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The big headline for today’s blog is as follows:
Prairie is a one ply lace weight merino yarn that we are extra fond of.  Several folks have already chosen colours to start a French Nautical Striped Scarf.  There may not be enough time before Christmas to finish this project but what a great thing to be working on through the holiday while you sit and catch up with all the friends and relations.  This is an easy going project so you can concentrate on the conversing and the shortbread and not your knitting.In more news: FIRST SNOWFALL HITS TORONTO! Here is the proof↓Lastly – some follow up on a story we’ve been following.
Bones and Bluster , my art show of knitted goods will be closing in a weeks time.  I would like to take this opportunity to thanks some folks because the truth is that it takes a community to put on an art show and my community is the best!
Thanks go to:
Kate- for making the best card for the show, what a fantastic designer and a patient lady.
Iwona – for making what must have seemed like a million little felt balls
James- for helping me hang the show and doing such a good job of promoting it
Duncan at The Lettering Shop– for being so helpful and providing me with the vinyl to make the sign.  If anyone needs a sign -this is the best spot to go in TO.
Mark – for making it all happen
Christine- for EVERYTHING! most especially helping me bend wires and balance things and sticking vinyl on the windows and giving your two cents.  It was perfect!
To my family for being so excited for me,
and my Sweetheart for putting up with my artistic temperament
To ALL who came and supported and there are a lot of you. Thank you so much!!

The show will be open through the end of Sunday December 4

Bones and Bluster
by Kristin Ledgett
November 18-December 4, 2011
@ Communication Art Gallery
Monday-Sunday 12-8pm
209 Harbord St. Toronto

More pictures after the jump and a review of the show here
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knitted art?

Sometimes people ask me what I’m knitting.  This shouldn’t be a hard question to answer, but for me – well lets just say it gives me pause.
I knit all manner of strange things.  Sometimes they have names, so sometimes I can say things like “oh yes, today I am knitting an anatomical heart“, but sometimes they don’t.
On Friday some of these strange and nameless knit accomplishments will be on display in a gallery in Toronto.   It is the result of almost a year of needling and tinkering, with hooks and needles and yarn and fleece and even some wire.  Perhaps you will come down and have a look for yourself and then maybe you will understand when I am stymied by so simple a question, “what are you knitting these days?”.

The show is called “Bones and Bluster”.  Here are the details:

Bones and Bluster
by Kristin Ledgett
November 18-December 3, 2011
Opening reception November 18, 7-10pm
@ Communication Art Gallery
Monday-Sunday 12-8pm
209 Harbord St. Toronto

Craftily yours