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Last Chance for Yarn Club 2018 Membership

May 17th is the last day to become a member of
The Knit Cafe’s Yarn Club 2018. 

sign up HERE

Yarn Club is a year long subscription where participants receive beautiful yarns accompanied by original Knit Café patterns. The 2018 subscription will include four knit projects delivered or picked up every three months. The first one will be available in June and we are busy preparing for it now. If you would like to get in on the fun. You still have a few days to get your membership. Read all about it HERE.

The last project for our Yarn Club 2017 was made available to all club members in April, and I am happy to say that the pattern is now available to all through The Knit Café Shop or on Ravelry.
The pattern is called Sunprint. It’s a pretty spring shawl. Just enough to wrap your neck and keep the chill off as the weather changes from chilly to warmish. The pattern Sunprint was named after the yarn colour we called Sunprint.

The colour Sunprint was developed in a collaboration between The Knit Café and amazing Madelinetosh Yarns! That’s what we do for our Yarn Club. We choose the best and the brightest of yarn producers and we design a knitting pattern to suit their particular yarn. We also develop a custom colour that becomes only available to The Knit Café Yarn Club Members. So I am sorry to say that if you have fallen in love with this gorgeous colour we call Sunprint this love will go unrequited. Only Yarn Club 2017 members have received this colour and it is no longer available.

Here’s the silver lining. You can get the pattern for the Sunprint shawl and make your own version of this neck draper. We even have some Madelinetosh Merino Light in other gorgeous colours still available in the shop at 55 Roncesvalles.

Come and get it!
Craftily yours


Chunkerific Yarn Update

Some knitters like to maximize their knitting time with fat yarns. To them, I say look no further then Brown Sheep Burly Spun. We adore this yarn for how speedy it is to knit but also how glamorously chunky it looks in simple stitches like garter stitch.
We just got our first shipment (of many no doubt) of this indispensable yarn.

burly spun

This oatmeal colour is the one we picked to knit our sample of The Mondo Cowl.

mondo cowl

We have many other colours of Brown Sheep Burly Spun in the shop to admire, and there are a few available in our webshop too, so even if you live far away you can order some of this yarn to try.

burly spun

More news from the webshop!


Turtlepurl Self Striping Turtletoes yarn is one of our featured yarns this month. You can see all the colours HERE.


With the arrival of Madelinetosh Merino Light we are able to offer some of our favourite colour combinations for the Soho Scarf Knit Kit. You can see them HERE.

Fall is in the air everyone!fall

Craftily yours

A Special Exhibit at The Knit Café starts tomorrow!

Roncesvalles’ Polish Festival is tomorrow, Saturday September 19, and Sunday the 20th, and Iwona and I have made a grand display to celebrate.
Many of you know, those who have been along side us all these many years of Knit Cafeing, that it is this time of year that we are preparing to display a knitted art extravaganza for Nuit Blanche. Since our relocation to Roncesvalles puts us out of the loop for this art event we have decided to put all our artistic energies into  a special display to coincide with the Polish Festival. We do hope you will come and see it.

knitted flowers for Polish Festival

This years display is inspired by Polish Folk Art Flower Motifs found mostly in traditional embroideries. We have made these motifs 3D and squishy! The weather may be getting colder but it is pretty springy  in here.
This picture shows the display from the inside looking out so the word garland in the middle of the display is backwards. It says “witamy” which is the Polish word for welcome.

The display will be up for the month so if you are not around this weekend you will still have a chance to come and see it. The flowers are for sale too if you would like to take one home with you. If you would like to make your own flower then look no further then the Knit Cafe’s↓

Knit Amigurumi  (The Polish Festival Flower Class)
Wednesday September 30, October 7, 7-9pm
see details HERE

The pattern for the flowers will soon be available too!

madelinetosh merino light

Also today, we received some pretty Madelinetosh! What a good day!
Above, you can see the lovely array of Merino Light colours now in stock.

madelinetosh prairie

..and here are some fresh looking skeins of Prairie, Madelinetosh’s single ply lace weight yarn.

