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The Blackberry Hat Pattern is Here!

Iwona knit this adorable hat for herself at the beginning of the season, soon there was a version sized small to fit tiny Charlie’s head too.  Then she kept very busy with the task of sizing the hat for every size in between. After that the samples were knit and the photos were taken, with many thanks to our models Janine and Evelyn; so that now I can finally say that the Blackberry Hat pattern in ready to take on the world.

blackberry hat

This super cute hat has a great, textural stitch pattern. Knit with two colours a rhythmic, graphic look emerges. Black and white shows this off just right and a pop of colour is the icing on the cake.
The hat is knit with “OMG so soft!” Manos del Uruguay Maxima, which is a single ply, hand dyed, merino wool. Somehow this fair trade company manages to produce excellent colours like this “Shocking” pink  which is the accent colour for the brim, the optional ear flaps, and for the pompom.

blackberry hat

I am also happy and excited to report that the Blackberry Hat is the very first Knit Café Knit Kit that can be purchased online from our web shop. We hope to soon add many more.  Knit Kits will have the yarns and patterns grouped together in cozy harmony (patterns come free with the yarn when you buy the kit).  This is good news for those who don’t live close enough to the Knit Café bricks and mortar for a casual browse and a cuppa.
The Blackberry Hat Knit Kit comes in the original Black, White and Shocking Pink colour combination, and also Black, White and Highlighter Yellow. Find it HERE

You may also get just the pattern all on it’s lonesome on ravelry.com HERE

Craftily yours

new – just in!


Yes – these colours really are that bright!  Some might go so far as to call that pink and that yellow part of the neon family!


Uber-soft, this merino wool from Manos del Uruguay is one of my favourites to knit with.  Since last I posted about them a few weeks back we’ve received even more colours!
From left to right : Black, Oxygen, Shocking, Highlighter and Natural


Sea Urchin, Limerick, Ultramarine, Freshwater


Currant, Chrysanthemum, Foil, and Camomile.

Maxima by Manos del Uruguay is a worsted weight yarn with 200m per skein and costs $23 for the hand dyes and $25 for the hand painted skeins (those are the ones with all the radical colour changes).

In my last post I tempted you all with a promise to disclose more about The Knit Cafe’s upcoming Natural Dye Class. Well, I’m pleased to report although you may be sad to hear it, that the August 14/15 class is booked up.  No need to fret, because we can all look forward to a brand new Natural Dye Class next season.  We are busily preparing the Fall/Winter Class schedule and expect to be able to share it with you soon.  Look for the Natural Dye Class and many other wonderful classes besides. Our current class schedule does go into September, to read all about it look HERE.

Craftily yours


Fillin’ up on yarn!

What a difference a day makes!  If any of you dropped by The Knit Cafe during the last few days of the sale you may have noticed that the yarn stock – well…it looked a little low.
Well, no more!!!


We even had to stuff some yarn into the way-high-up-shelves, that you will never, ever reach even if you stand on tippy toes.  Just ask – we’ll get it down for you.


Representatives from all different weight classes are hot off the presses.  We got us some fingering (that’s sock weight), some sport, some DK , some worsted weight, some aran weight, and some chunky too!  Yarn brands that are tried and true; favourites like Cascade Yarns and Berroco, as well as restock of Blue Sky Alpaca Organic Cotton and…..

manos del uruguay maxima

…this ↑ gorgeous stuff is by the fair trade, cooperative known as Manos del Uruguay. It’s a beautiful soft, merino, worsted weight called MAXIMA.

manos del uruguay maxima

More Maxima ↑

mamos del urugauy alegria

Also by Manos del Uruguay and new for us at The Knit Cafe is Alegria.  It’s a sock weight yarn made from 75% superwash merino and 25% polyamide.  This super-soft and comes in pretty colours! 425 metres is decently priced at $25.

manos del uruguay alegria

Here’s another pic of the Alegria ↑.

Craftily yours

neon lights

Neon! The happy trend! Just what we need in grey old February (almost March).

↑ A bundle of “highlighter” coloured yarn from Manos del  Uruguay,  10 skeins ready to become a whole lot of knit-fun.

