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Last Chance for Yarn Club 2018 Membership

May 17th is the last day to become a member of
The Knit Cafe’s Yarn Club 2018. 

sign up HERE

Yarn Club is a year long subscription where participants receive beautiful yarns accompanied by original Knit Café patterns. The 2018 subscription will include four knit projects delivered or picked up every three months. The first one will be available in June and we are busy preparing for it now. If you would like to get in on the fun. You still have a few days to get your membership. Read all about it HERE.

The last project for our Yarn Club 2017 was made available to all club members in April, and I am happy to say that the pattern is now available to all through The Knit Café Shop or on Ravelry.
The pattern is called Sunprint. It’s a pretty spring shawl. Just enough to wrap your neck and keep the chill off as the weather changes from chilly to warmish. The pattern Sunprint was named after the yarn colour we called Sunprint.

The colour Sunprint was developed in a collaboration between The Knit Café and amazing Madelinetosh Yarns! That’s what we do for our Yarn Club. We choose the best and the brightest of yarn producers and we design a knitting pattern to suit their particular yarn. We also develop a custom colour that becomes only available to The Knit Café Yarn Club Members. So I am sorry to say that if you have fallen in love with this gorgeous colour we call Sunprint this love will go unrequited. Only Yarn Club 2017 members have received this colour and it is no longer available.

Here’s the silver lining. You can get the pattern for the Sunprint shawl and make your own version of this neck draper. We even have some Madelinetosh Merino Light in other gorgeous colours still available in the shop at 55 Roncesvalles.

Come and get it!
Craftily yours


Madelinetosh and Malabrigo

We got M&M!
That’s Madelinetosh, and Malabrigo yarns! Both are hand dyed goodies, that really make you itch for some knitting time.

Check out these colours of Madelinetosh Vintage (worsted weight)

madelinetosh vintagemadelinetosh vintagemadelinetosh vintagemadelinetosh vintage

And for quick knits we got Madelinetosh ASAP!

madelinetosh ASAPmadelinetosh vintage
Even bigger, and faster to knit is lovely Malabrigo Rasta!

malabrigo rastamalabrigo rastamalabrigo rasta
These are some of my favourites from this batch ↓
madelinetosh vintage

Madelinetosh Vintage in new colour called Court and Spark

Madelinetosh ASAP

Madelinetosh ASAP in Spectrum

malabrigo rasta

Malabrigo Rasta in Archangel

Madelinetosh ASAP and the Rasta will be put to good use in our upcoming

Learn to Knit Headband Class
Thursday December 10, 17, 7-9pm
Register HERE

If you already know how to knit you can find the free pattern for the Headband. HERE and HERE. They are both free!

Craftily yours



Cure for rainy day blues – Madelinetosh!

Having a look at all these sunny colours has got to make you feel a bit better on such a glum day. I must say this generous influx of colour is a dramatic contrast to the scene outside. Outside – Rain! Blah!

Inside ↓

madelinetosh sock twist

This glorious specimen is a delightful colourway called Violas, in a brand new yarn from Madelinetosh called Merino Twist Light.  A sock weight yarn blended with nylon for extra strength, it seems natural to make socks from these sweet skeins, but touch it and feel the butter softness and you might change your mind – maybe a spring shawl.

Madelinetosh Twist Light
75% merino superwash, 25% nylon, 384m/420yds
26-30sts per 10cm/4″

madelinetosh sock twistmadelinetosh sock twistmadelinetosh sock twistmadelinetosh sock twistmadelinetosh sock twistmadelinetosh sock twistmadelinetosh sock twistmadelinetosh sock twistmadelinetosh sock twistmadelinetosh sock twistmadelinetosh sock twistmadelinetosh sock twist

top row: pool, cosmic wonder dust, fragrant
2nd row: wicked, tern, firewood
3rd row: holi festival, rhubarb, Edison bulb
bottom row: nebula, optic, Georgia O’Keefe

