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Oxford Punch Needles at The Knit Cafe

The Knit Café now carries all sizes of Amy Oxford’s Punch Needles!

These rug hooking needles are the best. They are made for comfortable punching thanks to the curvy, smooth, wooden handle and the sleek, surgical steel needle.  The Oxford Punch Needles come in a variety of sizes so you can switch the size of your yarn and also change the length of your pile for lots of interesting textural possibilities.

I have made a handy chart for The Knit Cafe to illustrate!

The Oxford Punch Needles come in sizes #14, #13, #10, #9 and #8. It breaks down like this:

#14 creates the shortest pile and only comes in “Fine” (which is for worsted or DK weight yarns. It makes 3mm tall pile
#13 is slightly taller with 4.75mm tall pile. Also only comes in “Fine”
#10 comes in both “Fine” and “Regular”. “Regular needles suit bulky yarns.
The #10 has 6.35mm high pile.
#9 also comes in both “Fine” and “Regular”. The pile is 9.5mm.
#8 comes in both “Fine” and “Regular”. the pile is 12.7mm high

So which one should you choose?

Choose the “Fine” size if you think you want more details in your pieces.
Choose the “Regular” size if speedy punching is important or if you plan to make less detailed more abstract work and like those fat stitches!

Choose a lower pile for details and a cleaner look. Choose taller piles for more texture! The chart shows the longest pile – the #8 twice. The first time in the grey is made with the standard punching technique and the maroon yarn shows the piles of the yarn cut to get a tufted effect. It’s shaggy!!! Another kind of texture for you to try. The centre of the chart that is not marked in the lilac colour has no pile length because it is punched on the other side. This is a great way to get a flat look and can be done with any size of punch needle.

Check out the Oxford Punch Needles at The Knit Café HERE

The next Punch Needle Class at The Knit Café
is Tuesday July 9, 2019, 6:30-9pm.
Register HERE

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rug hooking and punch needle supplies

It is fun trying new things, non?
Iwona and I have been really enamoured with all the rug hooking projects we have been seeing about lately. This traditional textile craft is back in vogue thanks to talented artisans like Arounna Khounnoraj who is teaching a Punch Needle Class here at The Knit Café in October.

Here’s the gist: Punch Needles and traditional Rug Hooking Tools are used to pull loops of yarn or fabric through an even-weave fabric. With a skilled hand and a little imagination all sorts of beautiful designs can be made this way.

A traditional rug hooking tool looks like this ↑. These hooks can ben used with a variety of sizes of  yarns with different textures and also wool fabric or other cloth cut into strips. Find the hooks in our webshop HERE.  Thanks to our lovely collaborator Maurie Todd, The Knit Café has been offering Rug Hooking lessons for years.

Once you have your tool you will need a “foundation cloth” on which to build your masterpiece. One option is Primitive Linen. This 100% linen fabric is woven loosely enough to use with a rug hooking tool and also with larger punch needle tools like the Amy Oxford Fine Tool. Another option is Monks Cloth which is woven with 100% cotton and works great with both traditional rug hooking tools and Oxford Punch Needles both Regular and Fine.
Punch Needle tools are made in different sizes to fit different sized yarns. Shown above is the Oxford Punch Needle Fine which takes worsted weight yarns. The Knit Café has  Oxford Punch Needles in stock in the bricks and mortar shop only.

Here I am trying out the Oxford Punch Needle Regular Size on the Monks Cloth ↑ . This is the back side of the work but is it the right side?

This is the side I was looking at while I was working which is traditionally the wrong side but many contemporary needle punchers like this side better. What do you think?

FYI: With a traditional Rug Hooking Tool you are looking at the side with the three dimensional pile while you are working.

The Knit Café also carries the Ultra Punch Needle Tool.  This is a fine needle that comes with interchangeable tips so a selection of fine yarns and threads can be used with this tool.

We used the Ultra Punch and scraps of fingering weight yarn to make our Open Sign.

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Last Day of Sale and Holiday Hours!

saleStill one more day (Monday December 30) to take advantage of our 15% off sale!

Then on Tuesday (New Year’s Eve) we will be closing early at 5pm. No S&B, so save all your Christmas and New Year’s stories for next week and we’ll see ya then.
We will also be closed on New Year’s Day, and it’s back to
business on the 2nd.

If you are on holiday and have a little time on your hands – I have a few links to share.  They are good for a chuckle or two.
Have a look at:

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Holiday Hours
Tuesday December 31rst, 10am-5pm
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rug hooking ♥

Do you love rug hooking like I love rug hooking?
You don’t have to be an artistic genius to make a really beautiful rug hooking.  Hyper realistic designs rarely make an appearance, and rug hooking is so much the better for it.  Think Maude Lewis, not so much Alex Colville!
altoon sultanRug hooked project by Altoon Sultan↑

Also, take inspiration from Matisse, Rothko, or Marimekko, and go for big, bold and abstract and you won’t go wrong. Stripes, polka dots, and geometric shapes all make wonderful templates for a rug hooked design.  The personality comes with the colour choice and the texture and don’t forget the “je ne sais quoi”.

hooked chair seat

Case in point- this chair cover.

rug hooked house

If you want to get pictorial, you don’t have to get fancy.  This house is made up of simple shapes and is still a really appealing design. This rug hooking  pic is by  Becky Johnson taken at the Textile Museum.

Introduction to Rug Hooking Workshop
$30, materials not included
Call to register 416 533 5648

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i’m hooked

On Thursday May 19th the Knit Cafe will be offering a Rug Hooking Class!! The image above shows off a cute peacock with mohair plumage made by the talented Maurie Todd who teaches the class.
Easy to do, rug hooking is great for getting rid of all the scrappy bits and pieces that seem to fill up ones drawers, or baskets or for some of you (yikes!) closets. I love the idea of making your own rug that squishes under your feet, but there is more to rug hooking then rugs.  Tea cozies, trivets,  wall hangings, coasters, picture frames, are other possible applications.

My fantasy rug is this one.  A Boucherouite Rug made in Morocco, a good inspiration for a rug of my own. The Rug Hooking Class  is on May 19th (the class date has been changed and this is the up to date info) from 6:30-9pm.  It costs $30 with a materials fee of $10.50 covering hook, hoop and fabric backing.  To register for the class call us 416 533 5648
Happy hooking!