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it’s the little things

Sometimes it pays to focus on the details.  Things over looked only because they are so familiar can bring you so much joy if you just remember to pay attention.  Take the lowly dish towel for example.

My sister just found a new apartment, and the first thing she did was send me a picture of her pretty tea towels hanging off her new oven door.  You use your dish towels multiple times a day. Yes –  just to wipe your hands on or to dry a dish with, but why should they not be as sweet as can be?

tea towels

That is why I am quite taken with this new project from the Purl Bee.  These linen tea towels with the decorative slip stitch patterns will be extra cushy and therefore more absorbent.   Durable linen is a classic tea towel fibre.
As always the Purl Bee includes detailed instructions on how to knit their patterns, including how to add on the functional i-cord loop that makes the towel easy to hang up to dry.

These tea towels were knit with Euroflax Linen. Here ↓ are all the pretty colours we have in the shop!  Make some towels now for host/hostess presents when you need them, and a few for yourself to make dish drying a little more pleasant.
euroflax linen

How about a Linen Lesson?

If you’re keen – I highly recommend this video

It is not the fast paced animation we modern folk are used to, but if you take the time to see it through  I think you will find it well worth the watching. Especially if you find yourself curious about how a mole and his forest friends make linen from flax and then sew a pair of overalls.  A mole needs pockets- doncha know!


This animated classic is by Zdenek Miler.  You might fall in love with this little mole, even though you may not understand a word he says.  He speaks Czech.

Craftily yours