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Start Your Fall Knit-Dreaming Now

We’ve been busy here at The Knit Café. Busy – designing patterns, busy – getting out the class schedule which is now ready for your inspection HERE, and busy – stocking up on delicious yarn so we will be all ready for the Fall Knitting Season. It’s coming!

brooklyn tweed shelter

We are stuffed to the gills with Brooklyn Tweed thanks to a nice big order that came in over the last few weeks. Both Loft (fingering) and Shelter (worsted) are resplendent in the shop and fully stocked in the webshop.
Our new batch of Shelter includes Brooklyn Tweed’s new marled colours. They are pictured above.

Madelinetosh chunky

We also received an order of Madelinetosh. Hooray! See above all the pretty colours of Madelinetosh Chunky; many of which were chosen from Madelinetosh’s Fall Seasonal Colours 2016.

Madelinetosh Prairie

We also received lace weight from Madelinetosh – Prairie.

shibui silk cloud

and Silk Cloud from Shibui.

Mix these two beauties together and what do you get? Sashiko!sashiko

This amazing shawl designed by Iwona really shows off what Prairie and Silk Cloud can do when they are combined. Make up your own colour combinations or knit it up in the original colour pallet. Check out the Sashiko pattern HERE.

Are you excited about Fall knitting yet?

Craftily yours


What’s Up With Madelinetosh?

Why is it so talked about? So pined for? So worth the wait? Because you always have to wait a bit for this yarn.  The answer to these questions are below in picture form.  For more evidence come into the cafe and give the yarn a squeeze.  For further research on the subject – take some home and knit or crochet with it, but don’t do this if you do not want to join ranks with the Madelinetosh addicts!

We just received an enormous shipment containing:
Pashmina (sport weight) 75% merino, 15% silk, 10% cashmere, 329m, $37
Vintage (worsted weight) 100% superwash merino, 182m, $24.50
Chunky (aran weight) 100% superwash merino, 151m, $24.50
ASAP (extra bulky weight) 100% superwash merino, 82m, $24.50

pashmina Madelinetosh

Colours are order from left top clockwise
Pashmina in Citrus, Sunrose, Tart, Nutmeg, Candlewick, and Leaf.

pashmina Madelinetosh

Pashmina in Georgia O’Keefe, Celadon, Antique Lace, Tern

Vintage Madelinetosh

Vintage in Gilded, Bloomsbury, Maple Leaf, Cousteau

Vintage Madelinetosh

Vintage in Mare, Paper, Ember, Composition Book Grey

Madelinetosh Vintage

Vintage in Fragrant, Scarlet, Smokestack, Coquette, Flashdance.

Madelinetosh Chunky

Chunky in Tern, Jade, Mineral, Betty Draper Blue, Fathom


Chunky in Vintage Sari, William Morris, Calligraphy, Victorian Gothic

Madelinetosh Chunky

Chunky in Citrus, Candlewick and Torchere

Madelinetosh Chunky

Check out these new splattered colours. We love them! This one is  Cosmic Wonder. It’s Chunky weight.

Madelinetosh Chunky

Optic in Chunky

Madelinetosh Chunky

Holi Festival in Chunky

Madelinetosh Chunky

Modern Fair Isle in Chunky

Madelinetosh ASAP

ASAP in Pop Rocks, Courbet’s Green, Coquette, Edison Bulb, Citrus

Madelinetosh ASAP

ASAP in Flashdance, Fig, Cousteau, Leaf

Madelinetosh ASAP

ASAP in Well Water, Silver Fox, Fog. Composition Book Grey, Dirty Panther

Craftily yours

Mad for Madelinetosh!

