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A new pattern for a new year!

The Knit Cafe’s first pattern for 2015 is Pantoufles.
My pal David once told me that when he was growing up in Quebec it was common for folks to have a basket of slippers by their front doors.  Visitors were strongly encouraged to doff their messy (probably snowy) footwear and put on a warm and comfy pair of pantoufles.  We named this slipper pattern in homage to this tradition.   These slippers are fast and easy to knit up so in no time you could have a basket full.
Knit partly flat and partly in rounds on double pointed needles there is no need to seam up these slippers.  The colour decoration is an easy chevron pattern; a great one to try for knitters new to fairisle techiques. Of course you could omit the colour patterning and have plain knit slippers that are just as cozy.

slippers photo 2


Yarn Berroco Vintage Chunky one of each A 6106, B 6107, C 6121.
Needle 6mm DPN’s and 40cm circular.
Gauge 15sts, 20 rows = 10cm (4”) in stocking stitch, knit flat
Size S, (M, L, XL) to fit US shoe size 5-6, (7-8, 9-10, 11-12)

Leave 30cm tail when making your slipknot. The tail will be used at the end to sew toe seam.
Starting at the toe, using DPN’s, colour A and with cable CO technique CO 12sts spaced out evenly with 3 sts on each of the 4 needles,. Join into round being careful not to twist the CO edge.
Round 1: K
Round 2:
Needle 1 & 3: K till 1 st before end of needle M1, K1
Needle 2 & 4: K1, M1, K to end
Repeat round 2 till 8, (8, 8, 9) sts on each needle 32, (32, 32, 36) sts total.
K 2 rounds even.

Begin fair-isle pattern.
Attach colour B and knit chart 1, once, break colour A.
Attach colour C and knit chart two, 3, (3, 3, 4) times
Knit first 2 rounds of chart 3, break colour B, attach colour A. Knit remaining 2 rounds of chart 3. Break colour C.
Knit one even round with colour A.

fairisle slippers chart

Switch from knitting in rounds to knitting flat as follows.

Using colour A and circular needles, K16, turn to face WS, P32 (end of row). K back and forth in stocking stitch till entire slipper is 22, (24, 25, 27) cm/ 8.5,(9.5, 9 ¾, 10.5)” long, ending with knit row.

Divide sts equally between 2 DPN’s. BO using 3-needle BO technique.

3-needle BO

Hold both needles in left hand with RS facing each other.
Hold a third needle in your right hand, and insert it into 1st stitch on both left hand needles and knit them together. Knit second stitches on both needles in same way. You should have 2 stitches on the right hand needle. BO as you normally would by bringing the first stitch worked over the second and letting it drop off the needle. Continue in this manner till all stitches are bound off. Fasten off and weave in the end.

Sew toe opening using attached tail, weave in loose ends and make second slipper.

K knit
P purl
M1 make one st (Elizabeth Zimmermann’s M1 [backward loop increase], or pick up bar between 2 sts and K TBL
CO cast on
BO bind off
WS wrong side
RS right side
TBL through back loop
DPN double pointed needle

Knitters must know how to knit and purl in rounds on double pointed needles, and bind off with a 3 needle bind off, this technique is described in the pattern. Fair Isle colour knitting and following a colour chart are also necessary skills for knitting this pattern.

Print Friendly PDF HERE

Craftily yours

2 weeks till Christmas

There are 2 weeks till Christmas, but don’t panic! There is still time to get some wonderful knit projects done before the big day.  Big yarn and big needles will make the work go faster.  Below you will find ideas for knittables that use Bulky weight yarn.  You will also find some projects that use Super Bulky yarn.  There are so many wonderful projects that use the biggest of yarns that I couldn’t resist putting a few in this post.  There will be even more Super Bulky projects next week.yeti and sasquatch

Yeti and Sasquatch by Barabara Prime

These guys top my list of things I would most like to knit.  Adorable! Just look at those feet! The pattern comes with instructions for the knitted backpack and beret too.  I will say it again -Adorable! You can purchase this pattern right HERE


Sentiment by Andrea Rangel Knits

The extra bulky yarn makes the lace stitching in this shawl even more obvious so all your hard work will get the attention it deserves.  The sample in the picture is knit with soft Malabrigo Rasta yarn.  We just received a small shipment of this super bulky hand dyed merino.  It would be a great choice for this cuddly shawl as would Brown Sheep Burly Spun which is also back in stock in an abundance of colours.  You can purchase this pattern HERE

Willy the Wiley Fox

Willy the Wiley Fox by Kasia Smolak

This foxy coat will turn any wee one into an adorable wild child.  It fits toddlers 1 year, 2 years, and 3 years old.  Thick yarn will make this project a fast one and also keep the recipient snuggly warm. The instructions include photos and diagrams to help you out.  You can purchase it HERE

woodland fox baby

 Woodland Fox Baby by Kristen Cooper

What! Two fox projects!  It is the animal of the moment after all, everyone seems crazy about this woodland beastie.  This hat will be faster to knit then the full sweater version and an easier project for newer knitters.  The pattern also comes with instructions for making the fox tail.  Think Halloween costume for next year already covered! The hat is only available in one size, 3-12 months.  It is a free pattern right HERE

