504 King West

Thank you all TTC Knitalongers! It was so nice to see faces filled with such knit-enthusiasm last Saturday.  What a great way to launch our summer yarn sale!  Thank you too, to the fine folks who organize the knitalong and brought the joy to all those faces, as well as raising some funds for Sistering. It’s Win, Win!

We had a special gift for the Knitalong groups that came through the Knit Cafe.  Iwona designed a pattern to commemorate the TTC Knitalong 2014.  It’s called 504 King West, after the streetcar route that passes by the Knit Cafe.

We’d now like to pass the pattern along to all commuters (and non commuters too -what the heck!).


504 King West504 King West

This asymmetrical garter stitch scarf, is brought to you by the magic of Koigu Yarn.  Find two 50 gram skeins that strike your fancy and mix in some delectable mini skein in a pleasing pallet and you are ready for even the worst rush-hour blues.

koigukoigu 1

504 King West

 504 King West

A pattern designed for your commute! This asymmetrical neck wrapper is a restful knit meant for sleepy, distracted knitters who like to knit to the rhythm of the metro or the streetcar. Named after the Toronto streetcar route that rumbles by The Knit Café on Roncesvalles Ave, this pattern was originally inspired by the TTC Knitalong. This intrepid group takes over Toronto Transit for an annual knitathon. Amazing!

This garter stitch scarf is shaped with increases and decreases to form a dynamic, obtuse triangular shape. Have fun with the mixing and matching of the colours! Choose two for the body of the scarf and a cute trio of colours for the scarf edge. In our version we took advantage of Koigu Yarn’s sweet, mini skeins, which are 10 metres long each. This is the perfect amount for one stripe in this pattern.

Made with a long circular needle you won’t have to worry about poking the passenger beside you or losing a needle, just throw this project in your bag and climb aboard.

504 king west  knit kit

Materials: Koigu KPM 50 grams (160m/175yds) one of each A 2335, B 2354, and Koigu KPM 10m skeinettes one of each C 2403, D 1113, E 1112.
3.5 mm/#4 circular needle 80cm/32” long

Gauge: 20sts and 52 rows per 10cm/ 4 inches in garter st, or needle to obtain gauge.
Finished Dimensions: 140 cm/ 55 inches long, 27 cm/ 10 inches at widest point

Using A CO 4 sts,

Row 1 (WS): K till 2 sts remain, KFB, K1.

Row 2 (RS): YO, K till 2 sts remain, K2TOG.

Repeat both rows till 96sts on the needle, ending with WS row. Break yarn leaving 25cm tail.

At the beginning of next RS row pick up colour B, SL 1, KFB, K till 2 sts remain, K2TOG.

Continue with rows 1 and 2 till 134 sts, ending with row 2.

Bind off loosely and weave in end.


Facing RS and using colour C pick up and knit 5sts for every 4 garter ridges (about 170sts), along K2TOG edge.

Row 1 (WS): YO, K till 2 sts remain, K2TOG, break yarn leaving 25cm tail.

Row 2 (RS): using colour D, K till 2 sts remain, KFB, K1.

Row 3: same as row 1.

Row 4: using colour E, K till 2 sts remain, KFB, K1.

Bind off loosely and weave in all ends.

504 King West schematic crop

CO: cast on
sts: stitches
WS: wrong side
RS: right side
K: knit
KFB: knit front and back increase
YO: yarn over
K2TOG: knit two together
SL: slip the stitch purlwise


Craftily yours

23 responses to “504 King West

  1. Thank you very much Love this scarf. 🙂

  2. I love the history, the shape, the attitude of the Toronto knitters, the colors. Beautiful Thank you

  3. Please make pattern more printer friendly without all the ads.

    • kristinledgett

      Unfortunately wordpress adds the ads. I will work on making it more printer friendly though. Thanks for the suggestion.

      • kristinledgett

        As per your suggestion I have added a document file that is easy to print to the 504 King West blog post. Look at the bottom of the pattern and to the right and click on ” pattern pdf for easy printing” and a pdf copy of the pattern should be available to you in an easy to print format. Thanks for encouraging me to look into this!

  4. Thanks for the PDF of the pattern. It’s very kind of you to go to all that trouble considering that the pattern is already free… Happy knitting!

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  6. Hi thank you for the free pattern.

  7. I love this scarf! It will be very zen to knit. and I just noticed that you are located on the same street that my brother lives on!
    Thanks for all of your free patterns, they are very much appreciated! I plan to cast on this scarf very soon!

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  9. Do you still have the Goldie neckerchief pattern? I have been looking forthat one for over a year. Fingers crossed! Jodi

    • Hello,
      I’m not familiar with that pattern. A quick look on ravelry tells me it is no longer available but I guess you know that. Good luck with your search.

  10. i love it and can’t wait to start! i have so many colors, i’ll be hard to stop!!! thanks so much.

  11. gee, still waiting? the instructions are confusing me. i’m just learning these two increases. altho i found a utube video, my stitches are not increasing. i’ll just have to keep at it. 😦

    • Sorry you are having trouble. Sometimes people get confused by the YO at the beginning of the row which is an unusual technique. In the row that begins YO make sure the yarn is wrapped over the needle before you knit the first stitch, so that after you knit that first stitch there are 2 stitches on your right hand needle. Hope that helps. If you live near by, feel free to drop by and we will help you out

  12. Hi! Kristine, I love the pattern. I would like to make it in one solid color do I just ignore the change of color and just go forward or do you have similar pattern in one solid color. I have this yarn that has 2 colors mixed in the Yarn which I love, Thanks Mado

  13. OH, boy, that was a great help! tho by the time i saw it, i have figured it out, but i’m making it now and progressing nicely. It’s going to be a gift for an ‘auntie’ in my neighborhood! yaaa-hu!

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  15. Thank you for the pattern and it’s fabulous name! My sister lives near this streetcar line and takes it all the time! I just found the perfect scarf to make her for Christmas!

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