Since pictures are worth a thousand words, I’ll just shut-up and show you the goods.  Here are the colours of Madelinetosh that have just arrived ↓

Madelinetosh Chunky


Top Left – Jade, Top Right – Candlewick
Bottom Left – Mineral, Bottom Right – Bloomsbury


Top Left – Graphite, Top Right – Vintage Sari
Bottom Left – Tern, Bottom Right – Calligraphy


Top – Betty Draper’s Blue
Bottom Left – Cousteau, Bottom Right – Fog


Top Left – Torchere, Top Right – Pop Rocks
Bottom Left – Citrus, Bottom Right -Button Jar Blue

The long awaited Tosh Vintage


Top – Terrarium
Bottom Left – Cousteau,  Bottom Right – Mare


Top – Oxblood
Bottom Left – Scarlet,  Bottom Right – Weathered Frame


Top – Composition Book Grey
Bottom Left – Fathom,  Bottom Right – Dr Zhivago’s Sky


Top – Gilded
Bottom Left – Citrus,  Bottom Right – Fragrant


Top – Smokestack
Bottom Left -Charcoal,  Bottom Right – Paper

To add to our incredible collection of Tosh DK we have these new recruits (see old recruits here)


Top – Logwood
Bottom Left – Dr Zhivago’s Sky, Bottom Right – Betty Draper’s Blue


Top – Flashdance
Bottom Left – Earl Grey, Bottom Right – Firewood

Madelinetosh Sock

Left – Jasper, Right – Cosmos


Top – Coquette
Bottom Left – Graphite,  Bottom Right – Smokestack


Top – Mala
Bottom Left – Worn Denim, Bottom Right – Winter Wheat

Here are the specs:
Tosh Chunky, 100% Superwash Merino,  14-16sts/10cm, 5.5mm-6mm,
151 metres, $21
Tosh Vintage, 100% Superwash Merino,  18-20sts/10cm, 4.25mm-4.5mm,
182 metres, $21
Tosh DK, 100% Superwash Merino,  20-22sts/10cm, 4.25mm-4.5mm,
206 metres, $23
Tosh Sock, 100% Superwash Merino,  26-30sts/10cm, 2.25mm-2.75mm,
384 metres, $28
We also have some choice picks of Pashmina – 75% merino, 15% silk, 10% cashmere, 22-24sts/10cm, 3.25mm-3.75mm, 329metres, $32.50

So pretty!
Craftily yours

Starting off right! (MT in the KC)

You might not know, but August is the official/unofficial start of knitting season.  Though the weather may be as hot as hot can be, it makes no difference. Thoughts are turning to Fall. New yarns are arriving to fill up the shelves.  Goodies are gathering to be knit-up. We couldn’t of hoped for a better start to the official/unofficial beginning of Fall then a great big shipment of Madelinetosh yarn!!
Everyone’s favourite – Madelinetosh makes beautifully hand dyed yarns that feature excellently bouncy, superwash, merino wool.

There is Tosh DK
206m superwash merino DK, $23


Top left – Butter, top right – Grasshopper,
Bottom left – Luster, bottom right – Worn Denim


Top left – Winter Wheat, top right – Silver Fox
Bottom left – Charcoal, bottom right – Vintage Sari


Top – Dutchess
Bottom left – Oxblood, bottom right – Tart

tosh DK

Top left – Composition Book Grey, top right – Fathom
Bottom left- Clematis, bottom middle – Baltic, bottom right- Gerogia O’Keefe


Top – Tern
Bottom left – Cloak, bottom right – Graphite

There is also a sampling of Madelinetosh Sock Yarn
361m, superwash merino fingering, $28


Top – Graphite
Bottom left – Cosmos, bottom right – Smokestack


Top- Magenta
Bottom left – Espadrilles, bottom right – Edison Bulb

There is Tosh Chunky too!
151m, superwash merino chunky, $21


Top right – Lichen, top left – Betty Draper’s Blue
Bottom Left – Tern, bottom right – Fathom


Top – Victorian Gothic
Bottom left – Opaline, bottom right – Calligraphy


Top left – Graphite, top right – Cove
Bottom left – Mineral, bottom right – Cosmos


Top – Torchere
Bottom left – Edison Bulb, bottom middle – Pop Rocks,
bottom right – Bloomsbury

and there is more… a few colours here and there in various weights to help fill out our colour selections. Look out for some beautiful Prairie lace weight colours, and a smattering of delightful Pashmina, and some additions of Merino Light too.
Another sure sign that Fall is coming: the Knit Cafe’s Fall/Winter Class schedule is almost complete.  Look out for it in the coming days!
Craftily yours