whipped blanket pattern

Whipped Blankets by Leslie Scanion

You might be shaking your head and wondering why I am suggesting you make a blanket with only two weeks to do so.  I firmly believe that this is not a pie in the sky suggestion.  This blanket can be knit at a fast and furious pace with the aid of bulky or even extra bulky yarn.  The pattern includes instructions for blankets in both weights and also three possible knit textures.  The edges of this lovely, chunky throw are whipped stitched (hence the name). This is where you can add a splash of colour to your blanket and make it extra darn special.  This blanket pattern takes 475 – 594 m which is a pretty small amount of yardage for a blanket and amounts to about 4 skeins of Brown Sheep Burly Spun. You can purchase this pattern right HERE

slipper boots

Slipper Boots by Bernat Design Studio

This free crochet pattern makes really sturdy looking slip on boots. The kind that would go on easy when your eyes are still blurred in the morning and keep your tootsies cozy as you shuffle about in your morning routine.  There are sizes for all ages – shoe sizes 3/4, 5/6, 7/8, 9/10, 11/12.  If you are a crocheter have a look at this free pattern HERE

chickadee cowl

Chickadee Cowl by Kirsten Kapur

A linen-stitch cowl! Linen stitch is a very beautiful stitch pattern that looks almost like weaving. It is particularly lovely in multicoloured yarns but looks tailored and trim in plain colours.  This cowl pattern uses thicker yarn which makes up for the time that is usually required to make this dense stitch.  It is also a close fitting cowl, shorter than your average scarf and thus faster to knit. Good for a gal or a gent, if you make this cowl, please have fun with your colour selection.  It is a free one! Find it HERE

Baylie bear cowl

Baylie Bear Cowl by Heidi May

Last year I showcased this adorable cowl, but now there is a crochet version too.  The original knit pattern can be found HERE.  Crocheters can now make this cute, bear-eared hood and neck warmer for little ones 3/6 months, 6/12 months, 12/18 month, toddler, and older child sizes.  In fact  the sizing goes into adult sizes. Brown Sheep Burly Spun comes in so many bear friendly shades, browns and greys and black, so that would be my first choice for yarn.  You can purchase the crochet pattern HERE

twinkle toque

Twinkle Hat by The Knit Cafe

This hat is knit with a 8mm needle and 2 strands of soft Berroco Flicker held together to make it a chunky and fast knit hat.  You may also notice that the hat is knit side to side (not bottom to top).  It is knit flat and shaped with “short rows”.  This is a great project for knitters who are intimidated by double pointed needles but are itching to make a hat.  Flicker is an incredibly soft alpaca yarn with a small bit of  festive sparkly.  We just got some of this yarn on the shelves and to celebrate it’s arrival we thought we would offer the Twinkle Hat pattern free with purchase.  Sorry this offer is only for in-store purchases.  You can purchase the pattern that includes a picture tutorial on the short row shaping right HERE

Have fun with your gift knitting! Stay tuned for next week and more quick, Super Bulky knit and crochet projects.
Craftily yours

I got sunshine on a cloudy day!

shibui silk cloud

Look at these↑ beauties!  It is Silk Cloud by Shibui, a dreamy blend of silk and mohair, that is fine as lace, and silky soft to the touch.  Knit it up and you will feel that it is light as a cloud!  The colours are radiant and gorgeous!
To celebrate their arrival we thought we would pre-release one of the patterns we have been developing.  Sorry this is only an in store preview, the pattern will be ready for one and all to download soon, but if you are in the Rouncesvalles neighbourhood drop by.  You  can check out the Shibui Silk Cloud and if you fancy it you can get our new “Cloud” pattern free with purchase of the Silk Cloud yarn.

shibui cloud

Here is a teaser.  It is a detail pic of our “Cloud” patten all knit up.
To see it in all it’s glory, you will have to come by the shop.

The “Cloud” pattern will only be free with purchase till the end of the month!

silk cloud

See you soon
Craftily yours


washing instructions included.

Some presents for my Sweetie, that were really for myself!


Do people really get excited about washcloths? Well, I ‘ll tell you straight, if they’re handmade, cotton washcloths they sure do.  Knit or crocheted, I’m not fussy these small sections of cloth that are meant for drudgery improve the quality of my life exponentially.


This wash cloth is made up an easy stitch pattern, with a single crocheted edge. The texture is perfect for scrubbing.

wash cloth

Made from Skinny Cotton by Blue Sky Alpaca, these wash cloths last me years – YEARS!!!

skinny cottonskinny cotton

We just received an order of Blue Sky Cottons –  Look at all the pretty colours ↑

wash cloth

Cotton Wash Cloth

Materials: Skinny Cotton by Blue Sky Alpaca (137 m/150 yds), 2 skeins make 4 wash cloths
3.5mm knitting needles and crochet hook (depending on your tension you may have to change the size of your crochet hook.  I recommend you crochet one side of the wash cloth and see how your crochet stitches fit with your knitting stitches.  If there is some bunching in the wash cloth , you are too tight, so pick a bigger hook. If the crochet stitches fan out and ruffle, then you’re too loose, go for a smaller hook.) I used a 3mm hook.
Finished Dimensions: aprox 20cm square

CO 30 sts

note: you may slip the first stitch of every row, by passing the stitch from the left needle to the right to get an edge that is easy to crochet, but this is optional

Row 1 and 2: (K2, P2) repeat to end
Row 3 and 4: (P2, K2) repeat to end

Repeat these four rows till your wash cloth is square.  I verify this by folding my wash cloth diagonally from corner to corner. If all your edges meet up – it is a square!

With your crochet hook and your contrast colour single crochet along all edges of the washcloth. A picot crochet stitch is also nice here if you’re familiar with it.

Weave in ends, and make more!!

Craftily yours