Free Shipping for Indigodragonfly and more…

Are you feeling the urge to knit again? A lot of knitters are the seasonal kind who’s thoughts turn to knitting only when the leaves start to change. Well it’s happening! In fact it is Thanksgiving this coming weekend!
I can’t believe it either.

To celebrate the new knitting season we have introduced Free Shipping in our webshop.


You might want to apply your Free Shipping to get some of this divine Indigodragonfly Mergoat Sport. Quite a mouthful isn’t it. Let me break it down:
Indigodragonfly is a terrific hand dying company from Haliburton County, Ontario. They are known for their wonderful deep and delicious dyes, and their very creative colour names which reference all your favourite tv shows and films.
Mergoat refers to the fibre blend in this particular yarn. It is a super-duper soft concoction of merino (that’s the mer), CASHMERE (that’s the goat) and a bit of nylon (unrepresented in the name).
Sport is the weight of the yarn which knits to 22-24sts per 10cm. This is a wonderful weight for shawls and light weight scarves, hats, sweaters, anything really!

indigo dragonfly 003 006_01 007 011_02 013 016 019

Warning! Amazing yarn colour names might blow your mind!

Top row: Use Your Mind Palace, and  You Punched The Highlights Out Of Her Hair
2nd row: Tardis, and Ooo…Shiney!
3rd row: Sargasm, and Cyclones of Anarchy
Bottom row: If  You Really Wanted To Mess Me Up, You Should Have Gotten To Me Sooner, and Cumberbacchanal

Checkout The Mergoat Sport right HERE

Craftily yours

Needle Felting Supplies and Indigo Dragonfly

Did you know that The Knit Café carries supplies for felting?  Well we do.
Just take a gander at all these colours! Corriedale wool  roving- ready to be felted up with needle felting needles, or wet felted, or spun, or knit into thrum mittens. The hardest part at this point is picking the colours with so much choice. We sell the fleece in 15 gram amounts for $2.75  which means it is easy to mix and match for smaller projects like needle felted ornaments or thrum for mittens.

needle felting fleece

I’ve just had a dickens of a time picking out some colours for my next pair of thrum mittens. I am preparing for my Thrum Mitten Class this October. The class is almost full so if you would like to join in the fun, act now!

indigo dragonfly

We also have new recruits from Indigo Dragonfly snuggling in the shelves. Are you familiar with this Ontarian yarn with the very special colour names? You should come in and check them out. You will have a wee chuckle reading the labels with colour names like” Not All Mathletes Are Created Equal” and “Paging Dr. Smart-Ass”. They sure do tickle the funny bone. The yarn doesn’t need the fancy names to be attractive. The colours are sweet and it feels so soft. The 80% merino and 20% nylon blend is terrific for socks however this yarn would also love to be shawls or baby wear.

indigo dragonfly

We also received some fantastically special sport weight yarn from Indigo Dragonfly, but you will have to wait for pics of those, I’m waiting till the light is just right to photograph those sweeties.

Craftily yours


Chunkerific Yarn Update

Some knitters like to maximize their knitting time with fat yarns. To them, I say look no further then Brown Sheep Burly Spun. We adore this yarn for how speedy it is to knit but also how glamorously chunky it looks in simple stitches like garter stitch.
We just got our first shipment (of many no doubt) of this indispensable yarn.

burly spun

This oatmeal colour is the one we picked to knit our sample of The Mondo Cowl.

mondo cowl

We have many other colours of Brown Sheep Burly Spun in the shop to admire, and there are a few available in our webshop too, so even if you live far away you can order some of this yarn to try.

burly spun

More news from the webshop!


Turtlepurl Self Striping Turtletoes yarn is one of our featured yarns this month. You can see all the colours HERE.


With the arrival of Madelinetosh Merino Light we are able to offer some of our favourite colour combinations for the Soho Scarf Knit Kit. You can see them HERE.

