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I’m Biased – A Free Knit Café Pattern


The Knit Café has a brand new pattern to share with you!

I'm biased

 I’m Biased

I may be biased but I find this scarf really cozy! In construction it is very simple. A wonderfully plain garter stitch gets glamourized when knit on the bias with easy to stitch increases and decreases. The bias fabric has extra drape and is so comfortable to wear. Colour is another essential consideration in this neck garment. One main colour is knit double stranded with several contrasting colours in colour-blocks. The colours are divided so that a bit of each is visible when it is worn wrapped around the neck. A one-ply, fingering weight yarn like Madelinetosh Merino Light won’t allow the scarf to get too heavy despite the doubling up.  Merino Light comes in handy small skeins of 47 meters each, sweetly called “Unicorn Tails”. We made good use of them for this project utilizing two Unicorn Tails for each of the four contrasting colours. This is a great project for a new knitter or a knitter who wants an easy-breezy TV watching project.

I'm biasedI'm biasedI'm biasedyarn for bias

Get all the materials for I’m Biased in a Knit Café Knit Kit HERE

Materials: One skein Madelinetosh Merino Light 384m/ 420 yds for MC, eight Madelinetosh Unicorn Tails (47m/ 52 yds each), two of each CC A, B, C, D.
5mm needles, or to obtain gauge.
Finished Dimensions: Length measured tip to tip 135cm/53”, width 23cm/9”
Gauge: 16 sts per 10cm/ 4” in garter stitch

With MC and A held together CO 65 sts
S1 purlwise (leave yarn in back for first row only) K2tog, K to last st, M1, K1.

Bias stitch pattern:
Row 1: S1, K to end
Row 2: S1, K2tog, K to last st M1, K1

Repeat these 2 rows till first contrast colour runs out, aprox 28cm/11” measured along the selvedge on its diagonal. Make sure your last row is a Row 1.
Begin knitting with MC and B together in bias stitch pattern beginning with Row 2. Continue for another 28cm/11”
Repeat with MC and C, and then with MC and D.
Four colour sections knit!

Note: Both sides of the garter stitch look the same. You may find it helpful to place a marker on one side of your knit fabric to indicate the row where you make your increases and decreases.

Finishing: BO
Weave in ends, and block if desired

MC: Main Colour
CC: Contrast Colour
St(s): stitch(s)
CO: Cast On
BO: Bind Off
K: Knit
K2tog: Knit two stitches together
S1: Slip One. Insert the stitch as if to purl and transfer it from left to right needle, then bring the yarn into the back of the work between the two needles like you just finished a purl and were about to knit the next stitch. All the S1 are made this way except for the first row of the pattern as described.
M1: Make One. An Elizabeth Zimmerman backward loop make one.  See diagram

backward loop 1 abackward loop 2

I'm biased schematic

Print A PDF of the I’m Biased Pattern HEREI'm biased


4 weeks till Christmas

4 weeks till Christmas

We now have 4 weeks of knit time before Christmas, a whole month! Much can be accomplished in a month.  Pick a thicker yarn and a smaller project and you will be done in no time, and ready to do more.  Below are some examples of projects that are knit with worsted weight yarn.

Winston the Walrus by Ashley Yousling

This is an imaginative toy that comes with his own knit cap.  The simplicity in shape of this fine fellow is splendid! Knit this walrus for someone you love and I predict you’ll get heaps of love thrown right back at you. You can purchase this pattern right HERE


O Christmas Tree by Julia Blake

This is not a trendy “ugly” Christmas sweater! The tannenbaum decoration on the front is a simple cable design that is quite subtle. This will be excellent at Christmas time but still very wearable in the chilly months ahead.  Sized 6 months, 12 months, 18 months, 24 months, 4, or 6 years, it might suit someone on your Christmas list. You can purchase this pattern HERE

Christmas Tree sweater

Bike Helmet Earmuffs by Kristin Briney

If you know any bikers who are hard-core enough to brave the winter and hit the streets on their bicycles, than you know someone who could use one of these!  Hats are usually too bulky to fit under helmets and ears get painfully numb when exposed to the chilly elements.  Wonderfully, this pattern is free, you can find it HERE

bike helmet ear warmers

Soft Cotton Knit Dishcloths by The Purl Bee

The Purl Bee is famous for it’s terrific patterns and they offer many of them for free. These dishcloths are no exceptions being both terrific and free to try. Knit with soft Blue Sky Organic Cotton these classic looking dishcloths will no doubt be put to good use by whoever receives them.  The Purl Bee has created many patterns to suit this soft cotton. Check out the Chevron Baby Blanket Pattern, it may be just the thing you are looking to knit for a new addition to your family or extended family. You can find both patterns for free on The Purl Bee, the dishcloths are HERE, the blanket is HERE

