steek and ye shall find

Coming up soon is our first ever steeking class!
You may well wonder why you would ever, EVER, want to cut into your knitting.  It may be that my words were not so persuasive on the subject.  So perhaps a few pictures might illustrate the point.  All of these beautiful projects (to follow) were steeked!

A traditional Icelandic sweater, with a few contemporary updates.  It was cut right down the middle.

The Scots like to cut it up too.  For example this wonderful offering by Kate Davies.

sleepy monkeySleepy Monkey Blanket
Steeking need not be only for sweaters! How about this adorable blanket with two fantastic colour patterns – one per side!

pod of cetaceans
Pod of Cetaceans Cardigan
It might be hard for some of you to resist this little cardigan.  Why resist though?

latvian garden
Latvian Garden Baby Blanket
Have a look on ravelry at all the versions of this blanket.  Some folks have added there own flavor.  Additions of foxes, and elephants, and other critters make appearances too.

You don’t have to be an expert at colour work to try your hand at steeking. This technique is a great way of making a striped cardigan too

saddle shoulder
Saddle Shoulder Cardigan
It is also totally suited to cable work.  This classic by Meg Swansen (daughter of Elizabeth Zimmerman) is definitely worth steeking for. Find the pattern on Spun Out. Look for pattern #49.

Steeking Workshop
Thursday May 2, 6:30-9pm
$30, materials  not included
See Homework and Supplies here
Call to register 416 533 5648

Craftily your


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