Shift in Store Hours due to Summer Reno

happy knitting

We are having a few repairs done in The Knit Café over the next few days. We would rather not have this impact our regular knit schedule but we reluctantly will have to be closed on the following dates and times:

Thursday, June 25 10 am – noon

Friday, June 26 10 am – noon

Saturday, June 27 10 am – noon

We are so sorry for any inconvenience.
Thanks for your patience.


Come Knit In Our Green Oasis


When we first moved to our new digs on Roncesvalles Avenue one of the features of our new space that most excited us was the backyard garden.
Alas – a whole year went by without an opportunity to transform it, because believe-you-me it needed a little TLC. I am happy to announce that the first stage of our backyard makeover is now complete.

BIG THANK YOU! goes out to my Mom who made it all happen. Since I have bragging rights I will go ahead and use them; my Mom is a talented gardener who designed our garden transformation from top to bottom. She picked out the plants – tall grasses which have a fancy Latin name I know not what, miniature lilac bushes, and black eyed Susans. She even picked up the lot of them and hand delivered them; and if that wasn’t enough she helped me build the new flower beds and plant the goodies. All this with an indecently small budget. Thanks again Mom!


Finally our chicken has a decent roost.


Between the two raised beds is a lovely bench, also donated by my Mom. She tells me there is a matching table coming soon. The needlepointed cushions are also a treat from my Mom, so no bums will get sore on this bench. Next time you come, feel free to knit away the day in the garden.

Craftily yours

Now’s the time to start your Crochet Blanket!

crochet blanket

Monday June 22th and 29th is our Crochet Blanket Class Extraordinaire!

Stitchers with just basic crochet skills are most welcome to join this class and make their version of this terrific blanket.
I have very fond memories of making a baby blanket sized version for one of my pals and her new son. It was a very enjoyable endeavor; hemming and hawing and eventually choosing and collecting the yarn colours for the blanket and then building the blanket a bit at a time, watching it grow till it all came together into one charmer of a blanket.

In this class you will learn:

• How to follow a written crochet pattern
• How to crochet in circles
• How to change colours and hide your yarn tails
• How to join crochet pieces together without seaming

You can see all the class details and register too by clicking HERE
or you can register by calling 416 533 5648.

Craftily yours

Atomic Ami at The Knit Cafe

Come by the Knit Café some time this month to meet these crocheted cuties!

atomic ami

We have the adorable work of Atomic Ami in The Knit Cafe’s window and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

atomic ami

I love all the adorable details on these guys which make each one unique. Look at the hoody on the bears sweater. What a great idea!

atomic ami

This bear has a bow tie and overalls. What a gem!

atomic amiOh deer!
You can visit Atomic Ami on Facebook and visit her creations in person at the Knit Café for the remainder of June. They may not be here for long though – because yes – they are for sale.

Craftily yours

Picture this!

Truth be told I am one of the general masses that has a pinterest addiction.  I love being a collector of inspiration, a manager of the virtual, an organizer of images.
The Knit Café has pinterest account too. Here, we curate under banners such as “knitting patterns we love”, “knit and crochet art”,  “yummy yarn”, “techniques for knitters and crocheters” etc etc.


We are also on instagram.


Taking pics hither and thither is a great way to get updates and daily details out in a hurry. Plus – a picture – she’s worth a thousand words – non?

If you are also a contributor to these platforms please come and find us! We would love to see all your pins and pics and know what’s striking your fancy.

Craftily yours


Skinny Cotton Tales

Here is another wonderful cotton yarn from Blue Sky Alpaca. It’s called Skinny! Skinny is it’s name, but hey we’ve probably all seen skinnier. This yarn weighs in as a Double Knit so grab your 3.5 or 4mm needles and dig in.
Unlike her fatter cousin; the beautifully bodacious Blue Sky Worsted Cotton that I showcased here a few days ago, this cotton is less fluffy, more trim, with a sturdy core. It makes for knits that have more body, but are still cotton comfortable.

blue sky skinny cotton

Check out this colour selection ↑


To get an idea of how Skinny Cotton knits-up. come into The Knit Café and feel it up in the flesh! We have a terrific sample.  It’s called Tee.

Tee – as the name suggests is a T-shirt. It is sized to fit 12 months, 18-24 months, or 2-3 years. This simple cotton shirt get’s seriously fun with polka dots. Yeah!
If you have never done colour-knitting before, please don’t let this stop you from making this adorable project. The polka dots are added on after the knitting with a very easy technique called “duplicate stitch”. You can see how easy it is in our duplicate stitch tutorial HERE.

You can find the Tee pattern HERE

or purchase the Tee Knit Kit HERE.

We just introduced the Tee Kit in our web shop today.
The Knit Kit comes with the Tee pattern, Blue Sky Skinny Organic Cotton and a selection of mini skeins to make the polka dots.

Craftily yours

Cotton Tales

A big box of Blue Sky Cotton just walked through the doors.  Blue Sky Alpaca has devised the prettiest colours for their soft, lofty, organic cotton. This is a wonderful yarn for summer knitting, or really any time you want a butter soft yarn.

blue sky cotton

blue sky cotton

Iwona is loving up this yarn for wash cloths, but there is so much more you can do with cotton. Here are a few suggestions.

Que Sera

que sera

Baby Hoodie

baby hoody

Presto Chango

presto chango

Eyelet Cardigan

eyelet sweater

Chevron Baby Blanket

chevron baby blanket

Your First Baby Blanket

baby blanket

“Your First Baby Blanket” is a Knit Café pattern, and we also run a class which teaches how it’s done. Next one is June 15th, more info can be found about the class HERE.

Craftily yours