They are worth a visit to The Knit Café too.  See you soon.

Craftily yours

I’m Biased – A Free Knit Café Pattern


The Knit Café has a brand new pattern to share with you!

I'm biased

 I’m Biased

I may be biased but I find this scarf really cozy! In construction it is very simple. A wonderfully plain garter stitch gets glamourized when knit on the bias with easy to stitch increases and decreases. The bias fabric has extra drape and is so comfortable to wear. Colour is another essential consideration in this neck garment. One main colour is knit double stranded with several contrasting colours in colour-blocks. The colours are divided so that a bit of each is visible when it is worn wrapped around the neck. A one-ply, fingering weight yarn like Madelinetosh Merino Light won’t allow the scarf to get too heavy despite the doubling up.  Merino Light comes in handy small skeins of 47 meters each, sweetly called “Unicorn Tails”. We made good use of them for this project utilizing two Unicorn Tails for each of the four contrasting colours. This is a great project for a new knitter or a knitter who wants an easy-breezy TV watching project.

I'm biasedI'm biasedI'm biasedyarn for bias

Get all the materials for I’m Biased in a Knit Café Knit Kit HERE

Materials: One skein Madelinetosh Merino Light 384m/ 420 yds for MC, eight Madelinetosh Unicorn Tails (47m/ 52 yds each), two of each CC A, B, C, D.
5mm needles, or to obtain gauge.
Finished Dimensions: Length measured tip to tip 135cm/53”, width 23cm/9”
Gauge: 16 sts per 10cm/ 4” in garter stitch

With MC and A held together CO 65 sts
S1 purlwise (leave yarn in back for first row only) K2tog, K to last st, M1, K1.

Bias stitch pattern:
Row 1: S1, K to end
Row 2: S1, K2tog, K to last st M1, K1

Repeat these 2 rows till first contrast colour runs out, aprox 28cm/11” measured along the selvedge on its diagonal. Make sure your last row is a Row 1.
Begin knitting with MC and B together in bias stitch pattern beginning with Row 2. Continue for another 28cm/11”
Repeat with MC and C, and then with MC and D.
Four colour sections knit!

Note: Both sides of the garter stitch look the same. You may find it helpful to place a marker on one side of your knit fabric to indicate the row where you make your increases and decreases.

Finishing: BO
Weave in ends, and block if desired

MC: Main Colour
CC: Contrast Colour
St(s): stitch(s)
CO: Cast On
BO: Bind Off
K: Knit
K2tog: Knit two stitches together
S1: Slip One. Insert the stitch as if to purl and transfer it from left to right needle, then bring the yarn into the back of the work between the two needles like you just finished a purl and were about to knit the next stitch. All the S1 are made this way except for the first row of the pattern as described.
M1: Make One. An Elizabeth Zimmerman backward loop make one.  See diagram

backward loop 1 abackward loop 2

I'm biased schematic

Print A PDF of the I’m Biased Pattern HEREI'm biased


Cure for rainy day blues – Madelinetosh!

Having a look at all these sunny colours has got to make you feel a bit better on such a glum day. I must say this generous influx of colour is a dramatic contrast to the scene outside. Outside – Rain! Blah!

Inside ↓

madelinetosh sock twist

This glorious specimen is a delightful colourway called Violas, in a brand new yarn from Madelinetosh called Merino Twist Light.  A sock weight yarn blended with nylon for extra strength, it seems natural to make socks from these sweet skeins, but touch it and feel the butter softness and you might change your mind – maybe a spring shawl.

