself a new bike lock cosy. This was a really quick and fun movie watching project.
Here is the pattern:

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