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the perfect blendship!

This weekend is the Friendship Bracelet Workshop

Embroidery floss is the traditional medium of the friendship bracelet!
I think we might get experimental with mini skeins too!

I look forward to this upcoming crafternoon.  Here are the details:

Friendship Bracelet Workshop
Sunday May 27, 1-3:30
$30, materials not included
children of all ages are welcome
call to register 416 533 5648
more on friendship bracelets here

All morning I’ve been “down the rabbit hole”.  This is how I describe the phenomena of being swept away from web link to link, with no visible end.  Eventually you take pause and wonder how you arrived at where you landed.  This time spent in the hole I have no regrets about.  I learned so much.
I think it started here ↓These instructions on how to make a garter stitch tab at the beginning of your shawl project may not interest everyone, but I urge you all to check out Tricksy. This site is replete with interesting things like this↓
It was just the other day, I was admiring the well-marked  paper pattern I was working from.  Decorated with chicken scratches, check marks, and circles, it was full of the history of my knitting adventures.  I wondered to myself how folks with iPads managed to follow a pattern, unable to draw pictures and make notes where necessary.  I mumbled to myself “I bet there’s an app for that”, and of course there is.  A PDF reader in fact.  Read about it here
I will never get the hours back I spent playing with this Chart Maker, but I don’t care!

I also found, in no particular order:

this very useful head/hat size chart

a tutorial on how to weave in ends which includes weaving into ribbing stitch!

a how-to decode decreases: how to make them, how they look, and when to use them.

There was more
but I think that is quite enough for today!
Apologies if you get trapped in the rabbit hole.

Craftily yours

The postman rings several times

It has been a busy few days!

The mail carrier is a near constant visitor. 
Above is Perle Cotton tiny bundles of joy, hand-dyed from Valdani.  Last year I posted this project idea (and this one too) for the perle cotton and I still stand behind them as winners.  Some bright shades of embroidery floss came along for the ride,  arriving in time for our Friendship Bracelet Class in May.
Valdani Perle Cotton is $5 per ball. $2.75 per skein of Embroidery Floss.

This summer-sweater-ready-yarn from Berroco blends together the best of cotton and linen  to make a really wearable knit. Linsey yarn comes in 105 metre (114yd) skeins for $9 each.

We have two spring/summer pattern booklets Volume 10 and Volume 8 from Norah Gaughan which make good use of this yarn.

The Berroco box also held these goodies.  Vintage Chunky is now multi-coloured!  Many of you who are fans of this yarn for it’s price and washability might be compelled to try out some of the new colour-ways for your next baby gift. Vintage Chunky is $9 for 200 metres (217 yds).

What the heck? is what I imagine you might be thinking.  These cocoon shaped enigmas are actually hand-dyed skeins of yarn from Uruguay.  10 skeins come all bundled together like so.  Later, I will detach them and coil them individually and cram them into the shelves.  Three new colour options for the folks who are taking the First Sweater Class that starts April 30th.

If those nearly neutrals don’t grab ya there’s more!   Manos del Uruguay’s Bluejay, Potpourri and Mermaid are colours that might hit the spot.  There are only 2 remaining vacancies left in the First Sweater Class.  Call us for more info or to register. 416 533 5648.

…and that’s not all the postman brought us, but it is all for now.
Till next time,
Craftily yours