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New Yarn – New Classes!

The full class schedule for the fall and winter season are now ready to peruse.  Just click on the “knit cafe classes” tab above and you will get the full scoop – descriptions, pictures, prices, dates, even a calendar!  In other words – the works!DSCN0049
Several deliveries came this week too! It must be almost September!
Big boxes from Berroco with Peruvia Quick, pictured above clockwise from top left, Palamino, Oats, Maize, and Rosa
Sea Turtle, Blue Nile, Aquamarina, and BlackDSCN0053
Gris Marengo, Francia, Caliente, and Boysenberry. 
All lovely, chunky stuff – for fast scarves and cushy sweaters.  103yds of Peruvian highland wool for $11.50.
Vintage Chunky yarn is ready, willing, and able for all your hard-wearing easy washing projects; children’s garments and slippers, for example.
Top Row:  Holly,  Cerulean,
Middle: Juniper, Tide Pool, Smoke
Bottom: Cast Iron, Cracked Pepper, Mochi
Top: Fennel
Middle: Dried Plum, Sunny
Bottom: Pumpkin, Black Cherry
Wool and Acrylic blend, 136yds is $9

The really big guns – that’s Burly Spun to you! it showed up today too. Pictures to follow.  Oh – and dreamy Blue Sky Organic Cotton!
Craftily yours


winter blues

Happy February!

The prolific and lovely Iwona has finished her sweater from a Norah Gaughan design called Geordie. Isn’t it great when something knits up just like it’s picture?

This sweater’s appearance on the scene has caused quite a ripple effect here.  Everyone who has seen it has wanted one for themselves.  More Berroco Peruvia wool is on order to make sweater dreams come true. Your favorite colour can be easily procured too.

The booklet where we found this pattern Norah Gaughan volume 9 is full of gems.  Have a look next time you’re in the Cafe.

Craftily Yours

the selfish season

At some time, a while back, I coined an expression I quite liked.  It was in a Knit Cafe Newsletter shortly after Christmas.  It was in this January Newsletter I proclaimed this time of year to be “the Selfish Season” – at least for knitters.
I think after a long period of selflessly knitting for others; thinking of their needs, sizing them up, and picking colours to suit their disposition, it is time to pay a little attention to ones own self.  I’m not talking candlelit bubble baths (although that would be nice). I am thinking that now is a good time to knit one or two things just for you.
I have been taking my own advice.

Here is a very awkward picture of me, trying to get a good shot of the cable detail on my brand new hat.  The pattern came from Brooklyn Tweed.  It is the Rosebud Hat
I thoroughly enjoyed making this hat.  A good combo of thinking and not thinking to achieve it – if you know what I mean. The pattern was clear and easy to follow.  The yarn was a dream.  I am not disclosing, as of yet what I used for the hat.  Let’s just say it was research. The Rosebud  pattern is available here at the Knit Cafe.

Iwona has been taking my advice too

She has been knitting Geordie by Norah Gaughan.  She is blocking it right now in fact, and it is looking gorgeous!  Soon it will be done and I will have a finished picture to show but I just couldn’t wait to share it.  The Geordie pattern was found in Norah Gaughan’s Book Volume 9, which has too many good patterns to mention.  Check it out next time you are in the cafe.  Iwona made this chunky cover-up with Berroco Peruvia Quick, which she has raved about!
I could also not wait to share this↓

I am no slave to fashion, but I have not been immune to how many fantastic sweaters I have been seeing on the movers and shakers around the city.  Fisherman sweaters in all their classic wooly elegance have been admired as they whiz by me on bicycles or saunter by the Knit Cafe window.  I want one! Now that I have found this I feel one is within my grasp.
The Retro Knitting Company, an online retailer of vintage pattern has a slew of such patterns to choose from.  How to choose seems to be the only hurdle.

Happy selfish season everyone!
Craftily yours

warm welcome to Berocco

Hello there stranger!
Berocco yarn may be a newcomer to our midsts but it’s reputation precedes it. Knitters who have been around the block will recognize the brand name Berocco. A name associated with fine quality hand knit yarns since the 1960’s, and now, after standing the test of all that time it has found its way into our cozy nook.

4 yarns from the Berocco catalogue are now on the Knit Cafe shelves

1. Vintage Chunky, 12 sts/4″, 50% Acrylic, 40% wool, 10% nylon, 130yds, $7

2. Peruvia Quick, 12 sts/4″, 100% Peruvian Highland Wool, 103 yds, $10

3. Blackstone Tweed, 13 sts/4″, 65% wool, 25% mohair, 10% angora, 60 yds, $10

4. Ultra Alpaca, 20sts/4″, 50% alpaca, 50% wool, 215 yds, $10

There is something different about the Berocco colour pallet.  This bold-ish statement is corroborated by Maurie who came in today and got an up close gander at the new yarn.  Without prompting from me (I promise) she remarked on the colour. It is mellow and quiet without losing any of its vividness.  Scottish colours – Maurie says. 

One of the reasons I was tempted into getting the Berocco line of yarns for the Knit Cafe is that they come out with some excellent patterns.  Case in point↓

This coat called Ravenna comes from Vintage Book #302 -sweet as pie sweater and accessory patterns on every page.

Above are sweaters knit from Peruvian Quick yarn. On the left is Kaide from Norah Gaughan’s Volume 9 and on the right a free Berocco pattern called Aidez

Also from Volume 9, on the left is Gullveig knit in Ultra Alpaca and on the right is Tavis knit in Blackstone Tweed
Berocco’s pattern collection is spearheaded by the talented Norah Gaughan whose latest book  (Volume 9) is off the charts; replete with stunning patterns. The sweater recipes are teeming with gorgeous cables.  Cables appear to be a knit- trend for this season and that is no disappointment to me.
Note to newbie knitters: cables are not as hard as they look!
We also have the Norah Gaughan collections Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 8 and her Men’s Collection.  All of them are full of gems!    

 More yarn updates to come next time,                                                                                        Craftily Yours – Kristin