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Soho Scarf gets easier

The Soho Scarf is a pattern you can find right here, right now on this Knit Cafe Blog!  It’s free and ready to go!  It was designed to be simple.  A triangular shape scarf with no fussy patterning, just simple increases to make the shape and fun stripes – cause they’re fun! There are a few nice details; a slip stitch edge, and a defined centre spine.  Both of these are easy to do too!soho scarf2Because this is an easy project it is great for beginners to try. To make it even easier for these newbie knitters I have added some additional information to the original pattern in the form of tutorials.
That’s what I said tutorialS – there is more then one

M1 copyThere is a Slip Stitch Edge Tutorial,

and an Increasing Stitches Tutorial for both the “make one left” and the “make one right” that are used in the pattern.

There is also a Tutorial for Changing Colours When Striping.

No excuses now, you can do it. Find the pattern HERE.  If you have other questions about the pattern not covered by my clever tutorials – please let me know.

Happy scarf-making
Craftily yours

meow, meow, meow, meow

more kittens in the litter!
Anzula Cloud – the kitten soft yarn comes in delicious popsicle colours that look very appropriate for spring.  We’ve added a few more to our line-up.

See here ↑ Candied Apple, Periwinkle, and Red Shoe -$32.50/525 m(575 yds)

This blanket by Carol Findlay, is the first project I have seen to make use of this beautiful yarn.  This may be the softest blanket ever, made for a not yet arrived baby-girl.

The good yarn news does not stop there.  We also received 1 of 3.

1 0f 3 boxes of Madeline Tosh yarn!
Number 1 contained Merino Light. Some Smart-Alecs have bought up one of the colours before I even had a chance to see it.  I hope they will give me a glimpse of their projects as they work them out. Still there is a good array of hues left -as you can see. Merino Light is $19 for 384 metres (420 yards)

Just in time for the Triangular Scarf Class that is coming along this April. Choose 2 colours of beautiful Madeline Tosh Merino Light to make this striped-up cravat. Newbie knitters are welcome in this class, only knit and purl basics are the requirements.  Learn how:
to add a smooth like silk selvedge edge into your knit scarves
to make increases in a variety of ways
to add coloured stripes into your repertoire of knitting achievements
to create a loose and stretchy bind off
to follow the pattern to create this fine triangular scarf (perfect for the spring)
If you are up to date on all these skills then find the pattern for the Soho Scarf here.  It is free to use from me to you.

Triangular Scarf Class
2 session class
Thursday April 19 and Friday April 20,  7-9pm
$50, materials not included
Call to register 416 533 5648

Craftily yours

martin scarf update

It was just a tease in the beginning. 
…but now The Martin Scarf is within your grasp.
We first featured this pattern as a Knit Cafe pattern of the month.  This extra bulky triangular shaped neck warmer with pompom finials is a super-fun and fast knit suitable for beginners.  Garter stitch (knitting every row) is employed along with an easy kind of an increase. These along with pom pom or tassel making skills are all the know-how you need to make this guy.

You can find The Martin Scarf for purchase on ravelry.  We hope to have a paper pattern in the store soon.
To make this project even more enticing I am pleased to recount that we have a new shipment of the extra bulky yarn that we used for our Martin Scarf project.  Look at these gorgeous colours of fat and wormy Burly Spun by Brown Sheep.  We have all these hues plus tried and true neutrals: 3 tones of grey, and black, cream and brown.

For a scarf-sublime you may want to substitute one of these yarns to make your project with.  On the left- Spud and Chloe Outer, which is a blend of cotton and wool, and on the right Blue Sky Bulky Alpaca Bulky, 50% alpaca, 50% wool.  Both are dreamy and soft and will make the scarf quite a decadent thing indeed.
That’s all there is for a Wednesday.
Craftily yours