Fall is in the air everyone!fall

Craftily yours

A Special Exhibit at The Knit Café starts tomorrow!

Roncesvalles’ Polish Festival is tomorrow, Saturday September 19, and Sunday the 20th, and Iwona and I have made a grand display to celebrate.
Many of you know, those who have been along side us all these many years of Knit Cafeing, that it is this time of year that we are preparing to display a knitted art extravaganza for Nuit Blanche. Since our relocation to Roncesvalles puts us out of the loop for this art event we have decided to put all our artistic energies into  a special display to coincide with the Polish Festival. We do hope you will come and see it.

knitted flowers for Polish Festival

This years display is inspired by Polish Folk Art Flower Motifs found mostly in traditional embroideries. We have made these motifs 3D and squishy! The weather may be getting colder but it is pretty springy  in here.
This picture shows the display from the inside looking out so the word garland in the middle of the display is backwards. It says “witamy” which is the Polish word for welcome.

The display will be up for the month so if you are not around this weekend you will still have a chance to come and see it. The flowers are for sale too if you would like to take one home with you. If you would like to make your own flower then look no further then the Knit Cafe’s↓

Knit Amigurumi  (The Polish Festival Flower Class)
Wednesday September 30, October 7, 7-9pm
see details HERE

The pattern for the flowers will soon be available too!

madelinetosh merino light

Also today, we received some pretty Madelinetosh! What a good day!
Above, you can see the lovely array of Merino Light colours now in stock.

madelinetosh prairie

..and here are some fresh looking skeins of Prairie, Madelinetosh’s single ply lace weight yarn.

They are worth a visit to The Knit Café too.  See you soon.

Craftily yours

Getting Knitty for The Polish Festival

The Polish Festival on Roncesvalles in almost upon us, and we have been as busy as the beavers making a very special knit show to entertain the festival goers.

polish knit flowers
We have a regular knit-factory going on. This year’s Polish Festival we decided to dedicate our window to a smorgasbord of knit flowers inspired by Polish Folk Art motifs. Here ↑ they are resting before their debut this coming weekend. We sure hope you’ll come down to Roncesvalles Avenue, have some pierogies and take in our latest creations.

zigzag blanket

Just off my needles is this chevron blanket. It’s prep for our upcoming ZigZag Blanket Workshop.
I’ve always loved the chevron knit pattern, there is so many ways to vary the colours and textures and widths of the stripes to create different effect. It looks completely charming and whimsical knit into a baby blanket and then transforms into a chic accessory when knit into a scarf or wrap like fashion heavy-weights  Missoni. like to do it.

In the ZigZag Blanket Workshop we will learn how to augment basic knit and purl techniques to stitch the chevron pattern. We will spend a lot of time discussing how to keep track of our pattern so that mistakes are few. We will also discuss how to fix any mistakes should they impolitely crash the party.

Zig Zag Blanket Workshop (you can make a scarf too!)
Wednesday October 28, 7-9pm
Registration HERE
or call us at 416 533 5648

Craftily yours

Making It Stripe and Making It Fit

Iwona just finished up a full length example of the Noro Striped Scarf we are making in the Magical Striped Scarf Workshop and it is so awesome I think I might  steal it. I was wearing it around the shop yesterday and I can attest that it is supremo-cozy!noro 010 006_02

Two different colour-ways in Noro in a two row striped pattern makes this magic happen .


Judy is also wearing a very fine sweater made by Iwona with the CustomFit Sweater Program. It is a bit of a stretch on Judy but it fits Iwona perfectly as it was made with her measurements. It is a pattern generated in the bespoke manner and then you knit it up and you have tailor made knitwear.

We have just announced a new service. We will be helping whoever is desiring to make their own custom sweater pattern with the CustomFit pattern generating program. We’re pretty excited about it.

