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Gift Guide 2021

We’ve all been through a lot these last few years. We all deserve treats!
Here are our picks for gifts for crafters of all kinds:

For New Knitters

My First Scarf Kits, My First Hat Kits, and Mini Scarf Kits from Loopy Mango
Knit How – a great beginner book
For beginners who have a tried a few scarves and are looking for their next project: Mohair Beanie Kit

For Experienced Knitters

Accessories from Coco Knits – row counters, stitch holders, tape measures, stitch markers, accessory rolls, mesh bags
These Adjustable Sock Blockers will be just the right treat for some knitters out there. The whole collection of knitting and mending notions from Katrinkles is worth checking out for gift ideas.

For Rug Hookers and Punch Needlers

Check out the Rug Hooking and Punch Needle section of our shop for Rug Hooking Kits, Punch Needles, Monk’s Cloth, Hooking Frames, and Rug Wools.

For Macramers

Kits for Plant Hangers, and Rainbow Wall Art, Recycled Cotton Macrame Cord and Acceessories

For Felters

Needle Felting Kits from Felted Sky

For Weavers

A Beginner Weaving Kit, Tapestry Looms of all shapes and sizes, Tapestry Warping Cotton and other goodies from our Weaving Section of the shop.

For Menders and Needle Crafters

Hand dyed Embroidery Wool and Beginner Embroidery Kits from Lichen and Lace. Also mending supplies, like Darning Threads and Eggs and other pretty and useful things from our Needle Craft section of the shop.

For The Kids

Many of the kits we’ve mentioned will be great for kids – depending on their age and interests. Also check out these knitting dolls, pompom makers, Mini Scarf Kits.

Brand New – and gift ready!

Hand Block Printing Kits from Kate Austin!

Happy Holidays!

Last Minute Gifts for all the Crafty Folks on your list.

Time is short, but you won’t even have to leave your house to get these:

Call us at 416 533 5648, or email us at theknitcafe@hotmail.com, and we can arrange a gift certificate for you in any amount. We will send you the gift certificate by email and then you can print it off and wrap it up with a big bow. Presto! Present!

You have till December 23 to register someone for The Knit Cafe’s Yarn Club Holiday Edition Subscription. This is a present that will keep on giving, good for any intermediate level knitting enthusiast you might know and love. The subscription includes three packages sent (or picked  up) over a 6 month period. Each package will include an original knitting pattern from The Knit Café and a gorgeous yarn that is picked to suit the pattern. Yarns will be sublime, chosen from Canadian and International Hand Dyers. This is a really unique gift. Find out more HERE.

Craftily yours

Gifts For New Knitters!

Do you know someone who has just picked up knitting and is feeling the joy? Here are some things that will spur them on to even greater heights of craft-mania! Also, some gift ideas for the knit-curious with no experience as of yet.

Gizmos and bobbles, all of them useful!
1. Some call it a corker, others a French knitter. Either way it is a basic tool to make a knitted string and often the first knitting experience for a tiny tot (not yet needle age). $11
2. Needle Keepers for double pointed needles.  This doo-hicky keeps the double pointed needles organized whether you have a project on them or not. They come in two sizes, one for short, and one for long double pointed needles. $7.75
3. A knitting needle gauge to measure your needles when you’re just not sure what size they are. $7.50
4. Eucalan is for washing woollies. No rinse, so half the work! Shown here is a trial size 100ml for $5, also available in 500ml for $13. Different scents and unscented are available.
5. “made with love” labels that you can sew on to all your hand made gifts. They are made in Canada from ultra suede and come in two colours. $1.75 each
6. Buttons by Katrinkles. Hand made from bamboo. Elegant round buttons, set of 4 for $10.25.
7.  Hedgehog shaped buttons by Katrinkles, 4 buttons for $15. 50
Other styles of buttons are available. Come and see!

KNIT KITS for Beginners
and Absolute Beginners

The Knit Café has put together a bunch of bundles complete with pattern and yarn and all the fixins. Here are some geared to new knitters!

