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Big Apple Adventures

Sigh! I heart NY!
An inside-to-out photo from Purl Soho.  A pretty yarn store whose reputation precedes it.   Their blog, full of inspirational projects is called the Purl Bee.  It is a favorite go-to place to find free and fantastic patterns.  The online Purl store has glam-shots of yarn and is always on the cutting edge of what is new and current in the world of yarn.  That is soooooo New York!

I couldn’t resist buying some souvenirs.  Soon no doubt, you will see new projects and new yarns in the shop.  The fallout from this adventure.
For now you will have to make do with some more pics.  Continue reading for more! More NY art! more NY design! more NY colour! more NY gab!

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Sunday’s Soho Cowl

Yes – I was in New York – and now I am home safe and sound in sleepy Toronto. We do sleep here and that is not so bad.

I did get a bit of the inspiration bug that is going around and  especially contagious when one goes abroad.

Here is one of the charming things that caught my eye

“What yarn is that?”  I asked the man behind Purl Soho’s counter who was busy winding yarn.  “Blue Sky Alpaca Cotton” he answered, cleverly mixed here and there with cotton thread – I said “cleverly” not him.  It is clever!  A muted background with glimmers of colour and a simple garter stitch is all it takes. Find details on how it is done at the purl bee .

A couldn’t resist putting together a few colour ways of my ownHere is a few colour ways of Blue Sky Alpaca’s Organic Cotton paired with wee balls of Valdani’s hand dyed perle cotton.  You might also want to mix lace weight yarn or plain old sewing thread into this project.  The more – the merrier.

More on New York knit adventures to come…