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What to Knit and Crochet with 3 weeks till Christmas

There is still time to craft some wonderful handmade gifts before Christmas.
You have 3 weeks!

starry night
Starry Night Toque by The Knit Café
Knit with Light Worsted or DK  4-4.5mm. Shown here knit in Riverside Studio Worsted or try Lichen and Lace Worsted. Both are Canadian made!
49 – 153 yards needed
To fit newborn, baby, toddler, child-adult small, adult medium, adult large.
It’s The Knit Cafe’s latest pattern! Because it’s a hat you will have it done in no time, especially if you are making the adorable baby size!


Knit Hedgehog Mittens by Andie Huber
Knit with Worsted Weight yarn like Brooklyn Tweed Shelter and 5mm needles
aprox 200 yards needed
The finished mittens measure 7½ in (19cm) from the base of the wrist to the tip and should fit an average size child of 7–10 years.
I am smitten with these mittens!


Oversized Sweater Knitting Pattern by Aleksandra
Knit with Bulky Weight yarn like Peruvia Quick or Brooklyn Tweed Quarry and 9mm needles
900 metres needed
Fits in one size only: Width 52 cm, Length 55 cm, Sleeves 42 cm
You might think I’m crazy to suggest knitting a sweater so late in the game, but look how thick and chunky this one is! It’s a very basic, easy peasy and free pattern too.
Parker Cable Socks by Lakeside Loops
Crocheted with DK yarn like Cascade 220 Superwash and 3.5mm hook
265 – 827 yards needed
To fit 11 different sizes ranging from baby all the way through to adult
These thick socks are more like slippers and could be made shorter if you fear you will run out of time. The pattern claims to include pictures and videos to keep you on track.
Lennon Cable Leg Warmers by Lakeside Loops
Crocheted with Worsted Weight yarn like Berroco Vintage and 5mm hook
Fits 10 sizes: – Baby (6-12 months) – Toddler (1-2 years) – Pre-K (2-4 years) – Child (4-7 years) – Child (7-11 years) – Teen – Small Adult – Medium Adult – Large Adult – XL Adult
You can make these legwarmers or the even quicker boot cuff version of this pattern in any size. Like the previous recommendation this pattern is by Lakeside Loops who have terrific deals on their patterns like buy 2 patterns get one free. Check them out!


Halus by Brooklyn Tweed
Knit with Bulky Yarn and 4.5mm -5.5mm needles. Designed and shown in Brooklyn Tweed Quarry
165 yards needed
To comfortably fit average adult head sizes 20–24″); 8¾” long
This stunner of a hat will take no time at all!

Urban Jungle Crocheted Slouchy Beanie by Vickie Howell
Crocheted with Worsted Weight yarn like Lichen and Lace Worsted and 5mm
To fit small, med, large adult
A pretty, bobbled stitch and a good deal of slouch are some of the features in this crocheted hat.


Pocket Ted by Frankie Brown
Knit with Fingering Weight yarn and 2-2.5mm needles. Use your sock scraps and throw in a few Koigu Mini Skeins for just the right colour combination for this project.
Only “small amounts of yarn” needed
Finished dimensions: 8 cm / 3” tall
This little bear fits in an Altoids tin. Once you knit the bear, instructions describe how to knit his bead cloths and tin decorations.


Boogie Earbuds by Bonnie Pruitt
Knit with Fingering Weight yarn and 2.25mm needles. Try Lichen and Lace 80/20 sock or Turtlepurl Self Striping Turtletoes.
0 – 50 yards needed
The designer says she was so sick and tired of the rubbery cords for her earbuds getting tangled, so she designed this cover which “completely solved the problem”. Throw in a new set of earbuds too for one terrific gift!



I highly recommend Turtlepurl yarn for all your self-striping needs. We just received a new batch of this Canadian made, hand dyed yarn. It is perfect for socks; bundled in twos for a matching pair and with a little nylon mixed with the merino for sock-strength. This would make a wonderful gift for any sock knitters on your Holiday shopping list.


Chain Reaction Shawlette by Nicki Hirsch
Crocheted with Fingering Weight like Julie Asselin Picollo and 3mm hook
350 – 400 yards needed
Mostly made of chains and single crochets this shawl can be made to any size from a quick kerchief to a blanket size wrap.

Maya Shawl by Justyna Lorkowska
Knit with Chunky yarn like Misti Alpaca Chunky and 6.5mm needle
328 yards needed
One size: approx. 150 cm/60” wide and 75 cm/30” long at center spine.

misti alpaca

We just got in some dreamy, soft Misti Alpaca Chunky which would be terrific for this shawl project but also any hat or scarf project. Alpaca is one of the warmest fibres. Use it for friends and family who are perpetually cold.


Noro Woven Stitch Shawl by Z apasi
Knit with Worsted Weight yarn and 5.5-6.5mm needles. Especially suited for Noro yarns like Noro’s  Kureopatora.
330 yards needed
Finished dimensions: 70” x 22”
The slip knit pattern in this shawl gives it a pretty woven look. It looks stunning when knit in a colour changing, textured yarn like Noro’s Kureopatora which has a softer feel then many Noro blends and is comfortable to wear around the neck.

malabrigo rasta

Next time, with 2 weeks to go I will be focusing my recommendations on projects that take big and bulky yarn like the Malabrigo Rasta we received this week. Look at these ↑ beauties! Expect to see more and more super bulky yarns arrive at The Knit Café in the weeks to come for all your last minute gift ideas.
Till next time
Craftily yours

Getting Misti

Misti Alpaca!

misti alpaca012 017 016 027023 031 035This really, really soft yarn is in the shop and in the webshop.