Madelinetosh Twist Light
75% merino superwash, 25% nylon, 384m/420yds
26-30sts per 10cm/4″

madelinetosh sock twistmadelinetosh sock twistmadelinetosh sock twistmadelinetosh sock twistmadelinetosh sock twistmadelinetosh sock twistmadelinetosh sock twistmadelinetosh sock twistmadelinetosh sock twistmadelinetosh sock twistmadelinetosh sock twistmadelinetosh sock twist

top row: pool, cosmic wonder dust, fragrant
2nd row: wicked, tern, firewood
3rd row: holi festival, rhubarb, Edison bulb
bottom row: nebula, optic, Georgia O’Keefe

Also in the house ↓

Madelinetosh Merino Light
100% superwash merino, 384m/420yds
26-30sts per 10cm/4″

madelinetosh merino light

madelinetosh merino lightmadelinetosh merino lightmadelinetosh merino lightmadelinetosh merino lightmadelinetosh merino lightmadelinetosh merino lightmadelinetosh merino lightmadelinetosh merino lightmadelinetosh merino lightmadelinetosh merino light

tippy-top: mandala
top row: vermillion, purple basil, grasshopper
2nd row: candlewick, smokestack, stovepipe
3rd row: weathered frame, Courbet’s green, esoteric
last but not least: forestry

soho-combo-2With the influx of Merino Light we have been able to update our colour selection for the Soho Scarf. Have a look at our new offerings HERE

There’s still more Madtosh  ↓

Madelinetosh Merino DK
100% superwash merino, 205m/225yds
20-22sts per 10cm/4″

madelinetosh merino dk

madelinetosh merino dkmadelinetosh merino dkmadelinetosh merino dkmadelinetosh merino dkmadelinetosh merino dkmadelinetosh merino dkmadelinetosh merino dkmadelinetosh merino dkmadelinetosh merino dkmadelinetosh merino dk

tippy-top: tomato
top row: silver fox, ink, cove
2nd row: winter wheat, duchess, scarlet
3rd row: rain water, jade, Cousteau
last but not least: clematis

Believe it or not, there is even more Madelinetosh then what you see here. We also have some fine skeins of worsted weight, Vintage Madelinetosh, and lovely lace weight Madelinetosh Prairie too.

Come visit us soon for the best selection. We are taking it to The Knitters Frolic at the end of the month.

Craftily yours

What a delight! – It’s Merino Light!

Yes – I’m rhyming now… but such a feast for the eyes deserves an equally snappy introduction.

Madelinetosh Merino Light is a super-soft one-ply yarn spun to fingering weight. It comes in wonderful Madelinetosh colours and we have a very appealing pallet on the shelves.

madelinetosh merino lightThis shelve’s colours remind me of a day on the beach. I can just picture the blue water with faded white caps, bleached out summer sky and bits of sea glass and shells to collect.

madelinetosh merino light

This shelf is reserved for colours with gusto. As though you’ve walked into a silk, sari shop in Little India, these jewel tone colours radiate so much amazing warmth and depth around them.

Either shelf, any colour, you can’t go wrong!
Merino Light is perfect for light weight garments and shawls and scarves too.  We used it for our Soho Scarf project and the Big Wrap too.

Craftily yours


The skinny and the fat on Madelinetosh


Coming in a box at a time, the drawn out process of receiving our fall Madelinetosh order makes it even more exciting.  There are some new things coming, and some have already arrived.
Above is a lovely collection of Merino Light.  The perfect yarn for shawls and lightweight scarves, including our Soho Scarf project!
On top: Tart
Middle left to right: Vermillion, Mourning Dove, Smokestack
Bottom left to right: Candlewick, Forestry, Ink

tosh sock
We were so pleased with the last batch of splatter colour-ways we recieved from Madelinetosh that we requested more and more!  Here ↑ is Cosmic Wonder Dust in Tosh Sock yarn

tosh sock

Optic in Tosh Sock


Holi Festival in Tosh Sock

Expect more splatters to show up in Tosh Chunky and Vintage (worsted weight) too!

The biggest cushiest yarn that Madelinetosh makes is called ASAP because it knits up real fast.  We have restock of ASAP in lovely blues and greys as well as bright pinks, oranges and yellows, and this brand new colour ↓


It’s called Spectrum!

More Madelinetosh updates to come soon
Craftily yours





Hooray for Maple Leaf!

Maple Leaf, the hand dyed colour from Madelinetosh that is. ↓

madelinetosh vintage

It a beauty, eh?

