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weather dilemmas

What to wear? I have made some missteps in the last few weeks.  Today I am wearing the woolies when lighter fair is clearly indicated by the increasing sunshine.  Who knows what tomorrow will bring. In the uncertain days to come we might find ourselves going between extremes.

This new shipment of Berroco which included Peruvia Quick (on the right) and Vintage Chunky (on the left) are becoming favored yarns here for their quick-knit results and price points – $11 and $9 respectively.
The Peruvia is what made this marvelous jacket ↓ what it is.  A good alternative for the coldish days that may still descend around us (it is still March after all) and will certainly return.

The Geordie pattern by Norah Gaughan can be found in her Volume 9 which we have stocked at the Knit Cafe.  We also have Norah’s latest book, Volume 10 with her spring collection of flowy open cardigans, and lacy knits.

This week we have also received some Dream in Color Classy.  Pictured here: Fierce Scarlet, Aqua Jet, Happy Forest, Grey Tabby, Amethyst Ink. This worsted, superwash yarn, $20 per skein, inspired our Sexy Shrug pattern.  A good shoulder warmer for the spring days and evenings ahead of us. See these happy shrug wearers!  The Judy is wearing a Dream in Color Classy version in Vino Veritas.  Edie and Aurelie look amazing in their own summer- ready colour choices.

If you have never knitted lace before, but would like to make your own version of the Sexy Shrug, please do not despair.  We are offering a class to introduce lace-making techniques and the project knitted in class is the very same Sexy Shrug.

Lace Shrug Class
Monday March 26, April 2, break, 16, 7-9pm
$72, materials not included
To register call the Knit Cafe 416 533 5648

Craftily yours


New and Everlasting

I am taking a break from my series of felt posts, to update you all on the fantastic new yarns that have arrived at the Knit Cafe over the last few weeks. We are particularly excited as  3 of the arrivals are new additions to our yarn menu.From Cascade is a sport weight yarn. The little sister yarn to big brother Cascade 220.  Knitting at 22-24 stitches per 4 inches, and available in a rainbow  of colours (as you can see). This yarn is easy on the wallet. $6 per.
“Everlasting 12 ply dk luxurious handpainted yarn”.  I just copied this straight from the label but every word is true.  This yarn (called Everlasting) is by Dream in Colour.  The label goes on to say that there is 275 yds per skein, that it knits to 5.5-6 stitches per inch, and is made from 100% superwash Australian merino wool.  Also true! It does not say it is gorgeous, but this is true as well.
If you are looking for something to do with this new selection of  yarn, a tertiary glance at the new Interweave Magazine (which also arrived this week) brought me to this standout pattern.

The Dahlia Cardigan has a lovely lace back panel  and a draped front with  pretty details on the cuffs.

Hello “Starry” by Dream in Colour! The stars come from 2% silver fibres.  The rest is much like Dream in Colour’s Smooshy – merino superwash yarn. This fingering weight yarn has  a bit of flash!Congratulations to our friend Aurelie for finishing her Knitalong project.  This Sexy Shrug was made in a glorious colour of Peace Fleace.

More felt finds to come next time.
Craftily Yours

what a difference a yarn makes

Think back to June. Remember  when I enthusiasticly introduced the discover of the orange crush blanket. This yet to be released Knit Cafe crochet pattern is still in production and with pattern production comes pattern testing.  Here is Kate’s version of the blanket, as pretty as a garden in summer.  The green grass background  is made out of Handmaiden Casbah and Fleece Artist Trail Sock. Both are soft and dreamy sock yarns, both are washable.  Perfect for a baby blanket which this beauty is destined to be.
The flower centers are made from the bits and pieces of past projects that lay about in waiting.  In this case all powerful pinks: furry mohair, sock yarn, and boucle.  Kate tells me some angora may make an appearance soon. Sweet!
So nice to see the same project made in completely different materials.  The blanket Iwona is making is a much heavier weight (worsted) and made from solid coloured yarns (not hand dyes).

Another example of a project stitched with a difference is this Sexy Shrug.

Edie Kim and her shrug are the first to pass the finish line in the Sexy Shrug Knitalong! Edie’s shrug was stitched with a petal-soft coloured worsted weight so different then the colour we chose for our shrug which was earthy and deep.  the light as air colour-way really shows off the stitch pattern in the lace.  Love it!

Carte blanche is what you have when you make your own things.  A complete and utter artistic license.   Changing colour, texture, size and shape with whimsy or considered calculation leads to items of individualistic character. Vive la difference! 

Craftily Yours

sexy shrug KnitAlong

A Knitalong is a nice way to keep summer-knitting slap-happy.  Some of the folks who join us at the Knit Cafe regularly have started one.  The Sexy Shrug knitalong began Tuesday May 31. Already the shrugs are well on their way.  Take a gander!

This is the Knit Cafe’s already finished version of the Sexy Shrug just in case you were wondering what the end result might be.  Knit-up in Dream in Colour Classy (which is a worsted weight yarn). The colour shown is “In Vino Veritas” which translates to “in wine there is truth” Indeed!

What do you need to start your own knitalong?
First you need a project.
Then you need some knitters.
Then you need a convenient and regular way to get in touch.
The internet is a great tool for a virtual knitalong.  Meeting in person is nice too. Our Sexy Shrug Knitalong is being propelled by two types of communicators.
1.  The knitters meet consistently at our Tuesday night Stitch and Bitch.
2. Email addresses were exchanged.  Comments, concerns and status updates can be imparted this way. This is some of the chatter this week:

Hi Ladies,  Are we starting this tonight at the KC? ~ C

I have a confession…I cast on for my shrug last night. I can never concentrate enough at the Knit Cafe to get the right number, so I am all ready! ~S

I vote this the most adorable confession of the day! ~R

I  believe this project is not good for the subway either. Second try failed miserably in row 3. Will try again in the peacefulness of my hotel in room in Frankfurt.  Good luck everyone. ~A

Haha,  I had a very good row 3- 6, with branching out to Continental purl rows oh my!~E

If you are also knitting the Sexy Shrug and have some pics or some comments – send them along! ~ME!

Craftily yours