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Soho Scarf

A pattern for you.
In commemoration of my trip to Purl Soho last May, where I got the yarn to make this triangular scarf I am calling this pattern Soho Scarf.

The scarf is made from MadelineTosh Merino Light which we have a pretty collection of in the store.  This is a a beauuuuuutiful yarn to work with.  So soft!  It is a one ply which makes it quite a unique fingering weight yarn, very delicate and subtle and so perfect for shawls and scarves.



All the materials for the Soho Scarf are available in a Knit Café Knit Kit with yarn and printed pattern  HERE

Materials: 2 colours Madelinetosh Merino Light 420 yds, 384 m each
pictured in Clover (main colour) and Sequoia (contrast colour).  I had much left over of Sequoia, probably enough to make  another scarf with it as the contrast colour again.
3.5mm circular needle 80cm
2 stitch markers

Gauge: 25 sts/ 10 cm (4 inches) in stocking stitch

Finished Dimensions: 122cm (48 inches) long, and 58cm (23 inches) deep

Pattern Notes: This scarf is made beginning at the neck edge and working towards the border.  4 increases every other row makes the triangular shape, two surrounding the mid point and one on each selvedge edge. There is a garter stitch border of 2 stitches along the selvedge and a wide garter stitch finale border.
Abbreviations: pm=place marker, Sl1=slip one, M1L=make one left, M1R= make one right, sm=slip marker, wyib=with yarn in back.

With contrast colour CO 5 sts
Row 1: Sl1, K1, pm, P1, pm, K2 (markers are added on this row around the mid stitch)
Row 2: Sl1, K1, M1L, sm, K1, sm, M1R, K2
Row 3: Sl1, K1, P3 (slipping markers), K2

Row 4: Sl1, K1, M1L, K to m, M1R, sm, K1, sm, M1L, K to last 2 M1R, K2
Row 5: Sl1, K1, P to last 2 sts (slipping markers) K2
repeat these rows once more (15sts) and change to main colour.
Repeat rows 4 and 5 with main colour
Repeat rows 4 and 5 with contrast colour
continue in this manner changing colours every 2 rows till scarf measures 48cm (19 inches) or desired length from CO, ending with main colour row.

Border is in garter stitch
Row 1: Sl1, K1, M1L, K to m, M1R, sm, Sl1 wyib, sm, M1L, K to last 2 sts, M1R, K2
Row 2: Sl1, K to m, sm, P1, sm, K to end
Repeat these 2 rows till border is 8cm (3.25 inches) or desired length.
BO loosely (use a crochet bind off or a larger needle)

Pattern Tutorials

Slipping Stitches
This scarf pattern has a narrow garter stitch border with a slip stitch edge. This is how I slipped my stitches to create a nice and neat flat edge of interconnecting V’s.

slip 1Insert your needle into the stitch like you would if you were purling it (from right to left)

slip 2Slip that first stitch off your left needle so it sits on the right.

slip 3
Before you move on… bring the working yarn in between the two needles from the front to the back position (like you would if you were changing from a purl stitch to a knit).  Now continue… you’ve slipped your stitch!

means make one left and here is how you do it.

m11Pick up the yarn that runs in between the two stitches

M12Put it on your left needle. The leg of the yarn in front of the needle should be a step ahead of the one hanging behind the needle.

M13Knit this new stitch through the back loop.  Knitting through the back loop tightens up the stitch and prevents a hole. This will certainly feel stiff!

stands for make one right and this is how you do it.M1R1Pick up the yarn in between the two stitches (see figure 1 for M1L) and put it on the left needle.  In this case the leg of the yarn in front of the needle should be bringing up the rear and the leg hanging behind the needle should be a step ahead.

M1R2Knit this new stitch through the front of the stitch like a regular ol’ knit.
This will also feel tight and awkward – this is how it should be!

Colour Changes

starting new colour copyWhen you first add your Main Colour Yarn you will want to maintain your slip stitch edge. This can be a bit confusing but it is easy!
Just slip your first stitch as always and reposition your working yarn in the back (as always).  Then knit your next stitch with your new colour!

When you already have both colours in play and you want to to switch from one to the other you can do so like this ↓

changing colours1Slip the first stitch and put the yarn in the back (like always)

changing colours 2Twist your yarn colours so they interlock by putting the previous row’s colour under the new colour. WHEN YOU SWITCH FROM ONE COLOUR TO ANOTHER KEEP YOUR TENSION VERY VERY LOOSE.  I can not stress this enough. This side of your work has a tendency to tighten up and you end up with a puckered edge, so err on the side of loosey-goosey .

soho scarf3

Good luck with your scarves one and all, and have fun too!

Click HERE for and Easy to Print PDF
Craftily yours