This gorgeous colour of Madelinetosh Vintage (which is a worsted weight, superwash, merino yarn) came with friends.  They just arrived on Friday!

madelinetosh vintage

On top: Bloomsbury
Middle left: Leaf, middle right: Nutmeg
Bottom left: Candlewick, bottom right: Maple Leaf again!

madelinetosh vintageTop left: Fragrant, top right: Tart
Bottom left: Manor,bottom middle: Thunderstorm, bottom right: Dr Zhivago’s Sky

madelinetosh vintageand a close up of Fragrant.

More friendlies came in the form of Madelinetosh Merino Light!

madelinetosh merino light

Top left: Ink, top middle: Tern, top right: Graphite
Bottom left: Baltic,bottom middle: Nebula, bottom right: Courbet’s Green

madelinetosh merino light

Top left: Weathered Frame, top middle: Antique Lace, top right: Molly Ringwald
Bottom left: Sequoia,bottom middle: Vermillion, bottom right: Pop Rocks!

madelinetosh merino lightOn top: Cove
Bottom right: Opaline, Smokey Orchid

madelinetosh merino lightmadelinetosh merino light

and Fathom and Candlewick too!

Carla's StasisThis awesome sweater was knit by Carla, who graciously let me take pictures.  We spent a lot of time picking out the colours and I think a pat on the back is in order.  This is the Madelinetosh Merino Light in colours Antique Lace and Pop Rocks.

Carla's StasisThe pattern is Stasis by Brooklyn Tweed.

It’s a good time to start making your spring sweater in this light weight yarn! Spring will come one day!

Other Knit Cafe projects made with the Merino Light are the Big Wrap………………………………………….. and the Soho Scarf
big wrapsoho scarf3

So many possibilities…

Craftily yours

One way to beat the February Blues.

Madelinetosh is here!

Pashmina in ↓

pashmina nectarpashminabyzantinepashminaopalinepashminanutmegpashminalogwoodpashminabalticpashminaturquoisepashminageorgia o’keeffepashminagraphitepashminatart

Merino Light ↓

merino light
top: antique lace, middle left: tern, middle right: graphite, bottom left: dried rose, bottom right: rose.
merino light
top left: georgia o’keeffe, top right: sequoia, middle left: cove, middle right: moss, bottom left: clematis, bottom middle: ink, bottom right: smokey orchid
merino light
top left: vermillion, top right: torchere, bottom left: filigree, bottom middle: candlewick, bottom right: molly ringwald.
merino light
top: wash, middle left: ophelia, middle right: norway spruce, bottom left: fathom, bottom right: baltic.

Tosh DK ↓
tosh dk
top: french grey, bottom left: saffron, bottom middle: butter, bottom right: lustre
tosh dk
top: betty draper blue, bottom left: cousteau, bottom middle: oxblood, bottom right: composition book grey.
tosh dk
top: ophelia, middle left: georgia o’keeffe, middle right: fathom, bottom left: cloak, bottom middle: dutchess, bottom right: flashdance.

Vintage ↓
tosh vintage
top left: logwood, top middle: fragrant, top right: maple leaf, bottom left: candlewick, bottom middle: bloomsbury,  bottom right: flashdance.

Tosh Chunky! It’s New!!
tosh chunky
top: opaline, middle: victorian gothic, bottom left: cove, bottom right: calligraphy
tosh chunky
top: torchere, middle: oceana, bottom left: black currant, bottom right: nebula
tosh chunky
top: william morris, bottom left: jade. bottom right: mineral

In addition, a whole lotta lace-weight, one ply prairie yarn, it’s here too.  You will have to wait for those pics though.  Good things do come to those who wait.

Craftily yours

This is Madness!

This is what is on the table today!

Madelinetosh Merino DK 206 m (225 yds) is $20 ↑

Madelinetosh Merino Light 384 m (420 yds) is $20 ↑

The Madelinetosh Tosh DK was already tucked away in the shelves this morning when I arrive.  18 colours to choose from for all your Honey Cowl needs and still more madness to come.

Craftily yours