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otto’s pullover

Since it is the selfish season, I put needles to work on this project.
My ottoman was sadly stained and well…sad.  It needed a sweater.

Project Notes:
Made with Cascade Ecological and a tight gauge (4.5mm)
I started at the middle of the top working outward in rounds with 4 double increases every other round to make the square top.  Cast off with a crochet bind off for stretchiness. Then, when I picked up stitches to make the sides, I picked up looking at the wrong side so the seam wound have it’s bulk on the outside.  I hoped this would make it a better fit and it seams (hee, hee) to have done the trick.

I picked up the stitches for each side separately so that I wouldn’t have to work so much heft all at once.  Also, I had a plan.  I would seam all the sides together with crocheted seaming (the bulk to the outside). The sides were worked on a knit 3, purl 1 rib.

I didn’t have enough of all the same colour.  I was trying to make the good-use of the left-overs – hence the stripes. I’m still not sure about the gold on the bottom and have not woven in my ends in case I change my mind one day.
What do you think? Rainbow striped bottom? Hot pink?

The bind off on the bottom of the rib was also a stretchy one.  Seamed together with crochet using the yarn colour from the top and Voila!!

Craftily Yours