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The making of a new Knit Cafe

When The Knit Cafe began its journey 19 years ago we never would have thought that we would be shuffled off from place to place. From Queen Street to Roncesvalles and now to Dundas Street West – we do hope that we have now found our forever home.

When folks ask about our new location, they ask first “is it bigger?”. The answer is – Yes it is – and although that was not the reason for our move we are happy to have some more elbow room. Space for classes and gatherings.

You could say our new space needed a little bit of coaxing to get it ready, or you could call it a heavy duty reno! Here are some early pics – taking down the ceiling – putting in back up again – rewiring – choosing the new floor….

…and now the “after” photos….

We have such a bright clean spot, with lots of light – natural and otherwise. You will recognize The Knit Cafe’s signature cube shaped shelving and pegboard-love! Also our ball winder station has a bit of the original countertop from the Queen Street location. Our sales counter is a rebuild from our Roncey mini-counter. We are so glad we could repurpose so many elements – keep all those memories intact and also waste less.

Our decorative splurge was the wallpaper. Both Iwona and I are crazy about wallpaper and I have had a crush on this pattern for about a decade. It was designed by Swede Joseph Frank in the 1920’s. It was pretty stressful pasting it to the wall, but also fun!

…and there you have it. A practically finished Knit Cafe. We still have lots of details to add, and the search begins for a second table so we can host more classes.
We hope you can come by and see it soon, but if not – thanks for taking this pictorial tour!

Many thanks to the  Commercial Space Rehabilitation Grant Program for their help on this project.

Craftily yours