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Soho Scarf gets easier

The Soho Scarf is a pattern you can find right here, right now on this Knit Cafe Blog!  It’s free and ready to go!  It was designed to be simple.  A triangular shape scarf with no fussy patterning, just simple increases to make the shape and fun stripes – cause they’re fun! There are a few nice details; a slip stitch edge, and a defined centre spine.  Both of these are easy to do too!soho scarf2Because this is an easy project it is great for beginners to try. To make it even easier for these newbie knitters I have added some additional information to the original pattern in the form of tutorials.
That’s what I said tutorialS – there is more then one

M1 copyThere is a Slip Stitch Edge Tutorial,

and an Increasing Stitches Tutorial for both the “make one left” and the “make one right” that are used in the pattern.

There is also a Tutorial for Changing Colours When Striping.

No excuses now, you can do it. Find the pattern HERE.  If you have other questions about the pattern not covered by my clever tutorials – please let me know.

Happy scarf-making
Craftily yours