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Knitting Harry Potter

All is buzzing that buzzes about the Harry Potter movie that is fast approaching its launch date is July 15th – in case you hadn’t heard.
I am willing to bet that you couldn’t swing a cat at a Harry Potter movie without hitting a knitter (not that you would do that).  The online knit world is replete with Harry Potter inspired patterns and projects.
There is the classic Harry Potter Scarf.  Gryffindor: red and gold
Ravenclaw: Bronze and Blue
Hufflepuff: Yellow and Black
Slytherin: Green and Silver
Choose your allegiance and find the pattern for this scarf here

Dedicated film goers have invested concentrated attention to the knitwear worn by Harry Potter and his comrads.  Hermione in particular has been a person of interest inspiring designs that go beyond striped scarves.
There are a few versions of there colourful fingerless mitts to be found.  The ones shown are my favorite.  Find them here.

Hermione’s Hat is another popular pick.  There are a few versions but you can find one here.  Shown beside it is MadelineTosh Pashmina in Tern, and a brand new colour of Cascade 220, colour # 9559.  Both would be  good choices for an authentic match.  Although not represented in the film there is a matching mitten pattern that can be found here.
Badger Socks!  I love these.  The badger is of course Hufflepuff’s mascot, and as you might guess there are also similar sock designs for the other houses.  Find the Hufflepuff socks here. The rest of the sock patterns can be retrieved from Ann Kingstone’s Ravelry page .

Some of our very talented Knit Cafe crew have been making their own creations in preparation for the new film’s premier.  This terrific pom-pommed cap in Gryffindor colours is by Robbie Eddison. Take note of the Hufflepuff scarf in the background, also by Robbie.

 The hat reads L O N G B O T T O M.

No doubt , the new film will bring with in a whirlwind of knit activity and I for one can’t wait.
Craftily Yours