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What to knit with a month till Christmas!

Have you made your Christmas knitting plans yet? Or did you wake up one day and realize it’s almost December. That’s what I did. So, now that I truly believe Christmas is coming I have started to knit in earnest. I am making socks. In fact I am making these socks ↓

Sweet Sock by The Knit Café. This is our basic sock pattern, with a difference. Difference #1: you can make any size from child size to man size. Difference #2: these socks have a really cool looking reinforced heel that has a beautiful honey comb texture. Difference #3: these socks fit great because of the ribbing. Difference #4: a knitters could have a lot of fun switching up the toe colours. Difference #5: this pattern does not assume you are an expert sock knitter and is very detailed – there are even pictures!
PS: I started the day before yesterday and I am half way through sock number one!

Socks make a great gift. There are some real serious fans of hand knitted socks out there and that is who you should reserve your sock knitting for. For a sock with extra personality try The Knit Cafe’s Maud Sock Pattern. These socks have a textured stitch and an “after thought heel” knit in a contrast colour. These socks are sure to wow! This slip-stitch looks excellent with hand dyed yarn. The socks in the pic were knit with Zen Yarn Garden. Coincidentally we just got an amazing batch of this terrific sock yarn in stock.

This is not a sock ↓  – It’s a sock monkey! So, even better!

Curious by The Knit Café, is knit like a sock – that is – all in one piece (except for the ears). We knit this sample with a self-striping yarn made by Turtlepurl but they look smashing in plain colours too. At the Knit Café we also stock the stuffing, and the safety eyes and the 100% wool felt for the face. Everything you need!

Mittens are the cutest! Iwona is making these adorable pint size mits in multiples because little folks are known for losing their mittens.  The pattern is by Tin Can Knits. It is called The World’s Simplest Mittens . It is a free pattern and mittens can be made in all sizes. Iwona’s versions are made with Noro Kureopatora. It’s a gorgeous yarn that has a gradual colour change. If you knit with it in stripes you will end up with a practically endless colour variety.

The best mittens ever were designed right here in Canada. They are called thrum mittens! Thrum Mitten are super warm because a fleece lining in knit right into them making them thick and cushioned and wind stopping. The colourful heart shaped stitches on the outside are pretty wonderful too. The Knit Café has their own Thrum Mitten pattern with lots of sizes available. You can find the pattern HERE


If you have never made thrum or any other kind of mittens before you can join our Thrum Mitten Class this Friday!

Thrum Mitten Class
Friday December 1, 8, 7-9pm
Register for this class HERE

Craftily yours



a sneak peak of a new pattern

Thank you to all the TTC Knitalonger’s who dropped by yesterday. It was so good to see all the smiling faces and all the busy knitting needles.

We have fun thinking up things to amuse all those who might be coming through the Knit Café for this momentous event each year. Last year we began what we hope to be an annual event. We wrote a pattern to commemorate the TTC Knitalong – last year’s pattern was 504 King West. It was a winner!
This year we had another pattern all ready for the Knitalongers

It’s called “Trip to The Island”

trip to the island 007

“Trip to The Island” is really two patterns in one with instructions to make two different lacy scarves. We will have it ready to share with the rest of the world real soon, but here is your sneak peak!

017I also wanted to share with you a pic of this Knit Café display. It showcases all the wonderful times we have had with Noro Yarn over the years.

Projects clockwise from top: Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Baby Surprise Jacket, The Knit Cafe’s Kaleidoscope Blanket, The Knit Cafe’s Confetti Mittens, The Knit Cafe’s Woven Blanket, a good old pair of socks knit by me without a pattern. You can learn to do such a thing in our Custom Fit Knit Sock Class in the new year, or take the First Pair of Socks Class – you can use Noro to make your socks too!

Craftily yours



6 weeks till Christmas

Yes – today’s the day the countdown begins! If you are familiar with The Knit Cafe’s blog then you know that every year we throw out a few suggestions  for what you might knit or crochet for seasonal gifts.  We start with 6 weeks of knit time before December 25, and then every week we post more.
This post will make suggestions for stitchery in fingering (sock) weight yarn.  We still have a good amount of time to knit or crochet a fine project with time to spare before Christmas. Many of these patterns despite their call for fine yarn are decently small and should work up pretty fast. Here we go:

504 King West

504 King West by The Knit Cafe

This free Knit Cafe pattern was released this summer in conjunction with the TTC Knitalong. It is an asymmetrical scarf that explores fun with colour.  I have worn our scarf sample whilst in the shop and feeling a little chilly and I am a very big fan.  It is a lovely, light neck warmer with wonderful drape.  Terrific for Spring or Fall, great for an accessory piece worn indoors and wonderful to layer with bigger scarves when the world gets colder.  The pattern is free and you can find it HERE

mini mittens

Infant Mittens by The Purl Bee

Everything miniature is cute! It’s a fact! This will undoubtedly be a fast project, there are not even  thumbs to slow you down.  Use Koigu mini skeins as the accent colours and save on yarn costs, we have them here for $3 a skeinettte.
This pattern is free HERE

afterthought sock

After Thought Heel Socks by Juju

The “after thought” method is a wonderful way of knitting a sock and a really good way for a less experienced knitter to try.  You knit the sock tube, cuff to toe and then add on the heel after.  This is a great technique when using self patterning yarn like delightful Turtlepurl Turtletoes which is on it’s way to the Knit Cafe and should be on our doorstep soon. A toe-up pattern with great how-to pictures can be found HERE.  If you prefer a top down method then you can look at this pattern by Laura Linneman HERE.  Both are free!

unicorn stripes scarf

Unicorn Stripes by Antonia Shankland

A scarf in all the colours of the rainbow.  Thanks to our friends mini skeins you can get a bit of this colour with a bit of that colour to make this scarf.  Madelinetosh has just released a curated selection of colours of small skeins in her Merino Light yarn.  She calls them Unicorn Tails for obvious reasons.  Iwona has just unpacked them today!!!! You can purchase the pattern for this pretty scarf  HERE

splatterdash mittens

Spatterdash Wristwarmers by Dagmar Mora

These fancy mitts are bound to make any lovely ladies you know very happy. They are so pretty and elegant. Knit and wrapped around the hand the lacework is knit flat, and looks so great in hand dyed yarn! The pattern is free in Knitty Magazine HERE

rascal racoon mitts

Rascal Raccoon Mittens by Alison Stewart-Guinee

If the Spatterdash mittens are too fancy, how about a cute option for hand warmers, ones that look like raccoons maybe. These adorable mitts are sized from a 2 year old size to adult sizes. You can purchase the pattern HERE

simple garter stitch slippers

Simple Garter Stitch Slippers by handepande

This is a bit of a cheat because though the pattern calls for fingering weight yarn,  it is knit double stranded.  Alternatively you could use a single strand of worsted weight yarn. These simple cozy slippers have a crochet detail so the pattern is suitable for knitters who know a wee bit of crochet. This pattern is free and you can find it HERE


Spiders by Katya Novikova

Speaking of crochet, here’s one for the crocheters! This pretty scarf pattern has a lovely eyelet pattern .  You can purchase the pattern HERE


Nangou by Melanie Berg

I love this simple shawl.  It is almost all garter stitch with a subtle eyelet detail in a complimentary colour.  I really prefer shawl and scarf patterns to be reversible and this one is! You can purchase this pattern HERE

baby kimono

Garter Stitch Baby Kimono by Joji Locatelli

This very simple style looks so refined and is easy to take on and off baby.  It is sized newborn, 1-3 month. 0r 3-6 month. Perhaps you know a new Mom or Dad who needs something to warm their newborn. It is a free pattern too! Find it HERE

Next week we will showcase some projects with DK and sport weight yarns, until then get those needles working. You have 6 weeks to go!

Craftily yours



make it today – do not delay!

That’s what I said to my self this morning on the way to work.  This exclamation of “brrrrr “was followed swiftly by an “I wish I had….”.
I used to have a pair of very useful, not warm at all but elegantly stylish gloves.  They were excellent on the bike on slightly brisk mornings like this one was.  Alas, I lost one of said gloves and am now without this useful accessory. I have always felt that when one thing leaves your life it leaves room for another thing to fill it’s place.  So after a quick mourning period for the glove I bravely looked forward to making myself a light weight pair of mittens. I am constantly mooning over fair isle patterns in jolly colour combos made with fingering weight yarn.  I could have chosen any one of them and made a lovely new pair of hand warmers, but did I? I did not, or at least haven’t yet and now- well – brrrrr – I wish I had knit them in July.  Note to self to repost these realizations next July, and perhaps we will all benefit. Still it is not too late.  There are still months ahead to wear such things, and there is next year too, assuming I don’t loose them by then.

Clockwise from top left: Arrowhead by Brooklyn Tweed, Swedish Forrest by Josefine Martinsson,  Straggo by Brooklyn Tweed and Chrysanthemum by Heather Desserud.

By the way, I also wish that back in July I had made myself a light weight colourful scarf.  I could have worn it this morning. One of these ↓ might do.