Knit Critter Knit Kit
This is a project for knitters who know how to knit and purl, but no other experience is necessary. Instructions encourage the knitter to make up their own knit critter by changing up ears and tails and other embellishments, so you can make the bunny or the bear (shown) or any critter your imagination can conceive.
Kit Contains: 2 colours of Berroco Vintage of your choosing, a Knit Critter Pattern, a set of safety eyes, and polyfil for stuffing for $25 , add needles $38

First Scarf Knit Kit
This is an absolute beginner kit. If you are giving this package to a brand new knitter you can add on The Knit Cafe’s “Knitter’s Crash Course” booklet which describes the basic stitches involved.  this is an easy, plain stitch scarf with a colour-mix-bundle for making the fringe. The pattern includes instructions for adding on the fringe.
Kit Contains: 2 skeins Berroco Vinatge Chunky, you choose the colour,  a bundle of fringe colours, different assortments are available, a First Scarf Pattern, and a Knitter’s Crash Course booklet (optional) for $28 , add on needles for $41

Dawson City Toque Knit Kit
This hat pattern was designed with absolute beginners in mind. It is knit flat and then seamed up with a really chunky yarn which is knit double for a really warm hat. Pattern includes instructions on how to make the cute pompom too!
Kit Contains: One skein Brown Sheep Burly Spun yarn, you choose the colour, and the Dawson City Toque Pattern, and a Knitter’s Crash Course Booklet (optional) for $28 , add needles $46.50

Last Minute Cowl Knit Kit
Another one for absolute beginner knitters. No experience necessary! Really fat yarn and needles make this project go fast and makes knitting seem like a breeze.
Kit Contains: One skein Brown Sheep Burly Spun yarn you choose the colour, and the Last Minute Cowl Pattern, and a Knitter’s Crash Course Booklet (optional) for $28 , add needles $43

Knit 101 Headband Knit Kit
Another one for newbies! This project is knit flat with just knit stitches and then seamed up. There is a twist added to the middle of the headband to make the pretty shape but the pattern explains how to do this and includes pictures you can follow along with.
Kit Contains: One ball of Andes by Drops  you choose the colour, A Knit 101 Headband Pattern, a double pointed needle so as to make the twist, and  a Knitter’s Crash Course Booklet (optional) for $10 , add needles $25

Easy Peasy Arm Warmer Knit Kit
Absolute Beginners can make these too! Knit back and forth with plain knit and then seamed up and voila!- arm warmers. It’s as easy as a scarf. We’ve paired this project with beautiful hand dyed yarn from Lichen and Lace to make it really special but there are other options- just ask!
Kit Contains: One skein Lichen and Lace Worsted Merino, pattern for Easy Peasy Arm Warmers, and a Knitter’s Crash Course Booklet (optional) for $28 , add needles $41

Magical Striped Scarf Knit Kit
This one is for new knitters who have learned both the knit and the purl stitch already. Once you know these basic stitches this scarf should be simple to make. The yarn does all the work. Two different colours of a colour-changing yarn is striped and magically a myriad of colours appear. This is a really fun project!
Kit Contains: two balls Noro Kureopatora in colours of your choice, and a Magical Striped Scarf Pattern for $40 , add needles $53

If you would like to make your Knit Kit really special get it packed up in a hand printed project bag from Kate Austin Designs.  Shown here: draw string bag $20 and tote $40

New Knitters also need yarn. Make it chunky please! For a splurge try this yarn which is brand new in the shop. It is Tundra from The Fibre Company; a decadent blend of merino, alpaca, and silk; so very soft and cozy! It would make a gorgeous hat. If you know someone who has attended The Knit Cafe’s Knit 101 Class this yarn will work perfectly for the hat project we make in that class. One skein will do it – $32 each.

If none of that seems quite right, let the fledgling knitter pick out their own supplies and get a Knit Café Gift Certificate!

Craftily yours

Gifts For The Knitter Who Has Everything

Let’s face it, some people are hard to shop for. Even folks who are really into their hobbies, they eventually have every gadget known to man,  but I bet your bottom dollar a knitter you know does not yet have some of these cute and useful knitter’s notions and tools.

  1. Honeycomb stitch markers with bee row minder, package of 7, $8
  2. Hedgehog Needle Gauge, hand made from sustainable bamboo, $18
  3. Whale Needle Gauge, $18
  4. Fox Needle Gauge, $18
  5. Sheep Stitch Marker Set, a beautiful tin with 5 circular stitch markers and a darning needle, handmade in Canada, $23
  6. Brass Cat Stitch Marker Set, with 8 stitch markers shaped like kitty cats, and a darning needle. Also comes in silver. $23
  7. Wee scissors, flower shaped or stork shaped in all different colours, made in Canada $18
  8. Pretty Bird Tin with 8 flower stitch markers, $23

These Needle Cases will hold straight, and double pointed needles and crochet hooks too. There is a pocket for all your other knit necessities. Available in grey denim with gingham lining, or blue denim with striped lining. These cases are beautifully hand sewn in Canada by Jesabelle B. $70 each

Lykke Needles are made in Norway from driftwood, need I say more?
The wood is polished and stitches slide beautifully, the cord is very pliable and the connections are very good. Needles come all organized in a beautiful case too!
We have two interchangeable sets. The small set comes with 9 short tips sized 3.25-6.5mm, with two 40cm, and one of each of 50cm, and 60cm cords. $155
The large set has twelve longer tips sized 3.5-12mm, with two 60cm, two 80cm and one 100cm cord.  $173
Both sets come connectors, keys and stoppers.