chevron blanketdish cloths

Leg Warmer and Sock by Leslie  Scanion

Knit chunky leg warmers or if you have the time make them socks! These look so great with their ribbed and cabled designs.  The pattern comes with sizing that includes child sizes, lady sizes and men sizes too so it is very versatile.  It’s a good time to pick out a thick sock pattern for anyone desiring socks on your list, with a month of knitting time left perhaps you can make two pairs! You can purchase this pattern HERE

leg warmers socks

Crochet Ribbed Beanie by deliacreates

It is wonderful that fabulous looking crochet patterns like this one are becoming more and more available.  This warm looking hat would be so soft crocheted with Manos del Uruguay Maxima yarn, or if you wanted a machine washable alternative Madelinetosh Vintage would be so fetching! The pattern is free, Hooray! Find it HERE

crochet beanie

Crocheted Scarf by dottiangel

There is a nice shell-stitch texture in this crochet scarf.  The blocks of colour make it more fun to hook for the crocheter but this yarn would be lovely in a single colour too! The finished length is 234cm, so it’s a lovely, long one.  Find the pattern HERE for free

dotti crocheted scarf

Crocheted Vest from the vicarnosmama log
This sweet crocheted tee pattern only comes in one size, to fit a baby up to 1 year with the back width measurement of  is 27-28 cm.  The simple top down construction would make it easy to alter for larger sizes, or pick a larger yarn and hook size to increase the size.  I love the rainbow effect in this example! It is another free pattern, find it HERE
crochet vest
This elegant hat has pretty lace stitching.  It also has a matching cowl pattern that you can find HERE.  Both of these patterns are free. The hat has a stocking stitch brim that the designer says will not curl when blocked, it could easily be replaced with a ribbed brim to guard against curling. Find the hat pattern HERE


Easy Peasy Garter Stitch Arm Warmers by The Knit Cafe

This pattern was designed by The Knit Cafe for brand new knitters!  This could be your very first knitting project, or the very first knitting project for someone you know.  We have kits available at the cafe that contain a skein of lovely worsted weight yarn, a set of needles, the pattern for the Easy Peasy Garter Stitch Arm Warmers and an instruction booklet.  It would be a wonderful starter kit for a new knitter, or knitter wanna be. The arm warmers are all knit (no purl) rectangles that are folded and sewn together, just as easy as a first scarf project but much less yarn to buy. You can purchase just the pattern from The Knit Cafe’s Ravelry Store HERE

easy peasy garter stitch mitts

That’s it for the Worsted Weights projects! Come in and check out the new stock of worsted Pure Wool by Rowan.  This is a 100% superwash wool  that comes in 200m balls.  It is excellently priced at $11 each.  We have 30 fantastic colours to try!

Craftily yours

5 Weeks till Christmas

So it’s 5 weeks now before Christmas.  Have you started your gift knitting yet?  If you need a push in that direction here it is.  I need to start a few things myself.  Still lots of time to do something really special for someone who will really appreciate the work. Below are some patterns, good for gift knitting and crocheting that are all for DK or Sport weight yarns.  Yarns like fancy Pashmina from Madelinetosh, or Sweet Georgia DK merino, or terrific old favourites like Cascade 220 Superwash will all be good bets for these projects.

Keaton Slouch Beanie by doverandmadden on etsy

Isn’t this a wonderful design! Once again imagine all the fun you could have mixing colours to make this hat.  Better yet – it is sized small (for a 12 monther) to big (adult).  The designer forewarns that you will have to know how to use double pointed needles and know how to increase and decrease.  This implies that the colour pattern is not fairisle nor stranded so if you are not used to colour work you should have no fear attempting this pattern, as only one colour should be worked at a time each row. You can purchase the pattern on etsy HERE

Keaton Slouch Beanie

Tee by The Knit Cafe

This brand new release from us – The Knit Cafe – is knit with sport weight yarn.  As all things knit for little ones it is a fairly fast knit.  You should be used to reading patterns and know how to increase and decrease and seam to make this wee sweater. The polka dots are added on once the knitting is done with a easy and super-fun technique called duplicate stitch.  We have added a picture tutorial on how to do duplicate stitch on The Knit Cafe’s Blog HERE, so you will have no trouble with it.  You can come in and let us advise you on polka dot colours, picking up some mini skeins for them, and get the pattern too. Or you can also purchase the pattern HERE


Soft Cotton Cardi by Katya Novikova

This cute crocheted baby cardi has a lovely open texture and pretty colour details. It is sized to fit 6-9, 9-12, and 12-24 months. The written pattern has step-by-step instructions and a chart for the yoke. So grab your hook and go to it. You can purchase the pattern HERE

soft cotton cardi

Bea by Andi Satterlund

I like this headband because it has a great retro feel.  This is probably partly due to the DK weight yarn which makes a slimmer headband.  This will make an adorable hair adornment for your friend and a fast knit for you.  You can purchase this pattern HERE

For a chunkier, warmer headband have a look at The Knit Cafe’s free pattern called KNIT 101 HEADBAND.