On top is Color Affection by Veera Välimäki, below right is Ulmus Rectangle by Kirsten Kapur and below left is Winnowing by Brooklyn Tweed.
All these Brooklyn Tweed patterns are also available in the cafe so you can come in and peruse them at your leisure.

Did you know that the Knit Cafe has it’s very own coffee mugs? These are NOT your plastic, mass produced, corporate swag types but handcrafted porcelain.  Each is painted with a unique skein of yarn and says the knit cafe.  They are made by local artisans Thomas Aikens and Kate Hyde and are $45 each We just got a new batch in.

Inside there are polka-dots!

I was in the Toronto High Park Zoo on Monday and met this charming fellow →

I love a friendly llama!
Craftily yours

mittens for everyone (part 2 of the 6 weeks of Xmas)

Hello all.  Welcome to installment two of the 6 weeks of Xmas.  This week – week 5, we are  featuring mitten patterns.  Mittens are (I think) one of the most fun things to knit.  Fun to receive as gifts too. What says “I love you” more than a soft and cozy pair-o-mitts?  Don’t know how to make mittens? No problem- our Mitten Class still has a few spaces left.

Mitten Class
Mon Nov 21, 28, 7-9pm
Call to register- 416 533 5648

These mittens have no thumbs! This is not a design defect.  Although babies have thumbs, they don’t find it necessary to have a separate compartment in their mitts for them.  Go figure! This makes it all even easier for you (the knitter). No fuss, no muss, no thumbs! The Stay Put Mittens has a dense ribbed cuff and draw strings so that (as the name implies) the mittens stay on the hands where they belong.  There is even a cord connector so no mitten will be left behind. This is a beginnerish-intermediate, free of charge pattern found here: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/stay-put-baby-mitts

The Confetti Mitts are just about the easiest colour-work pattern you will ever do.  The stitches are slipped instead of carrying the yarn so you are only using one colour at a time. Really! Use 2 colours of Noro like we did here for amazing results, or choose 2 yarns without colour variation for more classic results.  There is a tutorial on how to line a mitten that goes along with these mitts, you can find it here.  The lining however is purely optional. Sized for children and women’s and men’s sizes too!
This pattern is a Knit Café pattern.  You can get it at the store or here: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/confetti-mitts   for $5.  It is for intermediate knitters.

The Snapdragon Mitten by Ysolda Teagues have flip-tops! You can get this pattern at the Knit Café sold on its own for $6 or as part of the designer’s book Whimsical Little Knits Two.  There is a matching tam in this book and a bunch more things you will have trouble resisting knitting immediately (if not sooner) – a hedgehog, a slouchy hat, and some pretty wrist warmers, to name a few. This is a more advanced pattern.

Two patterns from one of my favorite designers: Brooklyn Tweed.  Strago are some beautiful colour worked mittens in a Fair Isle technique.  As you can see they suit men as well as the ladies and are sized accordingly too.
Also from Brooklyn Tweed and just-arrived, are the Flint Mittens.  We got some amazing sweater patterns this week too, so look for them in our pattern binders. These lovely cabled mittens have an interesting braided trim.  Mens and womens sizes too
Both of these patterns are intermediate/advanced and are available at the Knit Café for $6.50 and $8.50 respectively.

For more advanced colour work mittens you could do no better than these Chrysanthemums Mittens.  Find them here: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/chrysanthemums-2  for free!

If you are running short of time try the Bella Mitts.  Yes – that Bella! The series Twilight, if nothing else, has brought us a lovely mitten pattern. They are made with chunky wool.  So they knit up pretty darn quick. Extra-long cuffs are nice too.  Find this intermediate pattern for free here: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/bellas-mittens

That’s all for mittens but to make them.
Craftily yours

not just for socks

Hand dyed sock yarns by Lorna’s Laces in solid colour ways.  It takes a while to get Lorna’s Laces. From ordering to delivery it is usually about 4 months.  It is always worth the wait.  The last time we got a shipment of solid dyed colours our supplies depleted rapidly.  Lorna has her fans.  Her sock yarn is wonderful to knit with and wears like iron thanks to the 20% nylon mixed in with the washable merino.
The name “Shepherd Sock” may imply socks is what this yarn is good for and although this is true, I am thinking mittens.  Fair Isle mittens are one of my favorite things and I enjoy inventing colour combinations that I might adopt to this purpose. Here are a few ↓Left: Grand Street Ink with Chagrin.
Top: Firefly with Charcoal.
Bottom right: Natural with Patina

And here are a few patterns that peak my interest↓

Clockwise from top left: Polska, Swedish Fish, Warm Woolen Mittens, Squirrel Sampler Mittens, Chrysanthemum, Latvian Mittens.

Just need to pick some colours
Craftily yours