Shawl Pins by Jul

  1. Classic Waves, Rosewood Shawl Pin $21
  2. Alhambra Lace Pin, White Brass, $42
  3. Mod Leather Shawl Pin, $34
  4. Merino Ewe Shawl Stick, White Brass, $29

  1. Aitken and Hyde, yarn bowls, hand made locally $45
  2. Eucalan Wool Wash, no rinse! 100ml $5, 500ml $13
  3. Woolens Pattern Book with patterns by Jared Flood from Brooklyn Tweed. This book has beautiful patterns for knit accessories made with Brooklyn Tweed Yarns which are also available at The Knit Café. The Woolens Book  is $39
  4. Project Bags by Kate Austin Designs. These fabrics are designed by local artist Kate Austin, they are block-printed by hand on soft organic cotton. There are so many beautiful prints to choose from and many sizes to hold any size project. Shown here:
    Draw String Project Bag $20, Tote $45

If that wasn’t enough, there is always yarn. The Knit Café has a fabulous selection of hand dyed yarns right now. Most of it is created right here in Canada. Just this week we received these gorgeous skeins of bulky merino by Lichen and Lace from New Brunswick.
Top, left to right: Amber, Rosewood, Faded Rose, Orchid, Pressed Flowers
Bottom, left to right: Evergreen, Teal Tide, Pewter, Calm Water, Blue Lagoon, Wildflowers, $28 each

Also newly arrived are these lovely skeins from Zen Yarn Garden, a dyer from Sarnia Ontario. This sock weight yarn might be the softest I have ever worked with!
Top, left to right: Arabia, Botanical, Mermaid, Notebook, Carcross Summer 1989
Middle, left to right: Tiffany, Dish of Pears, Notting Hill, Annie, Amadeus
Bottom, left to right: Aladdin, Into The Woods, Camelot, Matrix, Ted, $24 each

Give the gift of MORE KNITTING with The Knit Cafe’s Yarn Club Holiday Edition. This is a subscription lasting six months with three packages. Each package contains an original Knit Café Pattern and beautiful yarn to match. $100 plus shipping.
Read all the details HERE

If none of that is quite right for the knitter in your life there are always


Call: 416 533 5648, or write us: theknitcafe@hotmail.com, and we can send a gift certificate through email!

Craftily yours

What Knitters Want For Christmas

We have lovely gifties here for all the knitters on your list or for when you pass on your wish list to family and friends. There are stocking stuffers and splurges and in-betweens! Here a few!

firefly tins with stitch markers

JUST IN! These adorable sliding tins are just the right size to house stitch markers. The tins and the seamless stitch markers are made in Canada! Each box contains 10 markers and costs $18.


Check out these larger sized tins. They have magnetic bottoms so stitch markers and darning needles stay put. What cat lover could resist these stitch markers with kitty ears? All of it is packed in a cute pouch for $22.


Or if you are more a sheep person. There is a slider tin for that too!

kemscott scissors

These gorgeous scissors are also Canadian made. Both the flower power style and the stork scissors are $17.


HiyaHiya interchangeable sets take care of all your knitting needle woes. Cords in various lengths can be matches with tips of various sizes, kept all together in one handy pouch. Choose from bamboo or steel tips. $112


These needle cases are designed and sewn right here in Canada. Are you sensing a theme here? Two different colours are available but we at down to one style now which holds all your double pointed, circular needles and/or crochet hooks.  There is a secret pocket to keep all your knit notions. They fold up into a beautiful and compact purse. We love them. $69

knit bags

This project bag is great for keeping your projects separate and transportable. Only $8. The Knit Café tote will hold a bigger project $12.


Eucalan! This Canadian made wool wash is also nice for other delicate washables. It take out a step – there is no need to rinse, so washing your woollies is faster and easier. There are 5 different fragrances that come in this 100ml size for $5. We also have little one wash pouches, which are excellent stocking stuffers, only $1.

turtlepurllichen and lacejulie asselin

Knitters will also want some of these gorgeous hand dyed yarns. Beautiful, and (wait for it) made in Canada! On the top is Turtlepurl’s self striping yarns, in the middle is Lichen and Lace’s lovely, merino, worsted weight, on the bottom is Julie Asselin’s Picolo  – gorgeous, fingering weight yarn.
For budding weavers we have tapestry loom kits complete
with step by step instructions. $50