Also in the house ↓

Madelinetosh Merino Light
100% superwash merino, 384m/420yds
26-30sts per 10cm/4″

madelinetosh merino light

madelinetosh merino lightmadelinetosh merino lightmadelinetosh merino lightmadelinetosh merino lightmadelinetosh merino lightmadelinetosh merino lightmadelinetosh merino lightmadelinetosh merino lightmadelinetosh merino lightmadelinetosh merino light

tippy-top: mandala
top row: vermillion, purple basil, grasshopper
2nd row: candlewick, smokestack, stovepipe
3rd row: weathered frame, Courbet’s green, esoteric
last but not least: forestry

soho-combo-2With the influx of Merino Light we have been able to update our colour selection for the Soho Scarf. Have a look at our new offerings HERE

There’s still more Madtosh  ↓

Madelinetosh Merino DK
100% superwash merino, 205m/225yds
20-22sts per 10cm/4″

madelinetosh merino dk

madelinetosh merino dkmadelinetosh merino dkmadelinetosh merino dkmadelinetosh merino dkmadelinetosh merino dkmadelinetosh merino dkmadelinetosh merino dkmadelinetosh merino dkmadelinetosh merino dkmadelinetosh merino dk

tippy-top: tomato
top row: silver fox, ink, cove
2nd row: winter wheat, duchess, scarlet
3rd row: rain water, jade, Cousteau
last but not least: clematis

Believe it or not, there is even more Madelinetosh then what you see here. We also have some fine skeins of worsted weight, Vintage Madelinetosh, and lovely lace weight Madelinetosh Prairie too.

Come visit us soon for the best selection. We are taking it to The Knitters Frolic at the end of the month.

Craftily yours

New fat yarn, new skinny yarn!

Shelves are full of sweet offerings this month.  We have reinforcement from Cascade and Berroco and Brown Sheep too, but I have a few gems I’d like to crow about in particular.

malabrigo rasta

Malabrigo Rasta
This is SUPER BULKY yarn! As temperatures plummet and we need garments that will keep us super warm -we call on super bulky.  Malabrigo is known  for it’s wonderful hand dyed colours and super soft yarns.  Rasta is a soft spun merino that is a dream to work with and has a wonderful sheen. Our pre Christmas order came and went with reindeer like speed, so come give this batch a squeeze soon.
The stunning chartreuse pictured above is called Lettuce.  Rasta has 90 yards on a skein, knits 2-2.5 sts/inch and costs $30.


malabrigo rastamalabrigo rastamalabrigo rastamalabrigo rastaClockwise from top left: Pagoda, Paris Night, Violetta Africana, Teal Feather

malabrigo rasta

This one here’s called Azules

madalinetosh prairie

That’s the fat news, now for the skinny!

Madelinetosh Prairie
This is a laceweight yarn, which means it is fine as fine can be.  Much satisfaction can be achieved knitting with such soft, gossamer strands.  Think wonderful lace knits, or loosely knit garments like the popular Featherweight or Wispy Cardi pattern.  Combine it with other yarns to add colour contrast to your knits like the Knit Cafe did in the Mondo Cowl Pattern.  Fancy that!
The Madelinetosh Prairie is spun from 100% superwash merino, and there is 840 yards on each skein it costs $27.50 per skein. The skein pictured above is a colour called Cosmos.

madalinetosh prairiemadalinetosh prairiemadalinetosh prairiemadalinetosh prairiemadalinetosh prairiemadalinetosh prairie

Clockwise from top left: Pop Rocks, Antler, Cove, Oak, Baltic, Candlewick

madalinetosh prairie

This colour is called Mare.

Craftily yours


Keep warm with a little bit of Madelinetosh!

It’s true! We have some more Madelinetosh on premises.  Some Tosh Sock, Pashmina, Prairie, and Vintage are all snug and cozy on shelves. See the yummy splattered colour ways – Optic, Cosmic Wonderdust, Holy Festival, Modern Fairisle in the Tosh Sock weight in the picture below.
We’re expecting to get some Merino Light in real soon too, I’ll let ya know when it arrives.

madelinetosh sock

Every once in a while we are the happy recipient of some hand spun yarns from Jana Falls, like the punchy purple skein pictured below.  Each skein is made by hand with hand dyed fleece on a spinning wheel.  Each skein is unique.  A hand spun skein of yarn is like no other animal.  Come in soon to admire them.
If you would like to learn how to spin your own yarns (literally speaking) now is your chance.  The Knit Café has a beginner spinning class starting this Sunday! It’s the last one till our next schedule in Spring/Summer.
It might take some practice to be as profession as Jana but the practicing is addictive.


