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Selling Out!

moving sale
We’re making moves on the big move – that is – we’re starting to get our act in gear to make it all happen.  First comes the big purge.
We’re selling off knit-goods from times gone by. Sweaters and scarves and mittens and things are all on sale along with knit cupcakes and furry friends. There are knit sculptures too fom past art exhibits.  Boy – are they hard to part with!

sample sale

Although we just opened the doors to our sale yesterday, they seem to have been flood gates. Much has left the premises. but still some goodies remain.  I suggest you get here quick if you’d like a crack at it.

Look out for our “Garage Sale” which will be coming soon.

April is our last month here on Queen Street. We will be closing on April 27th until we open at our new locale on Roncesvalles Avenue on May 1rst if all goes to plan.

Make sure you drop by here before then to get your hands on all the Knit Cafe treasures we don’t want to move.

Craftily yours

PS. We got 2 boxes of Madelinetosh this week and are still waiting on 2 more!


the signs say we’re moving!

At least the sign in our window says “we’re moving!”. Below is a pic of our current Knit Cafe window. It makes me a bit sad that this is the last window I will design and dress at this location.  Over the last 10 years this has been one of my most satisfying projects.  No doubt more fantastic opportunities are to come at our new Roncesvalles location, but for now I thought I would just take a trip down memory lane and share some photos of windows-past.  Unfortunately it is pretty tricky to take a picture through a pane of glass so some of the photos are not nearly as special as the knit-displays were.  Also unfortunate is that I do not have pictures of many of our displays, including my first knit-art windows that featured my anatomical hearts.  If you have some photos of Knit Cafe windows you would like to share – please do get in touch!kc window

Beautiful Lace Medallion by Natalie Selles, 2013

natalie's window

Cat with Pom Pom, 2013

poppom window

Clouds made with fleece and a variety of precipitation, 2011

cloud 2

Close-up of same. Photo from Robbie Eddison


Snail Climbing a Felted Peony, 2012

snail 3

Over the years we have welcomed many wonderful guest artists to set up shop for a time in our window gallery.  Here are a few ↓

Felted Lion Head by Keily Stewart


Yarn Tornado by Stacey Sproule

stacey sprouletornado 2
Wool Stick Forest by Barbara Klunder, 2006


Crocheted triangles = Triangle, made by Becky Johnson


This Crocheted Coral Reef was made from discarded plastic bags by a lovely group of ladies, Becky Johnson, Shannon Gerard, Angelune des Laurier and Kalpna Patel. The picture was taken by Angleune Des Lauriers

toxic reef

Shanell Papp’s Crocheted Skeleton.  Shanell was visiting from Alberta for the City of Craft Show 2009.


Part of the City of Craft event from 2011 was this display.  These hand knitted envelopes were made by Dear Toronto.  This was an interactive installation that encouraged folks to write love letters to Toronto and leave them in the fuzzy envelopes.

envelopes 001

One of my favourite windows ever! It was designed by talented Iwona for Gay Pride week.  The photo is Robbie’s.

rainbow bears

Bunting by Jana Reid


…and then there were owls.
It started off innocently enough. Edie Kim crocheted an adorable owl that we all wanted to copy, so I asked our resident knitters to make a bunch and I went about collecting a bushel full of pine cones to go with them.

owls @the knit cafe by Robbie Eddison

and then we dressed some of them up for Halloween! This was our exhibit from Nuit Blanche 2011 called “Tecolote

Robbie NB 4Capture


Followed by the Christmas window of 2013

chritmas owls

For our 2009 Nuit Blanche exhibit the owls went to the circus.  This knitted parasol took many wee owls for a ride.  It was on a motor and turned continually!

cirque 3

More Cirques Des Hiboux from 2009

cirque 5

What is up with this Nuit Blanche thing?  Well, because we are crazy knitter’s – every year since we opened here on Queen Street we have been participating in this all night arts event.  That’s right- we’re up all night knitting and showing off some knit-art.
One of our first exhibits was “The Late Great Pom Pom Exchange”, where about a million art enthusiasts learned how to make Pom Poms.

late great pompom exchnage

Our third year as part of Nuit Blanche we created one of our most popular exhibits ever! It was called “Knit City”.

nb 2001

Then in 2010 there was this crazy concoction – we called it Knit Magic!

Nuit Blanche 2010, 1


This past year we made Salon Des Equreuils – or in other words – fancy, arty squirrels!

nuit blanche 2013

nuit blanche 2013


2012 was “She’s come Undone
It started out like this↓


…and then every hour we unraveled a layer of the doll revealing the knit doll beneath.  At the end of the night this is what was left↓


The very long scarf that is now the feature in our window was made from the yarn that was once these knit-Matroyshkas.