Hedgehog by Littlecottonrabbit on etsy

You can make this guy any size you like just by switching your yarn and needle size. The instructions suggest DK, Aran or Fingering weight. It also suggests that it would be a terrific project for using up scraps and I agree.  Whether you make it pincushion size for your crafty sister or hugable size for your sweet nephew this would be a great gift. you can purchase this pattern HERE


Sunday Shawl by The Little Bee

All you crocheters can get excited about this one!  It’s a generously sized crochet shawl pattern that allows you to get fun with colour! Have a look at some of the individual projects made from this pattern and you will see how different this shawl can be based on colour choice.  Crocheters know that it is a fast craft so even though it requires 1200 – 1365 m of yarn to complete this project you still have plenty of time to make it for Christmas. You can purchase the pattern HERE

sunday shawl

Ottograph Street by Cello Knit

The button on the top of this hat is like the delicious cherry on top.  It is that kind of terrific, one of a kind detail that really makes a hand knit sing! This hat is worked in rounds and with a simple lace pattern and a twisted rib hem. It is free! Find it HERE

Ottograph Street

Dr Who Scarf by Chris Brimelow

I love it when someone comes into the cafe and wants to choose colours to make an authentic Dr Who scarf.  It is a fun challenge to find just the right hues for this iconic piece of knitwear.  Anyone who is familiar with the series knows that there are a few different versions of this scarf.  The designer says “This is the first scarf worn by Tom Baker for his portrayal of Doctor Who from Robot in season 12 through The Seeds of Doom in season 13, and in scenes from The Masque of Mandragora, The Hand of Fear, and The Deadly Assassin in season 14” so you know what you are getting into.  This is a long, long, long, long scarf but is knit completely in good old garter stitch and any knitter new to the craft or old will have no trouble with it.  If you have any Dr. Who aficionados in your life, I am sure they would greatly appreciate this gifty. The pattern is knit in DK weight yarn and you can find it for free HERE

Dr Who scarf

A New Family Portrait – A Collection of 3 Christmas Stockings by Dorene Delaney Giordano

How about this for a seasonable gift?  This is an advanced knitting project that will require some time to make.  If you are speedy you may be able to get one done for this Christmas.  At any rate, if you fancy hand made stockings for the family, it is a good time to get started.  These stockings have a wonderful classic farm-house feel, and would be such a joy to use year after year.  The pattern includes charts for all letters so that you may spell out the names of your loved ones. You can purchase the pattern as a set of three as there are three different surface patterns on these socks.  Or you can buy each pattern alone.  Find them HERE

Three Christmas Stockings

If all this doesn’t suit you, there is always the ever popular HoneyCowl! This free pattern has two sizes, so you can make it as a one or two skein project. Find it HERE
Craftily yours


504 King West

Thank you all TTC Knitalongers! It was so nice to see faces filled with such knit-enthusiasm last Saturday.  What a great way to launch our summer yarn sale!  Thank you too, to the fine folks who organize the knitalong and brought the joy to all those faces, as well as raising some funds for Sistering. It’s Win, Win!

We had a special gift for the Knitalong groups that came through the Knit Cafe.  Iwona designed a pattern to commemorate the TTC Knitalong 2014.  It’s called 504 King West, after the streetcar route that passes by the Knit Cafe.

We’d now like to pass the pattern along to all commuters (and non commuters too -what the heck!).


504 King West504 King West

This asymmetrical garter stitch scarf, is brought to you by the magic of Koigu Yarn.  Find two 50 gram skeins that strike your fancy and mix in some delectable mini skein in a pleasing pallet and you are ready for even the worst rush-hour blues.

koigukoigu 1

504 King West

 504 King West

A pattern designed for your commute! This asymmetrical neck wrapper is a restful knit meant for sleepy, distracted knitters who like to knit to the rhythm of the metro or the streetcar. Named after the Toronto streetcar route that rumbles by The Knit Café on Roncesvalles Ave, this pattern was originally inspired by the TTC Knitalong. This intrepid group takes over Toronto Transit for an annual knitathon. Amazing!

This garter stitch scarf is shaped with increases and decreases to form a dynamic, obtuse triangular shape. Have fun with the mixing and matching of the colours! Choose two for the body of the scarf and a cute trio of colours for the scarf edge. In our version we took advantage of Koigu Yarn’s sweet, mini skeins, which are 10 metres long each. This is the perfect amount for one stripe in this pattern.

Made with a long circular needle you won’t have to worry about poking the passenger beside you or losing a needle, just throw this project in your bag and climb aboard.