The last time we saw neon was the 80’s.  This time around, it’s being paired with light shades (white and light grey) which makes it look oh so bright and fresh!
neonneon 2

Here are some examples I’ve found that use neon to great effect.  The triangular scarf with the yellow embellishment from the online, handmade, shop DaWanda.
Juicy, neon, orange is striped with grey, in this scarf designed by Antonia Shankland found here.

neon 3neon 4

Paint Pail Mittens from Purl Soho are so plain but so adorable with the addition of neon tops. Neon is great for embellishment too.  Case in point: this simple scarf with orange neon fringe, I found this example here.

Maxima by Manos Del Uruguay comes in all these wonderful neon shades.  On the top Acid, middle right is Speeding Ticket, middle left is Shocking (that’s the name – I’m not so shocked), and on the bottom Highlighter. Soft, merino. single ply, yarn is wonderful to work with too. Bonus!

Craftily yours

take it to the Max!

As promised – more yarn pics from our last big shipment.
The folks from Manos del Uruguay present Maxima!

Hand spun single ply yarn!

Hand dyed in very fun colours.

Soft -like only merino can be.  A wonderful gift-knitting yarn for those with sensitive skin.

Maxima is a worsted weight yarn with 200 m (219 yds) and costs $20 per skein.

It is one of my favourite yarns!

Craftily yours

This is just the beginning.

I just didn’t have time to take all the pictures of the beautiful yarn that just came in.  Here is a taste!

Manos del Uruguay Classica.
On top: Forest Floor # 799
Below: Stellar #110

On top: Lily Pad #797
Below left: Embers #795
Below right: Bramble #114

On top: Potpourri #125
Below left: Fruit Salad #124
Below right: Tabby #796

On top: Pansy #798
Below left: Flame #115
Below right: Wildflowers #113

On top: Sage #107
Below left: Bluejay #123
Below right: Mermaid #122

On top – from left to right: Thisle #41,  Aster #38
Below – from left to right: Parma #20, Rosin # 26, Magenta #S

On top: Juniper #43
2nd Row – from left to right: Calypso #Q, Citric #68
Bottom Row – from left to right: Olive #55,  Steel #29

On top – from left to right: Nickel #31, Poppy #66
Below – from left to right: Black #08, Kohl #59

On top – from left to right: Marigold #58, Hibiscus # 69
Below – from left to right: Uranium #35, Dove #19
This 100% wool, hand spun, hand dyed, fair trade yarn is $20 per  126 metres (138yds) for the multi-coloured dyes and $18 for the semi solid varieties.

Still more pretty yarn to come.
Craftily yours

movin’ on up

It may not be a delux apartment in the sky, but we have moved on up one story.  The Knit Cafe’s shelves have grown taller! We had too much yarn. We just couldn’t squish it all in, and with more yarn on the way we thought this was the way to go.
If you can’t reach the top (few of us can).  We will be happy to fetch things for you with the aid of a stepping stool. Perhaps you will need us to grab one of the 37 colours of Classica by Manos del Uruguay we just got in stock.  Oh – those fortunate folks who are taking the First Sweater Class tonight.  So much choice! Look for the 20 new colours of Maxima by Manos del Uruguay too.  Pictures of yarn to follow next time!

Look what lucky lasses we are! Our very own ad in a bus shelter.  If that’s not high class I don’t know what is! We are indebted to Troy and to Cam for making it so.  Their generosity and talent created this project to help spread the word of knitting around. It’s at Ossington and Queen, so go have a ogle before it’s pasted over.  Fame is so fleeting!
Craftily yours

The postman rings several times

It has been a busy few days!

The mail carrier is a near constant visitor. 
Above is Perle Cotton tiny bundles of joy, hand-dyed from Valdani.  Last year I posted this project idea (and this one too) for the perle cotton and I still stand behind them as winners.  Some bright shades of embroidery floss came along for the ride,  arriving in time for our Friendship Bracelet Class in May.
Valdani Perle Cotton is $5 per ball. $2.75 per skein of Embroidery Floss.

This summer-sweater-ready-yarn from Berroco blends together the best of cotton and linen  to make a really wearable knit. Linsey yarn comes in 105 metre (114yd) skeins for $9 each.

