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New Yarn for a New Year

Hello beautiful New Year!

riverside studio sock

We’ve got delicious yarn from Riverside Studio to ring it in. This Quebecois hand dyer has some splashy colour ways I think you’re really gonna like. Above, check out Super Sock! It’s a blend of merino with nylon in a fingering weight.

riverside studio worsted

…and these guys ↑ are 100% merino, spun into a super-soft, one ply. worsted weight. This is the yarn we chose for one of our most recent patterns –
Starry Night Chapeau

starry night

We also have lovely range of colours in Shibui Silk Cloud ready for gawking at.
Silk Cloud blends silk with kid mohair into a delicate, lace weight strand that knits into the most elegant garments and accessories.

shibui silk cloud

With these nine colours to choose from imagine all the different permeatations and colour combos that could be developed for The Knit Café’s Clouds Shawl ↓


For those of you who like those fast and bulky knits I am happy to report that we have a new batch of Malabrigo Rasta in stock.  ↓

rasta malabrigo

This hand dyed, merino wool weighs in as a super bulky, as does Brown Sheep Burly Spun which is also fully stocked here at The Knit Café. In fact – the shelves are chock-a-block full and ready to make knit dreams come true.
Craftily yours


Start Your Fall Knit-Dreaming Now

We’ve been busy here at The Knit Café. Busy – designing patterns, busy – getting out the class schedule which is now ready for your inspection HERE, and busy – stocking up on delicious yarn so we will be all ready for the Fall Knitting Season. It’s coming!

brooklyn tweed shelter

We are stuffed to the gills with Brooklyn Tweed thanks to a nice big order that came in over the last few weeks. Both Loft (fingering) and Shelter (worsted) are resplendent in the shop and fully stocked in the webshop.
Our new batch of Shelter includes Brooklyn Tweed’s new marled colours. They are pictured above.

Madelinetosh chunky

We also received an order of Madelinetosh. Hooray! See above all the pretty colours of Madelinetosh Chunky; many of which were chosen from Madelinetosh’s Fall Seasonal Colours 2016.

Madelinetosh Prairie

We also received lace weight from Madelinetosh – Prairie.

shibui silk cloud

and Silk Cloud from Shibui.

Mix these two beauties together and what do you get? Sashiko!sashiko

This amazing shawl designed by Iwona really shows off what Prairie and Silk Cloud can do when they are combined. Make up your own colour combinations or knit it up in the original colour pallet. Check out the Sashiko pattern HERE.

Are you excited about Fall knitting yet?

Craftily yours


what the Easter Bunny left us.

It was either the Easter Bunny or the UPS delivery guy (I get them confused) but regardless we received some real treats over this last week.

rowan dk

These little bundles look much like Easter eggs don’t they? They are the little cousins of Rowan Pure Wool Worsted. These 50 gram egg shaped balls of DK weight yarn are comprised of 100% superwash wool, which means they are washer safe as well as being cute!  They are also a very economical choice, only $7 a ball.

shibui silk cloud

One of our favourite yarns ever came in this week too! Check it out! It’s Shibui Silk Cloud. This yarn is a dreamy blend of silk and mohair in a whisper fine lace weight yarn. We have used it in several of our Knit Café patterns including Clouds.shibui cloud






We also received some really beautiful skeins of sock yarn from Fleece Artist. It is so amazing to me how each hand dyer we have welcomed to the store over the last few months have such a unique sense of colour. These Fleece Artist skeins are completely different then anything that has preceded them. I have taken a few pics of the ones that are striking my fancy ↓ but there are many more.

fleece artistfleece artistfleece artistfleece artistfleece artist

Craftily yours

Today is a bit sunnier due to the clouds

Today we got a package from Shibui Knits.
A box filled with one of our favourite yarns.
It’s Shibui Silk Cloud!

shibui silk cloud cloudcloudcloudcloudcloudcloudcloudcloud

We are so pleased to have this soft and shimmery, light as air yarn on the shelves. Perhaps the number one reason is so that we can walk over and pet it any time we like, but another is so that we can put more colour combinations together for the Knit Café patterns that feature this silk, mohair yarn.

The Clouds Pattern uses 4 colours of Shibui Silk Cloud. Pictured below is our “Lawren Harris” colour combination. We used the paintings of the Group of Seven to guide us in choosing the colours for this shawl pattern. You can see some of our other choices HERE

cloud blue combo

We also used Shibui Silk Cloud when we designed the Sashiko Cowl/Scarf Pattern. In this case the fine mohair silk is double stranded with an equally fine hand dyed merino by Madelinetosh. The result is a subtle blending of colours and an incredibly unique texture. Some mathematician somewhere can calculate how many colour combinations are possible for the Sashiko but not I.


In the picture we used Madelinetosh Prairie in the Morning Dove colour, and Shibui Silk Cloud in Pollen, Ash, and Suit. All of which we have stocked on the shelves in The Knit Café.

Craftily yours


A sell out of a knit pattern- Sashiko

We introduced this pattern at the Knitter’s Frolic 2015 to many oohs and ahs. In fact we sold out of all The Knit Cafe’s Knit Kits and all the patterns too for this new design we call Sashiko.  We were delighted by the response.

There are pictures here of this new neck draper but they really don’t do it justice. Please come into the shop and see it!