Here are all the details:

Book yourself a one-on-one CustomFit Sweater Tutorial at the Knit Café and…

  • meet us for a one-hour appointment at The Knit Café to discuss all your sweater particulars, decide on a yarn and discuss the style considerations for your new sweater.
  • get help to take and record accurate and detailed body measurements to ensure a good fit
  • learn how to make an accurate swatch and how to use it
  • then take your time with your swatching and book a follow up appointment when we will use the information gathered from your finished swatch to create your sweater pattern.
  • receive your own one of a kind knit pattern based on your measurements and your style, and get any questions answered about how to follow it.

Pick from two options when creating your CustomFit Sweater with The Knit Café

1.Sweater-makers who purchase all their yarn for their sweater at The Knit Café will get the CustomFit Sweater Tutorial described above for a fee of only $10. This goes to cover the cost of the pattern but the tutorial and follow-up appointment are gratis. In addition they will receive a discount of 10% off their yarn purchase for their sweater. Wow!

2.If you already have the yarn for the sweater of your dreams you may still join us for a CustomFit appointment. For a fee of $40 you will receive the CustomFit Sweater Pattern, the hour long consultation and tutorial, and the follow up appointment to generate the pattern.

More Info about our Perfect Sweater Program can be found HERE
Call or email The Knit Café to make your Sweater Making Appointment
416 533 5648(KNIT)

Can’t wait to see what sort of sweater you will make.
Craftily yours

When Labour is a Pleasure!

Happy Labour Day Weekend everyone! We are open today so come and visit but closed tomorrow on Monday September 7th.

Yesterday I had a visitor in the shop who blew my mind. On seeing our fine example of The Baby Surprise Jacket knit with Noro in our “stuff we made with Noro display” she let the bomb drop that she had MET ELIZABETH ZIMMERMANN!!!!!! Not only had she met her, she had taken classes with her at her knitting retreat in Wisconsin.

I was floored, and remain floored now. Here is a living breathing person who had met my knitting hero. If you do not know what the heck I am on about here is exhibit A – The Baby Surprise Jacket
baby surprise jacket

If you look on ravelry today and see how many folks have made this pattern you will find that 23645 people have. Of course this is probably just a sampling of the people who actually have. This pattern was born out of the genius mind of Elizabeth Zimmermann in 1968, and has been going strong ever since. The construction of this sweater is so unusual it changed knitting forever.
Also Elizabth Zimmermann’s approach to writing about, speaking about, and teaching knitting changed how we all knit today.
Sometimes when I need inspiration or when I’m feeling a little down I grab one of my Elizabth Zimmermann books and read a little bit. It does wonders – works even better then chocolate ice cream or whatever your poison might be.

Elizabeth Zimmermann

Full of enthusiasm and practical advice and a whole lot of humour you learn more then knitting when you read an Elizabeth Zimmermann book. Her openness to invention and her enthusiastic belief that anything imaginable is achievable is infectious.
This walking, talking human who had learned to steek from Elizabeth Zimmermann tells me that Elizabeth Zimmermann  live and in person was a lovely lady. Of this I have never had any doubts.

elizabeth zimmermann

We have a copy of Elizabeth Zimmermann’s book  Knitting Workshop in shop. It contains the pattern for the baby surprise jacket. You can also get the Baby Surprise Jacket and many of Elizabeth Zimmermann’s other patterns in singles from her legacy business Schoolhouse Press still run by her offspring. I do suggest you read some of her books in their entirety – I’ve found many in the Toronto Public Library.
The Baby Surprise Jacket or any Elizabeth Zimmermann pattern would be great to do in a Knit Café Project Class or in a one-on-one private class. We would love to accompany you on your first journey with EZ.

On this Labour Day I think we would do well to listen to the words of Elizabeth Zimmermann and instead of regarding our knitting as something we’re passing through in order to get to the next thing, we can love it up stitch by stitch.

EZ says:

“I can knit. I knit all year, day in, day out. It is my passion, and I rarely knit the same thing twice the same way.”

Craftily yours