For needle-felters we sell fleece bundles in small sizes to mix and match in any colour combination. Felting needles are available too. For inspiration check out the Sheep Ornaments we have been making for our Christmas window. One new sheep appears everyday till Christmas. You can follow our sheep on Instagram HERE

needle felting fleecesheep-knitting

Knitters and Crocheters also want


Get them in the shop or email us and we can email you your gift certificates. theknitcafe@hotmail.com

Craftily yours

What Knitters and Crocheters want for Christmas

Do you have a knitter to shop for?  Are you a knitter or crocheter who has a few empty spots on  your Christmas wish list?   Here is a short list of items we think would make any knitter and/or crocheter one happy crafter!

interchangable needle sets

Interchangable needle sets! Yes please! These are circular knitting needles sets that come with different cord lengths and a variety of needle tip sizes that you can mix and match.  You may never need to buy another needle with some of these. We have two brands in stock.  The luxury liner of knitting needles Addi Turbo has stainless steel tips with superior joins and cords, sizes in the sets range from 3.5-10mm. We also have some lace tip sets too.  The turbo needles come in a sleek vinyl case. The whole set comes to $195

HiyaHiya interchangable needle sets are available in either bamboo or steel tips. You can buy the larger set which has sizes 5.5-10mm or the smaller set which has sizes 2.75-5mm. The HiyaHiyas have an attractive silky case. Each size costs $90.

crochet hooks

Crocheters can keep all their hooks handy and organized too, in this bright pink carrying case.  The colour coded hooks make finding a size a snap! The set which includes hook sizes 2.25-6mm is $100.
For crocheters who need a hook that is a little bit easier on the hands (and who doesn’t really) we have some hook with soft grips that making crocheting even more fun! The soft touch crochet hooks are sold separately and are $8.50 each.

project bag and turtlepurl

Pretty Project Bags by Blue Sky Alpaca have lovely printed designs.  Choose from 6 different bird motifs in 6 different colours, for just $7.50 each.  To make the knitter in your life extra happy fill the project bag with yarns from Turtlepurl.   This yarn knits in a delightful stripe pattern.  We have worsted weight for hats and mittens and scarves and such, and fingering weight skeins that come bundled in sets of two so you can make matching socks.  See some of the lovely colour choices HERE and HERE.  Turtlepurl worsted is $30 a skein and Striped Turtletoes for socks is $28 for two 50g skeins.

kate austin bags

Look at these fancy bags for all your bits and pieces!  They are the perfect length for double pointed knitting needles, plus they’ll fit your scissors and stitch markers, row counters and cable needles (if you need any of these gadgets we have them too!). The patterns on the bags are the original designs of our very own Kate Austin, sturdily made here in Canada for only $15.

knit cafe knit kits

scarfeasy peasy mittens







Learn to knit kits by The Knit Cafe are here! They contain our very own booklet that describes the basic skills needed to knit a simple project.  You can choose either a scarf pattern or an arm warmer pattern and yarn and needles to go along with it. In short – everything a new knitter will need to get them started. The price will vary with the project and the yarn choice. If you were thinking of teaching someone to knit over the holidays this would be a terrific starter kit!

knitter's crash coursecrochet books

You can also purchase the Knit Cafe’s learn to knit booklet called “Knitter’s Crash Course” on its own for only $6.50. The booklet contains instructions for casting on, binding off, the knit stitch, weaving in ends and seaming.
For crocheters or crocheter wannabes we have a few really good learn to crochet books in shop. Both have lovely pics, clear instructions and inspiring projects.

023shawl pin

If you need some stocking stuffers – look no further then Eucalan. Even if you are not a knitter, but especially if you are, you will want a little Eucalan for Christmas.  This gentle soap is terrific for washing hand knits but also for anything that needs extra care.  It comes in delightful scented or non scented varieties and two sizes, 100ml for $5 and 500ml for $13.
A shawl pin would also fit nicely in a stocking.  This one is hand made in Nova Scotia by River John, and is only $12.

needle felting

Exciting news for Needle Felters – we just got in a great big shipment of colourful fleece perfect for this craft.  We now have 35 colours! Sold in 15 gram bits for $2.75 each you can pick and choose your favourite colour palet.  Of course we have needle felting needles too, and this great “how to” book by Ashford.  Soon you will be crafting your own tree ornaments!


Knitters also want gorgeous pattern books by independent knit designers.  Books like this one called “Madder Anthology” by Carrie Bostick Hoge.  It is delicious to look at and has wonderful knitted garments to dream about stitching.  We also have lovely pattern books from Hannah Fettig also known as Knitbot and Alana Dakos too.  They just came in today!!!

 One more thing that Knitters and Crocheters want:

Gift Certificates from The Knit Cafe

We can send one to you in an email too, just get in touch by writing to: theknitcafe@hotmail.com
or call 416 533 5648

Craftily yours