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Make 9 Challenge 2022

Have you ever considered doing your own version of the  #MakeNine Challenge? This is a very popular hashtag on Instagram and other social media platforms to share crafting plans for the year ahead. It was inspired by the hugely popular “Best Nine” hashtag that often circulated around at the beginning of each year. Rochelle from Home Row Fibre decided that instead of looking at the past year she would look forward and make plans for the next. Choose 9 projects that you would like to make and share these goals.

Sounds a bit daunting doesn’t it? Like publicly announcing your New Year’s resolution – only there are 9 of them! I’m kinda freakin myself out now…..but I’m also intrigued. Will giving some attention to your goals and plans at the beginning of the year make you a more “mindful maker”? more productive? less scattered?

I’ve been thinking that this year there might be some added benefits to making some future plans. Many of us may be feeling that dwelling on the present is not where it’s at. Perhaps imagining our future selves making and creating will give us a boost, a jolt, a ray of sunshine!. Life goes on! There is beauty to behold and to discover! There are good times ahead! 

I have spent some time now thinking about some things I would like to achieve and I am going to throw them out there, and let the universe hold me to account. Or really just myself because ultimately I am the only one who cares about the outcome, so there is very little pressure. Perhaps you would like to join me? I have already recruited a few crafty folks. See mine, Iwona’s and Maurie’s choices for their challenges below

Kristin’s Make 9 Challenge:

When considering the items to include in this challenge I had a few things in mind:

I wanted my selection of items to be diverse and cover many of my crafting interests

I wanted to learn new things and stretch myself creatively

I wanted to make things that would be used or would contribute beneficially to my well-being.

I wanted my goals to be attainable. With time in between them for spontaneous projects and detours.

  1. On the needles currently, I have a sweater project called Karl Johan by Knitting for Olive. I am practically finished the yoke. This is a no-brainer to go on my list of makes for 2022
  2. I have already purchased some gorgeous linen from Blackbird Fabrics to make the Cornell Shirt for my sweetheart. He already knows about this so I have extra incentive to get it done for this Spring.
  3. On the same shopping spree at Blackbird I bought some linen for myself which I have earmarked for The Shepherd, a skirt pattern by Merchant and Mills.
  4. I am itching to spend more time with my punch needle and get some more experience with a rug hooking tool and I have a project in mind for this as well: 4 placemats! Really this is four makes – so if I only get one done I will be satisfied.
  5. I have a whole box full of mending that needs some attention. This year I will lessen that pile by at least one item. Visible mending -here I come!
  6. Several years ago I purchased some madder root for a natural dyeing project. Will this be the year I get this project done? I hope so!
  7. More knitting definitely needs to be on this list. This year I would like to try to knit an entire project in The Continental Style. I am by nature an English Style knitter but some shoulder trouble is making me consider a switch. I need a short easy project that has both knit and purls to practice on. I would also like a new hat. The Stockholm Hat by Petiteknits has made it to this list.
  8. Over the Pandemic, many of us did some re-evaluating of our lives. During my reflection I found that I was very unhappy that I was not giving myself time for an art practice. So painting and drawing have found their way back into my life in the form of some art journaling. Over 2022 I would like to fill at least one complete sketch book.
  9. Sometime in 2022 I would like to collaborate with Iwona on a kick-ass window display for The Knit Cafe. Perhaps in the form of some Amigurumi Crochet.

Iwona’s Make 9 Challenge: 

  1. Seamwork Willis in a denim fabric. I love denim shirts, but I would like one that is less bulky under my hand knit sweaters. Fabric to be determined. 
  2. My son asked me for a handmade blanket. I’ve decided to crochet his blanket  as I’ve been thinking about crochet lately. Pattern  and yarn still to be determined. 
  3. Another project that I’ve always wanted to make is fair isle xmas stocking. One of the knit cafe’s great friend’s inspired me with her stockings this year. Pattern still to be determined. I hope to use Fleece Artist Woolen Wonders
  4. Being a full time knitter makes it hard to find time for other crafts. Punch needle embroidery has been on my mind for years now. This year I would like to explore this craft in depth. 
  5. Two summers ago in deep covid lockdown I played around with a cyanotype kit from The Workroom. I really enjoyed this activity and I would like to explore it further. This is a perfect activity to do during summer, also an amazing activity for kids. 
  6. I have everything ready to make cushion covers with indigo dyed fabric. Last summer I explored shibori dyeing with indigo. I’ve dyed beautiful linen fabric for a dress and cotton canvas for cushions. My inspiration for the cushions was African indigo mudcloth. 
  7. I’ve been dreaming of sewing a comfy cozy sweater. I like Elliot Sweater and Tee from the wonderful Canadian pattern maker  Helen’s Closet. Kristin made a tee version of this pattern that I absolutely love. Fabric to be determined. 
  8. I LOVE fair isle knitting. I’ve never made fair isle socks before and I would really like a pair. Pattern  and yarn to be determined. 
  9. At the beginning of January I started  Sweater No. 12 by My Favorite Things Knitwear. I’ve already made one last year. I enjoyed making it so much I decided to knit another one in a different colour and size.  Colours used this time: Merino in cream and pomegranate and Soft Silk Mohair in oat and claret. All yarns from Knitting for Olive

Maurie’s Make 9 Challenge

1. On my needles is a sweater project that I just started. The pattern is called Pink Noise by Adela Dutra. Using stash yarn Brooklyn Tweed Shelter in cast iron and Kat Riverside studio merino singles in Sailor. This pattern is top down, raglan, stranded knitting.
2. Knit a pair of socks once every two months for family, friends or me. I will try new stitch patterns.
3. Design a cowl for a friend. I like taking inspiration from the colour or colour name to create something special for my friend.
4. Embroidery: this is two parts. Saw a pattern in Marie-Claire 100 idee magazines … embroider a 3 dimensional mushroom using lichen & lace embroidery floss. The other project is to create small hanging pillows for my permanent metal tree. Would like to create seasonal decorations.
5. Tackle my list of “to be completed “. This is a large and terrifying list which includes decorating tasks, mending and finishing projects …this is only page 1 oh no!!
6. Rug hooking! ..during covid I put my hooking away. I would like to explore the idea of using various weights of yarn and fabric. Possibly try the sculptural hooking that my mom did.
7. Weaving is my new passion. Would like to explore new techniques in weaving to create new textures.
8. Quilting: I decided to make 2 lap quilts for my friends as a cottage warming present.
9. Finally at the ripe old age of being close to 70…I have figured out what is my comfort clothing.  I will draft a pattern from my favourite top …

So what do you think? Are you ready to join me and Iwona and Maurie? Make your own list? Share them? Let us know how your plans progress? Allow us get inspired by all your good ideas! Share with us your #makenine2022 on Instagram @theknitcafe, so we can see all your plans and get inspired by your choices.

Craftily yours