Good news is fit for sharing!

I have some very exciting news to share.
The Knit Cafe is adding a new member to the team, and you will all love her.
Please give warm wooly welcomes to Natalie Selles when you meet her.
Natalie is a very accomplished knitter and we are very lucky to have her.  She will be an excellent resource for all of us. I am looking forward to picking her brain on a topic or two. She is a self proclaimed Knitter with a capital K ! Natalie is a knitwear designer and you can peruse her patterns on ravelry here.  Natalie is also a blogger and you can follow her blog here.

I would also like to share with you the pattern for these knit Matroyska Dolls.
They were the stars of the Knit Cafe’s Nuit Blanche exhibition this past Saturday/Sunday.
They are pretty fun to make and easy to make them your own.  This is evident by all the unique characters that grace our current window display.
Here are a few↓

Inspired? Time to make your own version.  The pattern is after the jump.
Craftily yours


 Yarn: Koigu KPPPM minis (C1: 1100, C2: 2100, C3: 0)
Needles: 2.75mm dpn’s
Gauge: 6 sts and 11 rows/1”
Other materials: darning needle and supplies for creating face and flowers refer to the list in finishing.
*Note size of the doll can be adjusted, by changing yarn thickness and knitting needle half size smaller then the label calls for.

Co: 4sts onto 1 dpn, using C1.
Row 1: kfb, using new needle kfb, using new needle (kfb)x2. You should have 8sts on 3 needles.
Join into round being careful not to twist the co edge.
Round 1: (kfb)x5, k1, (Kfb)x2 (15sts).
Increase round: increase 5 sts spaced out RANDOMLY across round (use any increase method you like. I used backward loop method, but you can also use kfb or a bar increase) (the key to getting round shape is by increasing randomly rather then always in the same spots).
Repeat increase round till 40sts total.
Rearrange sts on needles so needle one and needle two has 13sts each, needle three 14sts.
Next round: p
Next 2 rounds: k
Change to C2 and k 4 rounds.
*Next round: Inc 1 st at the beginning of each needle, then k one round even* repeat once more (46sts).
Next 5 rounds: k.
Decrease round: k2tog at the beginning of each needle.
Next round: k. Repeat decrease round and knit round, 3 more times (34sts).
Change to C1, repeat decrease round once more, then k one round even. (31sts).
Change to C3 and k13 rounds even.
Next round: k to 2sts before end of round, k2tog (30sts).
Repeat decrease round till 3 sts on each needle (9sts).
Break yarn leaving 10” tail, using darning needle pull yarn through remaining sts, stuff the doll before cinching it closed. Weave in any loose ends.
Few different options to create face and flowers:
1. Roving and felting needles.
2. Wool felt to crate shape of the face and flowers, then embroider using Koigu KPPPM minis or embroidery floss and sharp darning needle.
3. Crochet face and flowers, and then embroider to create details.

3 responses to “Good news is fit for sharing!

  1. yay! Welcome Natalie. I met her at Lettuce Knit last year. She’s lovely and very creative to boot, I think she will fit in quite nicely 🙂

  2. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for calling them by the correct name.
    Drives me absolutely insane when people call them Babushka dolls.
    (Babushka is grandmother, Matryoshka is ‘good mother’).
    They’re just gorgeous! Thanks for the pattern :*

  3. Instead of finishing “2012 projects” I might start a new one tonight! Thanks for the pattern – I love those Matryoshkas!

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