Alpaca is prized not only for it’s softness but also for its warmth and the lightness of the fibre. This yarn wants to be a cuddly scarf or a ear-warming toque. It works perfectly for the hat pattern we teach in our Knit 101 Class and also the Hat Workshop.

Project Idea: Classic Herringbone Cowl from The Purl Bee

Craftily yours



Getting Misti

Some folks love their alpaca, and who can blame them? Not only are alpacas a very handsome species of animal, who by the way are not nearly the spitters that their cousins the llamas are, but they also produce remarkable fleece. Sinfully soft and light as a feather it is also one of the warmest fibres around. Garments made with alpaca will keep you cozy on the coldest of days.  Many of the unfortunates who are sensitive to wool have no skin irritation with alpaca.  Amazing!

The Knit Cafe carries Misti Alpaca Chunky, which is made from 100% baby alpaca, ie: even softer! Yesterday we received our Fall Order. It includes 9 colours, some solid dyes and heathered colour blends.

…and also, 4 hand painted colour-ways!

misti alpaca


misti alpaca


misti alpaca

Winter Queen

misti alpaca

Midnight Sapphire.

Aren’t they pretty things?
Come in and check out the rest of the fine colours and give them a squeeze – you won’t believe how soft they are.

Craftily yours



getting Misti!

That’s right! It’s Misti Alpaca!  One of the softest yarns you will ever touch – truely! In these days of demonic cold I look back on the day I bought my alpaca coat with a great deal of favour!  It is so warm! Alpaca is one of the warmest fibres and one of the lightest too.

The Misti Alpaca Chunky we just received, is a bit different then we’ve seen it before! Check it out – hand dyed alpaca!DSCN0005

Lake Superior




Winter Queen







If you’ve taken our Knit 101 class you have in hand the perfect pattern for this yarn.  If you have not taken this class you can find the pattern HERE. One skein will make a very warm toque.
The Hand Painted Misti Alpaca Chunky is $27 per skein, the solid colours are $18 each. A little bird tells me that prices are scheduled to rise soon, so this is a good time to squirrel some away.

Craftily yours

Say it with stripes!

Delicious yarn will transform any project into a cozy work of art -even if it’s dead simple to make.  Case in point – Misti Alpaca Chunky!  Few can resist it’s charm, and lucky us – we just got a bright and beautiful box full of this extra soft yarn.

Misti Alpaca is 100% baby alpaca and come in 100metre hanks for $18

misti alpaca

Exhibit A: Emerald, Gypsy Lips, Linden Green, Samba (clockwise)
I’m pretty excited about Exhibit A.  I have these colours grouped all together on one shelf so I can look over at them and enjoy the happy-burst that erupts from their furry gathering.

misti alpaca

Exhibit B: Silver, Charcoal, Cream, Black
Exhibit B  may look like the photo was taken in black and white but this is not the case.  It features the rich array of monochrome that we Nordic folks are so found of.

misti alpaca

Exhibit C: Blue Lake, Peacock Melange, Mykonos Blue, Chartreuse Melange
These are the cool characters in the bunch!

…but what if you mixed them up?
I know that some of you might be simultaneously attracted and intimidated by Exhibit A.  Like I said – we are Northerners and are known to be timid of those fanciful, tropical colours, but why not add just a ray or two of this sunshine into your tasteful, neutral pallet? For example make a scarf with a narrow, colourful stripe. This chunky, alpaca yarn is ideal for a scarf. It has dreamy drape, and decadent softness, it is exceptionally light while maintaining incredible warmth.
Here are some colour  combos I think might strike the right balance between basic and bling!

scarf colours

From Top:
Silver and Emerald
Blue Lake and Linden Green
Peacock Melange and Samba
Cream and Mykonos Blue
Charcoal and Gypsy Lips

What do you think?
Your own inspired combos may well outdo me!

What sort of scarf should you make? Well for my money you can’t go wrong with good, old garter stitch, but if you want just a bit more texture, this pattern called Hometown Scarf shows off stripes in a simple 2×2 ribbing stitch.

stripes 2stripes 3stripes 1
The Hometown Scarf in a few different colour-ways.

Or apply your stripe design to the Knit Cafe’s Accidentally on Purpose, and make a matching hat by applying your extras to the Knit Cafe’s Sweet Alpaca Toque Pattern.

Craftily yours

a sale, some alpaca, a cardigan, and a fox

A picture may be worth a thousand words but you might want some details too.
The Knit Cafe’s annual summer sale is from July 16-24.  That means this Saturday at 10am doors open/shopping commences.  In addition to grab bins with super-duper, spectacular sale items (as much as 80% off) the rest of the Knit Cafe’s stock will also be on sale for 15% off the original price.  Just thought you might want to know.

Perhaps you will stock up on some of this:Misti Alpaca Chunky in our three best selling colours, turquoise, charcoal, and black, has finally come home to roost.  In it’s long absence it was missed.  Misti Alpaca is as soft as a Royale kitten and almost as cute!
This is the charming cover of the brand new Interweave  Magazine Weekend Knits which also takes up counter space at the Knit Cafe as of this week.  This is quite a nice edition.  The cover sweater called the Spoked Cardigan with its side to side structure and short row shaping on the yoke promises to be fun knitting with the magic Noro yarn.  The yarn that changes colours before your very eyes! No trick photography!
This well dressed fox by Lucinda Guy makes this magazine completely worth the cover price.