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Triangulate this!

I finished these mittens this week.
new order mitten
Designed by me, on account of this scarf ↓.  I needed a go-with for it.
I decided I wanted to pick up on the triangle motif without directly copying it.  The yarn came from left-overs.  Odds and sods of soft Manos del Uruguay Maxima and Malabrigo Worsted, both are 1 ply merino wool, and the very same yarn that comes in all those fun, neon colours I spoke of last time.
new order mittens
A ribbed cuff followed by the easy fairisle pattern does the trick for keeping the chilly winds out.  There were a lot of ends to darn in which I seemed to do gladly, but you can minimize this by choosing 2 colours only.  Yes- I am giving you the pattern.  Right here! Right now! Here we go….. Continue reading

neon lights

Neon! The happy trend! Just what we need in grey old February (almost March).

↑ A bundle of “highlighter” coloured yarn from Manos del  Uruguay,  10 skeins ready to become a whole lot of knit-fun.

The last time we saw neon was the 80’s.  This time around, it’s being paired with light shades (white and light grey) which makes it look oh so bright and fresh!
neonneon 2

Here are some examples I’ve found that use neon to great effect.  The triangular scarf with the yellow embellishment from the online, handmade, shop DaWanda.
Juicy, neon, orange is striped with grey, in this scarf designed by Antonia Shankland found here.

neon 3neon 4

Paint Pail Mittens from Purl Soho are so plain but so adorable with the addition of neon tops. Neon is great for embellishment too.  Case in point: this simple scarf with orange neon fringe, I found this example here.

Maxima by Manos Del Uruguay comes in all these wonderful neon shades.  On the top Acid, middle right is Speeding Ticket, middle left is Shocking (that’s the name – I’m not so shocked), and on the bottom Highlighter. Soft, merino. single ply, yarn is wonderful to work with too. Bonus!

Craftily yours

take it to the Max!

As promised – more yarn pics from our last big shipment.
The folks from Manos del Uruguay present Maxima!

Hand spun single ply yarn!

Hand dyed in very fun colours.

Soft -like only merino can be.  A wonderful gift-knitting yarn for those with sensitive skin.

Maxima is a worsted weight yarn with 200 m (219 yds) and costs $20 per skein.

It is one of my favourite yarns!

Craftily yours

waving the flag

Big fat thanks to Jana for lending us her beautiful flag bunting for our window this month.  It is high on the gorgeous scale ! It was a communal effort – friends knit together a banner of love for Jana’s wedding.
We are so well decorated, with our window full of life and our shelves filling plump with yarn.  Here are some that have arrived just this week. 

Maxima by
Manos del Uruguay.
-Single Ply
-Hand spun
-Hand dyed
-Fair Trade
-Brilliant colours
-Soft as the dickens!
-Worsted weight 

Fleece Artist
Silver Merino Roving. 
– for Spinners
-and Felters
-and Thrum Mitten Makers
-dyed by hand
-soft  fleece
– delicious colours

Fleece Artist Trail Sock
-with nylon for strength
Handmaiden Silk Lace
-yum, yum!
Sea Silk
-silk and seacell (seaweed)
-also lace weight
-also amazing
-hand dyed in NS and BC

As I write this more boxes arrive.  To be continued…
Craftily yours