We have two spring/summer pattern booklets Volume 10 and Volume 8 from Norah Gaughan which make good use of this yarn.

The Berroco box also held these goodies.  Vintage Chunky is now multi-coloured!  Many of you who are fans of this yarn for it’s price and washability might be compelled to try out some of the new colour-ways for your next baby gift. Vintage Chunky is $9 for 200 metres (217 yds).

What the heck? is what I imagine you might be thinking.  These cocoon shaped enigmas are actually hand-dyed skeins of yarn from Uruguay.  10 skeins come all bundled together like so.  Later, I will detach them and coil them individually and cram them into the shelves.  Three new colour options for the folks who are taking the First Sweater Class that starts April 30th.

If those nearly neutrals don’t grab ya there’s more!   Manos del Uruguay’s Bluejay, Potpourri and Mermaid are colours that might hit the spot.  There are only 2 remaining vacancies left in the First Sweater Class.  Call us for more info or to register. 416 533 5648.

…and that’s not all the postman brought us, but it is all for now.
Till next time,
Craftily yours

less is more. more is more too.

Oh happy day!  So what if it is wet and cold and grey too.
Look at the sunshine in here!
2 boxes of our giant Madeline Tosh yarn order came in late yesterday. We are still waiting on 2 more boxes, but until that happens we can more then make do.  Madeline Tosh is famous for her mouth watering yarns.  Knitters are known to swoon when in its presence.  So you may want to sit down.
Box 1 and 2 held our order of Merino Light yarn.

True confessions: I have been secretly knitting with this yarn.  I bought a few skeins while on holiday in New York City. I have first hand knowledge of it’s dreaminess. It is a one ply, softly spun, fingering weight yarn.  Perfect for scarves and shawls, lightweight sweaters and for gazing at across the room.
Madeline Tosh has a way with dye.  The tone on tone colour is as luminous as it gets.

From this light weight to heavier news.
A new order of broomstick sized needles from Susan Bates are all the better for making the stylish chunky knits of the season. They are colour coded which makes them more fun, but you are not in too much danger of loosing something this large in your knitting bag. 12.5mm, 15mm, 19mm, 25mm, oh my!

Great for big fat wormy yarns like Brown Sheep Burly Spun or Spud and Chloe Outer.  Or try doubling or even tripling up your yarns to make your own version of an extra bulky knit.
Look out for a new Knit Cafe pattern featuring the chunky goodness of the Burly Spun.  It is coming soon.
Reminders that the First Sweater Class is coming up starting on Monday.  Students make the Manos Jacket pictured here.  They learn the useful knit skills of pattern reading and knitting in rounds to make sleeves.
Believe it or not this class is free of charge, you just need to buy the yarn for your snuggly sweater to be.  Manos del Uruguay  (the yarn in question) is a hand dyed and hand spun yarn from a fair trade women’s cooperative in Uruguay. The hand spun quality hides mistakes very well so it is perfect for new knitters, and a great yarn for a first sweater.
First Sweater Class
Monday October 24, Nov 7, 7-9pm
Free instruction, materials fee for yarn $100
Call to register 416 533 5648

That’s it for this Wednesday
Craftily yours

waving the flag

Big fat thanks to Jana for lending us her beautiful flag bunting for our window this month.  It is high on the gorgeous scale ! It was a communal effort – friends knit together a banner of love for Jana’s wedding.
We are so well decorated, with our window full of life and our shelves filling plump with yarn.  Here are some that have arrived just this week. 

Maxima by
Manos del Uruguay.
-Single Ply
-Hand spun
-Hand dyed
-Fair Trade
-Brilliant colours
-Soft as the dickens!
-Worsted weight 

Fleece Artist
Silver Merino Roving. 
– for Spinners
-and Felters
-and Thrum Mitten Makers
-dyed by hand
-soft  fleece
– delicious colours

Fleece Artist Trail Sock
-with nylon for strength
Handmaiden Silk Lace
-yum, yum!
Sea Silk
-silk and seacell (seaweed)
-also lace weight
-also amazing
-hand dyed in NS and BC

As I write this more boxes arrive.  To be continued…
Craftily yours