Introduction to Spinning (Drop Spindle Class)

Sunday January 11, 18, 25, 12:30-2:30
3 sessions, $76, materials not included.

To register online go HERE,
or call us at 416 533 5648

Craftily yours

The skinny and the fat on Madelinetosh


Coming in a box at a time, the drawn out process of receiving our fall Madelinetosh order makes it even more exciting.  There are some new things coming, and some have already arrived.
Above is a lovely collection of Merino Light.  The perfect yarn for shawls and lightweight scarves, including our Soho Scarf project!
On top: Tart
Middle left to right: Vermillion, Mourning Dove, Smokestack
Bottom left to right: Candlewick, Forestry, Ink

tosh sock
We were so pleased with the last batch of splatter colour-ways we recieved from Madelinetosh that we requested more and more!  Here ↑ is Cosmic Wonder Dust in Tosh Sock yarn

tosh sock

Optic in Tosh Sock


Holi Festival in Tosh Sock

Expect more splatters to show up in Tosh Chunky and Vintage (worsted weight) too!

The biggest cushiest yarn that Madelinetosh makes is called ASAP because it knits up real fast.  We have restock of ASAP in lovely blues and greys as well as bright pinks, oranges and yellows, and this brand new colour ↓


It’s called Spectrum!

More Madelinetosh updates to come soon
Craftily yours





Easter Treats

Good Friday (tomorrow) we will be closed, but we will be open Saturday and Sunday too.  You may want to come and visit us because we have a whole lot of Madelinetosh yarn to show off!
In a weeks time we’ll be taking it all with us to the Knitter’s Frolic, so to get the pick of the litter come in quick!

Another reason to come in this weekend – we’re having a “garage sale” We may not have a garage but we do have some lovely things to part with at rock bottom prices before our big move.  Pick up some Knit Cafe nostalgia in the form of cups and saucers that you have known and loved and other surprises.

….but back to the Tosh…

We have some pretty colours of one ply,  lace weight.  It’s Madelinetosh Prairie!  $26.50 per skein.

,madelinetosh prairie

Candlewick, Molly Ringwald and Antler

madelinetosh prairie

Graphite , Cosmos, and Jade



madelinetosh prairie

Briar, Mare, Tern, Morning Dove

We have Madelinetosh Sock! $28 for 384 metres

madelinetosh sock

Winter Wheat, Fog, Graphite, Worn Denim

madelinetosh sock
oooh pretty…
Coquette, Scarlet, Citrus, Maple Leaf, Oceana

We have Pashmina, which is a dreamy mix of merino, cashmere and silk in a sport weight yarn. $32.50 per each.

madelinetosh pashmina

Tart, Georgia O’Keefe, Fog

madelinetosh pashmina

Candlewick, Leaf, Esoteric

madelinetosh pashmina

Sun Rose, Purple Basil, Tern, Opaline

Last but definitely not least – we have some beautiful Vintage which is Madelinetosh’s 100% Superwash Merino in a worsted weight. $21 a skein.

madelinetosh vintage

Bloomsbury,  Tart, Coquette, Scarlet, Ember, Gilded

madelinetosh vintage

Leaf, Fig, Cousteau

madelinetosh vintage

Flashdance, Composition Book Grey, Mare

madelinetosh vintage

Smokestack, Paper, Fathom, Betty Draper Blue.

Happy Easter all!
Craftily yours



Pashmina by Madelinetosh! – That’s one special yarn!

It’s a decadent blend of merino, silk and cashmere.
329 metres is $32.50


Top Left – Tern, Top Right – Antique Lace
Bottom Left – Weathered Frame, Bottom Right – Graphite


Top – Georgia O’Keefe
Bottom Left- Nectar, Bottom Right – Tart


Top – Baltic
Bottom Left – Candlewick, Bottom Right – Celadon

To get your pick of the litter come in soon.
Craftily yours