The 6 weeks of Xmas (Knit-Style) Part 1

Last year I started a tradition.
In the Knit Cafe’s newsletter just about 6 weeks before Christmas I started bombarding folks with emails.  One a week.  Each email containing many splendid ideas of what one might knit if one had the inclination to knit Christmas gifts for some of the near and the dear.  I thought I would share some of these thoughts with y’all too – dear blog readers.
So here is part 1 of The 6 Weeks of Xmas entitled “Hipster Scarves”

The Hitchhiker scarf is actually part of a series of 4 scarves.  All of them are knit in garter stitch, all of them asymmetrical.  Each has a slightly different trim, scalloped or ruffled, or eyeleted. The elongated triangular shape of this scarf makes it easier to tie up then many triangular shawls.  The garter stitch will make it a bit faster to knit.  You can download the scarf here: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/hitchhiker for 2.50 EUR.  It is a beginner-ish/ intermediate pattern!

This is a pattern that combines two of the trends of the moment into one stylish item.  Blended are the triangular bandana scarf and the circular neck warmer. Presto /chango – the Bandana Cowl!  You can find this pattern on the purl bee website for free. Also a beginner-ish/ intermediate pattern! http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/bandana-cowl

The Smooth Edge – I think I love this cowl.  It is a long one so you can do a double wrap.  The stitch pattern is varied along its length. The patterning on this neck warmer resembles traditional woven herringbone and simple textured knitting. Skinnier at the back then the front this is made to be a comfortable fit. An Intermediate pattern by Veera Valimaki it is available for 2.50Eur here: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/smooth-edge

Similar in feeling is the Honey Cowl by Madeline Tosh.  Also a double wrapper, this cowl has the same simple pattern stitched throughout.  It is made gorgeous by employing Madeline Tosh yarns, which I highly recommend you do if you make this one.  The recipient will certainly thank you (especially when she throws it nonchalantly in the washer at the end of the chilly season, this yarn is Superwash). You can get this pattern for free here: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/honey-cowl

Summer Flies designed by Donna Griffin is written for worsted weight yarn.  I have seen it knit in lace weight and in fingering weight, which leads me to believe that DK and sport may also be on the table as options for this crescent-shaped shawlette.  I have also been told that this is a pleasure to knit.  It is a pattern that gathers no moss and rolls from one stitch pattern to another resulting in a no-pattern-fatigue outcome. Make this pretty shawl for the nostalgic, sentimental types on the knit-list. This is a more advanced pattern, find it for free here: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/summer-flies

Good for a boy, good for a girl.  It’s Pavement! It is a reversible cable scarf. We have the pattern by Jared Flood here at the Knit Café for $6.50.  Made with worsted weight yarn, this is an intermediate level pattern. You will have to read a cabling chart, but it’s a short one (only 4 rows).
Ingenious!  It’s a hat! No- it’s a scarf! No- it is Howlcat! and it is both.  Also available in sizes for the small ones on your list as well as the full sized.  …and another thing – this is a reversible item.  So you can choose two colours and have even more ways to wear your Howlcat. Amazing! Intermediate kntters can find this pattern here: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/howlcat for $5.50.

A free Knit Café pattern called the Soho Scarf can be found on our blog.  It is one of the oh-so-popular triangular-shaped scarves.  It is striped, so you can pick out two colours instead of just one which is double the fun.  This is a pretty simple pattern so give it a go.  Check out the Madeline Tosh Merino Light as an option to make your Soho Scarf.  It is delectable. https://torontoknitcafe.wordpress.com/2011/11/06/soho-scarf/

Happy knitting folks.  Tis the season! For real now.
Craftily yours

Bandit Scarf is a steal this November

This November we have reinstated the Knit Cafe’s Pattern of the Month.
Come into 1050 Queen St. West and pick up your copy of the Martin Scarf.  There is no charge for this pattern for the whole month of November.

This extra chunky triangular scarf with long ties and pompomed ends is made with 2 skeins of Burly Spun by Brown Sheep and 15mm circular needles.  Need I say that it is a fast knit? It is!

For those who can’t make it into the store I am afraid you are condemned to play the waiting game.  We will have this pattern for sale in our Ravelry store very very soon. Stay tuned.

Until then,
Craftily yours