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Burly is Back!

The fattest yarn in the shop is Burly Spun by Brown Sheep.  It’s 100% wool and knits 2-2.5 stitches per inch.  Get out your broomstick needles, 15mm, 20mm, even 25mm is ok.  You will have your project done in no time.
Come by The Knit Cafe and we can pull out sample after knit sample made from this yarn.  Some of it is knit extra tight like the Chunky Cardi which is knit with a 10mm needle.  Our Martin Scarf pattern is knit with a 15mm needle and our Mondo Neck Cozy pattern uses a 20mm. Apparently we can’t stop knitting with this wool and who can blame us – it knits-up so darn fast!

burly spun

We have a wonderful autumnal selection of colours now.   Above is Grey Heather, Jack Plum, Spring Bluebell, and Charcoal Heather.

burly spun

Prairie Fire, Bing Cherry, Sable, Oatmeal, and Oregano

burly spun

Aztec Turquoise, Cream. Deep Charcoal and Ruby Red.

chunky cardi
Chunky Cardi

martin scarf mondo cowl
Martin Scarf and Mondo Neck Cozy

You could even use the Burly Spun to make an extra big size stuffy, like an owl in our upcoming Crochet Critter Class.

Our AMIGURUMI CLASS is this Thursday!
Make a Crocheted Owl!
To Register click HERE


Craftily yours,

Fat and Fast

Burly Spun in the house!
If the fast knitter in you needs a last minute gift use this extra bulky yarn and you will get results from an evenings toil.

To celebrate the fact that this yarn made it through the door before Christmas we will reissue our pattern of the month from last month ie. the Martin Scarf (the triangular beast pictured below) till Christmas Eve.  Come in and grab the pattern. Two skeins of yarn will do it. For the road runner of all gift-making try the Mondo Neck Cozy (also below).  One skein  of Burly spun and you are done!!

Also for last minute gifts!

Hand-printed ruckus totes for yarn and other what-nots.

Or ruckus wee bags! Suitable for a bag of knit notions and goodies or loose change, or lip gloss, or what-have-yous.  The larger ruckus project bags allow you to tow around your half finished socks in a contained kind of way.  Also found to be perfect for storing double pointed needles.

A surprise inside! The backsides and the insides of ruckus bags come all patterned up with fantastic vintage fabrics that make each bag unique.

Hand-stitched cards made with extra bits of printed fabrics are gifts in themselves or great gift companions.

Make a note in your notebooks that the Knit Cafe will be closing early on Christmas Eve at 3:00pm
Closed Christmas and Boxing Day
back to regular hours December 27th.

Happy Holidays tout le monde!

Craftily yours

the next big thing

Brown Sheep Burly Spun in Spring Blue and Monarch Butterfly.
Spud and Chloe in Giggle and Wave.

Sometimes bigger is just better.
As knitters we know that chunky yarns mean quick knits and sometimes that is just the thing.  Perhaps (for example) you need a break from your Beekeeper Quilt and just want to finish something already! and well, well, well, look what comes rolling along . Hello chunky friends, my my what pretty new colours! Knitting up at  2.5 sts  and 2-3sts respectively you will be finished with whatever you embark on before you have cause to wear it. Maybe something like this…
 chunky cardi                                                                 mondo neck cozy
state st. cowl                                                                  autumn  

Craftily Yours

Errata for Chunky Cardi Pattern
Materials: Brown Sheep Burly Spun 4(4, 5, 5) skeins

correction for size XS and S SLEEVE:

Continue knitting till sleeve measures 1″. Decrease by K2tog in last 2 sts of the rnd (the underside of the sleeve).

XS: repeat this decrease every 2″ 3 more times (28sts) and continue knitting till arm measures 12″ from arm pit.
S: repeat this decrease every 2″, 5 more times (28sts) and continue knitting till arm measures 12″ from arm pit.
Sizes M and L are correct.

We apologize for the error.