Last but definitely not least – Polar Bears!

polar bears

polar bears

Craftily yours

Big News (Nuit Blanche 2013)

I don’t think I’ll be giving anything away if I show you this ↓

This giganto poster is a sure sign that Nuit Blanche is imminent.
Every year the Knit Cafe puts together an exhibit for this all night, arts event.  Then, we stay up all night and watch how the Nuit Blanche revelers react.  You can read a bit about this year’s installation here, or you can wait to be surprised and just show up the night of. Please come join us for some late night knitting.  Nuit Blanche is a sun set to sun up event this Saturday October 5th.
If you can’t make it for Nuit Blanche – don’t fret, the exhibit will be in the Knit Cafe’s window the entire month of October and of course I will post some pictures here on the blog.

I also wanted to show you this ↓

burly spun

Check out that giganto crochet hook!  It’s 15mm huge! and it’s sparkly and it’s pink! I am so happy to have this hook size to go with our Burly Spun yarn from Brown Sheep Company.  This is by far our favourite extra bulky yarn and now crocheters will be able to enjoy it with the kind of hook that suits it’s girth best.

burly spun balnket

Speaking of Burly Spun, isn’t this ↑ wonderful?
This chunky throw blanket was knit by Lyzbett during our Project Class that just finished today.  Lyzbette worked out the details of this pattern with the help of the wonderful Kate Atherley who was steering the knit-ship, but you can have a go yourself and make this blanket too.  The pattern is a free one and you can find it here.

See ya Saturday!
Craftily yours

Nuit Blanche countdown

Only 2 more sleeps till the night of no sleep.

Get your knitting projects ready for a knitting marathon.  If you so choose you could knit from sundown to sunup this Saturday Oct 1 at the Knit Cafe.  We will be open for an evening of arts and crafts.  It is Nuit Blanche 2011! Our knit art exhibit will be opening at 6:59 pm.  We will be closed for a few hours before hand for set up, so try not to stop by between 5pm and 7pm.
If hands tire over the night you may want to spend some time with these↓
Free! What? 
Yes , free to those who have the chutzpah to sift through the plenty to find  just the right sort of buttons for their project. Thank-you’s go to Kate for donating some of her collected buttons

What is this?

This is what you would see if you wandered into our basement today.  It is the result of a day spent lumbering with power drills and paintbrushes.  It is the shoulders that will bear the weight of our entire Knit Cafe Nuit Blanche extravaganza. Here’s hoping that it remains stalwart and true. It is a long night.

You are cordially invited.

Craftily yours

night owls to take over the knit cafe! read all about it!

Nuit Blanche comes but once a year.  It takes about that long to come up with a project worth doing and then to execute with crafty conviction.
For those who are not familiar: Nuit Blanche is an arts festival that  is celebrated in many cities around the world.  It began in Paris, hence the frenchie name and for the last 5 years Nuit Blanche has been part of the cultural life of Toronto too. This year on Saturday October 1rst the city will be taken over by all manner of artistic endeavors.  The fun doesn’t start till 6:59pm  and won’t end till sunrise (approximately 6:59am) so eat your Wheaties! See the Scotia Bank Nuit Blanche web page for details about the event.  See below for a preview of the Knit Cafe’s plans for the night.
Stitch wizards  have been crafting these little buddies!  They will take center stage for the Knit Cafe’s 2011 Nuit Blanche exhibition called Tecolote (the spanish word for owl).  These night owls were created by a host of talented folks.  In the picture the one on the left was made by Iwona and the one on the right was made by Ray.  Ray’s owl was knit in Noro Silk Garden.  I think I may have let loose a squeal when I saw him for the first time, but can you blame me?  He is going home with Iwona so don’t get any ideas …but I digress.

Ray’s owl and his owl friends will be celebrating the Day of the Dead starting Oct 1 at 6:59pm.  You will have to come by and see exactly how this is done but until then here is another sneak peak into our preparations.
 Mexican Paper Flowers made from bright colours of tissue paper!  Yesterday there was even more paper arts then needle arts at the Knit Cafe.  Many happy flowers were assembled for the big night (this coming Saturday).  Thank you to all who came and helped out!  Cameron was especially helpful as you can see.If you would like to make your own tissue paper flowers, and you might as they would be a great project to do with kids or with kids of all ages, and they would bring joy, joy, joy to any party planners heart!  There are some good tutorials here and here.The Knit Cafe will be open all night long on the night of October 1.  Come join us and see our knit installation; bring your knitting and stay a while.  Coffee and treats will be served all night to boost endurance.  If you are not available to come and see us during Nuit Blanche you will be able to check out Tecolote on your own schedule.  It will be our window display for October into November.

If you would like to know about the Knit Cafe’s Nuit Blanche exhibitions past have a look at Knit City, Cirques des Hiboux and Knit Magic, unfortunately there are no pictures available from our Late Great Pom Pom Event from 2007, but maybe that is really for the best.  Some things are just too fluffy to document.

Till soon
Craftily yours