Stripes in your socks put spring in your steps!

We are so happy to have some more Striped Turtletoes by Turtlepurl in the shelves.  This self-striping yarn is more fun than it has a right to be.

Just look at these colours!

turtlepurlfrom right to left: 1992, Bruised, and Nano


from right to left: Absinthe, Bah Humbug, Poison Apple


from right to left: Mystic Topaz, Cannonball, Derby

turtlepurlfrom right to left: Angry Bird, Bee Keeper, Trench Coat

Striped Turtle Toes is sold in two matching 50 gram skeins, dyed to match.  One skein will make a mitten, an arm warmer, or more typically a sock. The other skein will make it’s mate.  This is excellent sock yarn with 25% nylon in concert with the merino, for extra strength.


Turtlepurl was kind to send us some swatches that show off the stripes!


…and here is a finished sock, knit by Aurelie.  She wisely used some scrap black yarn as her heel and toe so as not to interrupt the self-striping pattern.  Another forward thinking knitter I know used an after thought heel technique on her Turtlepurl socks for the very same reason.

Striped Turtletoes would be an excellent yarn choice if you plan to join our upcoming advanced sock class.

Sock Master Class
Saturday June 7, 14, 21, 10;30am-12:30pm
$76, materials not included.
register by calling us at 416 533 5648.

Remember to make your swatch before class.  See details HERE.

You can read the full sock master class description HERE
Beginner Sock Class starts July 3rd

Craftily yours

3 responses to “Stripes in your socks put spring in your steps!

  1. Question? What brand of yarn did you use for the black toe in the last photo to not interrupt the striping? I’ve been looking for a good match to use with TurtleToes for this exact reason because I’m a fan of doing a provisional cast-on toe which can really throw off your stripes.

    Thank you!

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