504 king west  knit kit

Materials: Koigu KPM 50 grams (160m/175yds) one of each A 2335, B 2354, and Koigu KPM 10m skeinettes one of each C 2403, D 1113, E 1112.
3.5 mm/#4 circular needle 80cm/32” long

Gauge: 20sts and 52 rows per 10cm/ 4 inches in garter st, or needle to obtain gauge.
Finished Dimensions: 140 cm/ 55 inches long, 27 cm/ 10 inches at widest point

Using A CO 4 sts,

Row 1 (WS): K till 2 sts remain, KFB, K1.

Row 2 (RS): YO, K till 2 sts remain, K2TOG.

Repeat both rows till 96sts on the needle, ending with WS row. Break yarn leaving 25cm tail.

At the beginning of next RS row pick up colour B, SL 1, KFB, K till 2 sts remain, K2TOG.

Continue with rows 1 and 2 till 134 sts, ending with row 2.

Bind off loosely and weave in end.


Facing RS and using colour C pick up and knit 5sts for every 4 garter ridges (about 170sts), along K2TOG edge.

Row 1 (WS): YO, K till 2 sts remain, K2TOG, break yarn leaving 25cm tail.

Row 2 (RS): using colour D, K till 2 sts remain, KFB, K1.

Row 3: same as row 1.

Row 4: using colour E, K till 2 sts remain, KFB, K1.

Bind off loosely and weave in all ends.

504 King West schematic crop

CO: cast on
sts: stitches
WS: wrong side
RS: right side
K: knit
KFB: knit front and back increase
YO: yarn over
K2TOG: knit two together
SL: slip the stitch purlwise


Craftily yours

Polar Bear

Some of you have been very patiently waiting for our Polar Bear Pattern to be ready to share.  Today is the day your patience pays off.

polar bears

This is the full array of polar bears that have been decorating our window this season.

polar bear 4

Each one is a bit different.

polar bear 2

Once you add the eyes and ears and noses they really come into their own.

polar bear 1

The pattern comes with the directions to make a small and larger version of the bear, but you can widen the differential with your yarn and needle choice.

polar bear 3

The bears are so easy and fast to make you could have a whole bunch ready for Christmas.  Small ones would make great ornaments or present toppers, big ones are good for cuddles.
If you feel like you need a helping hand while making your bear – join a class! This 2.5 hour workshop is available Monday December 9th, 10am-12:30pm, or on Thursday December 12, 6:30-9pm.  Call to register 416 533 5648.

these pics came from our new instagram account!

Polar Bear Pattern
by Maurie Todd for The Knit Cafe

This is an easy knit project! The bear is knit in garter stitch (that is knit every row). It is knit flat on regular old straight needles and then seamed up.  Ears and eyes and noses are added once stuffed.  Gauge is not very important for this bear, just make sure you knit tight so that the stuffing won’t show through.  Different sized bears can be made by varying the weight of yarn and the needle size.  If your tension is average, then we suggest that you choose a needle size a half size smaller than the recommended needle size on the yarn label.

Size: Small (Large)

We used 100 grams worsted weight yarn and 3.5mm needles for a bear with finished dimensions of approximately 10 (20) cm from nose to tail.
small amount of black embroidery thread for eyes and nose
row counter (optional)

To Make:
Back Legs: CO 20 (40) sts and knit 10 (20) rows.
Next Row: Bind off the first 5 (10) sts at the beginning of the row, knit across.
Next Row: Bind off the first 5 (10) sts, knit to the end of the row.  10 (20) sts.

Body: Knit 9 (18) rows

Front Legs: Next Row:  CO 5 (10) sts at the beginning of the row and knit across
Next Row: CO 5 (10) sts at the beginning of the row and knit across 20 (40) sts
Knit 10 (20) rows
Next Row: bind off the first 5 (10) sts of the row and knit across
Next Row: bind off the first 5 (10) sts of the row and knit across 10 (20) sts

Start of Head: Knit the next 1 (2) rows
Next Row: K2tog at the beginning and the end of the row 8 (18) sts
Next Row: knit
Repeat these 2 rows until 4 stitches remain
Cast off.

Ears: (make 2)
small : CO 4 stitches, bind off
large: CO 7 stitches.  Knit one row. Bind off.
Both sizes: Fold ear in half and attach to head.

To Make up: see diagram

Seam legs first
Fold A to A and sew around. Repeat with B to B, C to C, D to D. These 4 wee pockets are the legs, Stuff all 4.

Fold bear in half along fold line and sew together. Stuff as you sew.

Attach ears.

French knots work well for eyes. Satin Stitch can be used for the nose.

polar bear diagram2

Click HERE for an Easy to Print PDF

Craftily yours

bear snip