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 One of big trends I am noticing in 2011 is stripes and chevrons. I see it everywhere- clothing, home furnishing, curtains, rugs wallpapers and the list goes on and on.
Inspired by this graphic look I decided to create couple of projects for spring.
One of the projects is French Nautical Striped Scarf made with striking lace weight Misty Alpaca. I have to be honest here; the scarf took a long time to make, but after casting off and blocking I was rewarded with a beautifully draping, soft hipster scarf. What I liked about knitting this project was being able to knit while watching movies or during our busy Stitch & Bitch group. We all need a break from intense patterns once in a while. I found this scarf to be very mindless and relaxing as it is knit in simple stocking stitch and for some excitement changing colour every few rows.Here is the pattern:

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