Our latest neck-draper pattern was the product of inspiration! A love of sashiko was where it all began.  Sashiko is a tradition Japanese embroidery technique where white thread embellishes indigo fabric in repetitive stitching. This meditative art produces a pattern quiet and sublime. To emulate the sashiko effect, we used two strands of contrasting coloured yarns held together and knit in one of the loveliest knit stitches known to mankind; the linen stitch. This wonderful slip-stitch pattern creates a dense fabric that looks more like weaving then knitting. The simple linen stitch, in all its delicate glory was another inspiration for this Knit Café pattern. Yet another inspiration – was beautiful, beautiful yarn!

shibui silk cloudmadelinetosh prairie
Two very different but complimentary yarns were chosen to create this fabric. Soft and richly coloured single ply merino from Madelinetosh is whisper fine in lace weight; it is blended with fuzzy and glossy Shibui Cloud, a blend of mohair and silk. The result is a light, fine fabric with a bit of a halo and divinely nuanced colour. One skein of Madelinetosh Prairie is uninterrupted throughout, and complimented by three different colours of Shibui Silk Cloud.  When two colours of Cloud meet a blurred line results, much like the meeting of colours in a painting by Rothko



You can knit your Sashiko into a wrap-happy scarf or an extra wide cowl with delicate buttons along one side. Instructions for both versions can be found in the pattern.

The pattern for Sashiko is available on Ravelry HERE

Or come by the shop for a copy of the pattern and pick up some Shibui Silk Cloud and Madelinetosh Prairie for your version of Sashiko

Craftily yours



We’re so happy to see the Clouds!

We have more Shibui Silk Cloud nestled snuggly in the shelves and we couldn’t be happier. silk cloudCloud is a resplendent blend of silk and mohair. It is so soft, and light as air. The strands are whisper thin but the mohair gives it lots of body, the silk gives it shimmer.

We created The Knit Cafe’s Clouds Shawl from Shibui Silk Cloud and I am delighted to say that Knit Kits for this project are back in the store and in the webshop

cloud combo

There are several new colour combinations to choose from. All our colour-ways for Clouds are inspired by Group of Seven painters, who scoured the Canadian landscape and projected what they saw on their canvases in vivid colours. Have a look at the Frederick Varley , A. Y. Jackson, and Frank Johnston colours!

If you’re in the neighbourhood of 55 Roncesvalles you can create your own colour design for your custom Clouds shawl. I’m no mathematician but I hazard to say there are hundreds of possibilities!

Craftily yours

Something Lovely and New, and Coming Soon!

So much has been happening in the Knit Café Web Shop!

We are so pleased that we have begun the process of pairing Knit Café original patterns with our favourite yarns to create Knit Café Kits.  We’ve managed to get three in the shop and are working on many more.

blackberry comboTremblant-Blanket for web

cloud combo The Blackberry Hat, and the Tremblant Blanket, and Clouds all have spots of honor in the Knit Cafe’s Webshop in a brand new category – Knit Kits!
We know that every great pattern is not nearly as great if you don’t have the correct yarn to knit it in.  Now, if you live afar from The Knit Café in Toronto you can order yarn and pattern together and begin your knitting as soon as you open the box.

…but that’s not all that’s new….

If you haven’t checked in with theknitcafetoronto.com for a while you may not know that we have introduced our first feature yarns there.  Feature yarns are some of the newest and best of the Knit Café stock.  These yarns will rotate on a regular basis.  They’re here for a good time, not a long time, you might say. In fact they will be changing to a brand new batch of goodies soon.

turtlepurl worstedshibui silk cloud


For now, you can purchase online the magically self-striping Turtlepurl Worsted, ethereal Shibui Silk Cloud, or super-soft Manos del Uruguay Maxima. Yum!

…but that’s not all that’s new….

Something LOVELY is coming to the Knit Cafe’s web shop this Saturday February 14th.


In truth, the shop proper will not be left out – there is a little sweetness coming to 55 Roncesvalles too, starting February 14th.
Tune in next time, for more clues and news.

Craftily yours


I got sunshine on a cloudy day!

shibui silk cloud

Look at these↑ beauties!  It is Silk Cloud by Shibui, a dreamy blend of silk and mohair, that is fine as lace, and silky soft to the touch.  Knit it up and you will feel that it is light as a cloud!  The colours are radiant and gorgeous!
To celebrate their arrival we thought we would pre-release one of the patterns we have been developing.  Sorry this is only an in store preview, the pattern will be ready for one and all to download soon, but if you are in the Rouncesvalles neighbourhood drop by.  You  can check out the Shibui Silk Cloud and if you fancy it you can get our new “Cloud” pattern free with purchase of the Silk Cloud yarn.

shibui cloud

Here is a teaser.  It is a detail pic of our “Cloud” patten all knit up.
To see it in all it’s glory, you will have to come by the shop.

The “Cloud” pattern will only be free with purchase till the end of the month!

silk cloud

See you soon
Craftily yours


I got sunshine – on a cloudy day!

There is nothing cold and damp about these fluffy clouds.  Silk Cloud is here!

For those of you who think that mohair is close kin to prickly pear then you have not yet met this yarn from Shibui.  Mohair and silk combine and conquer in this lace weight yarn.  The silk contributes the soft and the shiny, and the mohair brings the fluff. Bring on the fluff!

Yarn this fine is great for shawls, even lacy ones.  I know what you’re thinking – will the mohair not distract from the lace patterning?  This mohair offers more of a halo then an afro, and I have seen it used to good effect even with lace.
For something else look here.  You won’t be sorry!

Lovely linen! I am convinced that it is the best summer knitting fibre.  This yarn stays cool and crisp even when you feel a little hot and droopy.  It gets softer and softer with wear and wash.

Have a closer look.  What a neat texture!  Fine linen threads are braided to make a sport weight yarn. 24-28 sts/10cm.

These nine colours of linen added to our pretty array of Euroflax mean a whole lot of choice.  That is good news for those of us who are smitten with linen.
Shibui Linen is $15 for 225m, Silk Cloud is $18.50 for 300m.

Craftily yours