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signature needles

The Knit Cafe is working on getting a selection of Signature Knitting Needles to have in the store.  You may have heard of Signature Needle, but then again you may not have. They are not to be found everywhere.
If Addi Turbos are the Cadillac of needles then Signatures are the Rolls Royce. Expertly crafted needles are made by a knitter for knitters.  Reading the rave reviews of these needles is enough to peak a gals curiosity.  I could add my own testimonial to the bunch.  Although I have only samples them I was smitten by the Signature Circular needles.  I feel they may be spoilers in fact for any other needles.
The best thing about these tools is they can be custom designed by you-the knitter. We invite you to DESIGN YOUR OWN NEEDLES.
First -Go to the Signature Needle website and check out the options.
Choose the style: straight, dpn, circular
Choose the tip: stiletto, middy, blunt
Choose the length: for circulars choose the length of the needles and the cord
Choose the size: this forces you to analyze what kind of things you knit.  What is your favorite needle size anyway? Something to ponder!
Choose the cap style: if they are straight you can get bell, spiral, or teardrop tip
For DPN’s you can choose to get a set of 4 or 5
Needles come in pleasing colours: green for 4mm, gold for 5mm, etc

Then- call us or come in and let us know what you would like.  We will order it for you.  Straight needles will cost $36, Circular $44, DPN set of 4 $49, DPN set of 5 $59. These prices are more then what are listed on the Signature site but are less then what you would pay ordering direct when shipping and the exchange is added.
We will be taking a 50% deposit with orders and will be ordering by November 18.  So let us know soon.  416 533 5648