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A Special Exhibit at The Knit Café starts tomorrow!

Roncesvalles’ Polish Festival is tomorrow, Saturday September 19, and Sunday the 20th, and Iwona and I have made a grand display to celebrate.
Many of you know, those who have been along side us all these many years of Knit Cafeing, that it is this time of year that we are preparing to display a knitted art extravaganza for Nuit Blanche. Since our relocation to Roncesvalles puts us out of the loop for this art event we have decided to put all our artistic energies into  a special display to coincide with the Polish Festival. We do hope you will come and see it.

knitted flowers for Polish Festival

This years display is inspired by Polish Folk Art Flower Motifs found mostly in traditional embroideries. We have made these motifs 3D and squishy! The weather may be getting colder but it is pretty springy  in here.
This picture shows the display from the inside looking out so the word garland in the middle of the display is backwards. It says “witamy” which is the Polish word for welcome.

The display will be up for the month so if you are not around this weekend you will still have a chance to come and see it. The flowers are for sale too if you would like to take one home with you. If you would like to make your own flower then look no further then the Knit Cafe’s↓

Knit Amigurumi  (The Polish Festival Flower Class)
Wednesday September 30, October 7, 7-9pm
see details HERE

The pattern for the flowers will soon be available too!

madelinetosh merino light

Also today, we received some pretty Madelinetosh! What a good day!
Above, you can see the lovely array of Merino Light colours now in stock.

madelinetosh prairie

..and here are some fresh looking skeins of Prairie, Madelinetosh’s single ply lace weight yarn.

They are worth a visit to The Knit Café too.  See you soon.

Craftily yours

Nuit Blanche 2013 at The Knit Cafe

Would you like to see some pics of our latest Nuit Blanche creation?

nuit blanche 2013

This year, we decided to present a squirrel homage.  If you are not from here, you may not know that Torontonians have a rather special relationship with our squirrels.  Perhaps it is because they are some of the only wild creatures we see on a regular basis, but we tend to be rather charmed by them.  The famous white squirrel known to frequent Trinity Bellwoods Park is somewhat of a cherished mascot and a good luck charm. So for this year’s Nuit Blanche Installation we imagined a gallery exhibition devoted to squirrel portraiture.

nuit blanche 2013nuit blanche 2013

We decided to show the different sides of our furry friends by taking on different artistic styles for each portrait.

nuit blanche 2013

Pop Goes The Squirrel by Candy Walnut.

nuit blanche 2013

Self Portrait With Barbed Wire by Freeda Akhorn

nuit blanche 2013

Tete de Ecureuil by Nutso

nuit blanche 2013

Hungry gallery-goers may have left some snacks behind.  Check out these adorable hand stitched acorns made by our helpful knitting friends.  Thanks Aurelie, Darae, Ellen, Heather, Jasmine, Jill, Kate, Kathy, Maurie, Michelle, Robbie,

nuit blanche 2013

Madame Noisette De PomPomAdore by Brun Le Brun

nuit blanche 2013

Kate made these fantastic signs and the hand painted “Salon” signage too!

nuit blanche 2013

Self Portrait by Remy Van Der Acorn

nuit blanche 2013

nuit blanche 2013

Gertie our pig got into the spirit of things too!

Thank you to Maurie and Jeff for helping me to set up the display. Thank you to Kate and Iwona for making beautiful art. Thank you to every one who came and helped to make the night awesome!
Craftily yours

nuit blanche 2013

She’s Come Undone – Nuit Blanche 2012

This is how the night began

At 7:00pm on September 29 we opened our doors to another Nuit Blanche exhibition.  This one (arguably) our most ambitious one to date.

A hand knit doll as big as me sat front and centre in the window.  I am 5 foot 6 inches tall. She has roosters with her.  My research into the beautiful Russian Nesting Dolls showed that the oldest chronicled Matroyshka was adorned with hand painted roosters.
At 9:00, this large lady was unravelled.  Yes – we ripped her to shreds and now she is nothing but balls of yarn on the floor.  It took almost a full hour to disassemble this doll. This is what we found underneath her↓
A buxom white beauty of a doll!
Every time we unravelled a doll we traced the outline of the next doll, and wrote the time she would be unravelled on the chalk board behind.  This chalk outline recounted the tale of dolls past and stood in for their absence.

At 10 o-clock we unravelled the white doll and this is what was hidden inside ↓
At 11pm be unravelled the pink barbapapa doll and this is what came next ↓This doll was a bit shorter so we gave her a pedestal to sit on.  Some of the dolls were unravelled from the floor up, and some were unravelled from theirs heads down.  This one was unravelled from the neck up and from the neck down simutaneously! Iwona took the low road and I took the high road if memory serves me.
At midnight we unravelled her and this is what came next ↓Isn’t she pretty? but not for long!at 1am we unravelled her.  Underneath was this doll ↓  She was industriously knitting herself. When we unravelled her we started with the scarf.I love this picture ↓ with the flashbulb doing it’s work.  You can see the shadows of the small Matroyskas that were also featured in this year’s display.  Have no fear – these small gems lived through the night and are still here to tell the tale.I can not say the same for the Knitting Matroyska though.  At 2am we unravelled her too.  Look what we found↓A doll with two heads!  Well – I never! and never will again. At 3am we deconstructed her too.
If you came by then, this is what you would have seen↑
The next morning looked like this ↓

What a pretty mess!
Thank you to all who helped create the beautiful dolls for the display.  Thank you to all who came and cheered us on while we did our work unravelling our labors.
We couldn’t have hoped for a better White-Night!
Craftily yours
ps. there is video of this event on the way, stay tuned.

the weather report

The big headline for today’s blog is as follows:
Prairie is a one ply lace weight merino yarn that we are extra fond of.  Several folks have already chosen colours to start a French Nautical Striped Scarf.  There may not be enough time before Christmas to finish this project but what a great thing to be working on through the holiday while you sit and catch up with all the friends and relations.  This is an easy going project so you can concentrate on the conversing and the shortbread and not your knitting.In more news: FIRST SNOWFALL HITS TORONTO! Here is the proof↓Lastly – some follow up on a story we’ve been following.
Bones and Bluster , my art show of knitted goods will be closing in a weeks time.  I would like to take this opportunity to thanks some folks because the truth is that it takes a community to put on an art show and my community is the best!
Thanks go to:
Kate- for making the best card for the show, what a fantastic designer and a patient lady.
Iwona – for making what must have seemed like a million little felt balls
James- for helping me hang the show and doing such a good job of promoting it
Duncan at The Lettering Shop– for being so helpful and providing me with the vinyl to make the sign.  If anyone needs a sign -this is the best spot to go in TO.
Mark – for making it all happen
Christine- for EVERYTHING! most especially helping me bend wires and balance things and sticking vinyl on the windows and giving your two cents.  It was perfect!
To my family for being so excited for me,
and my Sweetheart for putting up with my artistic temperament
To ALL who came and supported and there are a lot of you. Thank you so much!!

The show will be open through the end of Sunday December 4

Bones and Bluster
by Kristin Ledgett
November 18-December 4, 2011
@ Communication Art Gallery
Monday-Sunday 12-8pm
209 Harbord St. Toronto

More pictures after the jump and a review of the show here
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